Taliesin Jaffe is voice actor and scriptwriter; he has also directed one anime movies. Jaffe is usually starting in anime movies, where he is giving voice to different actors.

Jaffe’s career did not start in this direction; luckily, his intuition gave him a chance to try his luck in different life areas and section. We also need to mention that Jaffe had diverse section of job, but art has always been a big part of his life.

Jaffe has known to the publicity, as very honest, open and direct man, he doesn’t like secret and he doesn’t like to hide his private life. Jaffe is charismatic, intelligent, honest and very courage man.

He is breaking limits, and he is making new horizons in his life, in fact, Jaffe was one of the few celebrities who have admitted that they are bisexual.

In this article, we will talk about his life; we will talk about the start of his career and his first steps in film industry.

Also, we will talk about his personal life and his childhood; we will also mention his family and friends who had a big impact on him and on his career.

Early life

Jaffe was born in 1977; he comes from Los Angeles, California. He comes from very religious and patriarchal family, who had a big impact on him, but Jaffe always followed his dreams and he didn’t let anyone to distract him from his path, ideas and life mission.

His father was Math teacher, he worked at the High School and he was very intelligent man, with modern perspective on the world, but his priorities were family, peaceful life and work.

Jaffe’s mother was also teacher, but she was English teacher. Taliesin admits that his mother had a big impact on his life, she was not only English teacher she also had a lot of interests in art. His mother was playing piano, she was amazing singer, but she has never tried to develop her talents and to enrage herself in this industry.

When Jaffe was seven years old, he has started playing piano with his mother, he didn’t even had classes or piano lessons, his mother thought him everything about his instrument.

Taliesin was amazed with music, he loved playing instrument, he also had nice voice and he was determined to music, but there was a problem, because his parents did not accept idea of him becoming musician.

Jaffe has finished primary and high school in Los Angeles, after that he has decided to move on and continue with his education. In his last year of high school, Taliesin decided to go to the University of California, where he was studying act and film production.

Jaffe has got one older brother and he is very close to him. His brother is not successful as Taliesin but he has been his support since childhood.

Taliesin always had support from his family and friends, he often mention that they have always made a big impact on him, if there was not them, he would not be at this place now, he would not have a courage to admit some things, and to change his life in different way.


Taliesin started his career when he was only seven years old, he appear on TV commercial, where he was promoting snacks and drinks, for famous American company. This commercial was watched in every home at America and it had a big success, so we can say that Taliesin’s career has started with this project.

While he was in the primary school, Taliesin has shown a talent for music, that is why he had started playing piano, in this period of life, he had a dream to become a popular songwriter or singer, but unfortunately this idea did not become his reality.

His first serious job was in local bar, where he was a waiter, this job wasn’t something what his parent were expected, but he wanted to be surround by people, listen to good music and share his new songs. After few months, he started singing every Friday night; the audience was amazed with his talent and interesting voice.

Taliesin was sure that music will be part of his life, but in the last year of high school he has decided to study film directing. Taliesin was good student; his skills and desire for success were obvious while he was studying.

His career has started as a scriptwriter and this was his first job in film industry. He has written a script for famous anime movie called ‘Mongolian Chop Squad’. This movie did not achieve popularity, but it was well ranged on Top Movies List.

Taliesin’s friends were always fascinated by his voice, he was very good imitator, he had ability to change his voice in many character. Jaffe listened to his friends and he decided to try his luck as voice actor. This decision helped his to develop his career and to make big results in movie industry.

Till today, Jaffe has had 25 roles for animation movie; he had even chance to play 2 or 3 roles for one movie.

In his last interview Jaffe said that he is planning to devote his work to directing and producing movies. This will be a huge step in his career, but Jaffe is sure that he has got good knowledge and that he will be very successful in this section of film industry.

In this section of article, we only need to mention that Taliesin is also writer, right now he is writing a book about his life. But if you want to find something more about his writing skills, then you can always read his articles on his personal blog.

Personal life

When it comes to personal or private life, Taliesin is always open, he doesn’t like to hide things, and he is ready to answer on all questions.

Taliesin had a big moment in his personal life when he admitted that he is bisexual. This statement was very difficult to admit, because of his family. We also need to mention, that there is no lot of people who are celebrities and who will admit something about their sexuality, this topic is still taboo even in America.

Taliesin says that this was one of the hardest moments in his life, but he is happy because with this statement he has shown how courage, brave and honest he is.

Quick summary

Full name: Taliesin Jaffe

Date of birth: October 18 1977

Age: 42

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: Voice actor and director

Net worth: $700.000

Height: 170 cm (5 feet and 6 inches)

Weight: 65 kg