Elizabeth Hurley is a famous English actress, model and a producer.

Early life

Elizabeth Jane Hurley was born in Basingstoke, Hampshire on June 10,1965.

Since she was little she wanted to be a dancer so she started to attend a  ballet boarding school when she was twelve , but she returned back home really quickly.

She won a college scholarship for the London Studio Centre for dance and theater.

Career development

After finishing college, she worked in the theatre.

She was involved with a British hippie group called „New Age Travellers“ and at this part of his life she died her hair and wore a nose-ring. Ofcourse she had to change her appearances to get roles.

Her first TV debut was in the film „ Aria“ in 1987.

She got a leading role in  the BBC TV show „Christabel“ in 1988.

Her first appearence in a Hollywood movie was in an action drama „Passenger 57“ filmed  in 1992. where she costarred Wesley Snipes.

She appeared in a lot of series such as “Inspector Morse”, “The Orchid House” and “The good Guys”.

A famous cosmetic company Estee Lauder gave her a modelling job when she was 29 and she became a synonym for sensuality and beauty. So she started acting in a lot of advertising projects. She was the face of Estee Lauder till 2001.

In 1997. she was given a role in Mike Myers hit comedy “Austin Powers” and three years later she returned as the Devil in “Bedazzled”.

In 2005. She launched her own beachwear line in UK.

In 2006. she hosted a British Reality Show “Project Catwalk” but was replaced after one season.

  1. was the year she returned to TV and began starring in the E! original series, „The Royals“.

Personal life

In the 1990s, Hurley became known as the girlfriend of Hugh Grant who owed his success to the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral” year before.

She was in a relationship with him until 2000. And didn’t leave him even when he was arrested for his dalliance with a prostitute in 1995.

After breakup they stayed good friends and continued their business partnership in producing movies with their company  called „Simian Films“.

In 2002. she gave birth to her only son Damien from a relationship with Steve Bing, an American producer.

She is very close to her son, who also became a fashion icon as his mother.

The sane year she started dating Arun Nayar, a wealthy Indian textile magnat.

They got married in 2007. Holding two ceremonies, one made in a traditional Hindu way.

They divorced in 2011.

Philantropic work

She is a big supporter of the „Estee Lauder’s Breast Cancer Awarness Campaign“, „End Hunger Network“, „Prince’s Trust“ and „Elton John AIDS Foundation“.

She is an ambassador of a charity organization devoted to helping children called „Hop Skip and Jump“.

Quick summary

Full name: Elizabeth Jane Hurley

Date of Birth: June 10,1965.

Birthplace: Basingstoke, England

Age: 31

Height: 1,73 m

Weight: 61 kgs

Net Worth: $35 million