The personality, India Westbrooks, is a famous blogger, reality TV personality, and a model

. She has a net worth of $1.3 million. India Westbrooks is also known as India Love.

She was born in Compton, California, on 03 February 1996. Her sisters Morgan, Bree, Crystal and Brooke are also active as models in the social media.

She attended the Santiago High School.  In the year 2015, she along with her sisters started starring in the reality show, The Westbrooks. She became famous through social media like Instagram and Vine.

The Tumblr blogging has helped her to become famous.

She has around 30,000 followers in Twitter, 61,000 in Instagram as well as N number of fan sites.

Since then she managed to become model for various clothing.

She has struggled a lot in the past to reach up to the top of her career and she is planning to write a book on the same.

She is also planning to contribute to the cancer research.

India Westbrooks is a native of California who was able to get great fame and money through the social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

She is a starlet who is in high demand. She is a great model as well as stupendous blogger.

She is also a reality show personality in the TV series. She has achieved this fame in her younger years and all credit goes to her for moulding herself to the level she is at present.

Her fan number is astonishing and she takes great effort to maintain her body in proper shape.

Her highlight is her beautiful body, which she used to market as a model.

Some of the famous brands which are promoted by her include the Bellami Hair. There were always talks and gossips about her boyfriends.

Such matters are common for a younger person who is rich, famous and under the limelight of the media.

Quick Summary:

Full name: India Love Westbrooks

Date of birth: 03 February 1996

Birth place: California, US

Age: 20 Years

Profession: Blogger, Reality TV personality, and Model

Height: 1.6  m

Weight: 55 Kg

Net worth: $1.3 million

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