FBG Duck is an American music artist and a rapper who is also a member of a rap group named “Fly Boy Gang” or FBG. The group is controversial due to their relations with criminal activities.

FBG’s name in this group is FBG #3 but a lot of people call him “Big Clout”. 

Early years

He was born on December 6, 1993 in Tookaville in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

He comes from the South Side Chicago which is a very important fact because he was later connected to the gang coming from that part of the town.

He started rapping at a young age but his first serious rapping project was when he formed a group called “Tooka Gang”.

Career development

They started uploading their music videos on YouTube and gained popularity in Chicago. But he was the most interesting member of the group as for the public.

The most notable hits of FBG group were: “Right Now”, “Look At Me” and “Damn”.

He has two mixtapes that can be downloaded from the website “Datpiff” and they are called “FBG Sh*t” and “FBG Sh*t 2”.

He is known for a great number of beefs he has with other rappers such as Chief Keef and Edai. The song he made against Edai is called “Who the F*ck is Dude”. These problems have gained him a big following and he started to get more popular.

In his past he was a member of a gang St. Lawrence Boys. His group comes from South-East Chicago. After that it was BGDN (Black Gangster Disciple Nation). This was a gang created in the 60’s by Larry Hoover.

Today the gang changed name to Gangster Disciples.

The gang gained popularity and respect by their involvment in crime which lasts even today. The members were often arrested for drug trafficking, robberies, fighting, but there were some serious allegations such as murders and gang drive- by shooting.

There are six men in the music group other than FBG Duck: Cashout, Dutchie, Billionaire Black, Young Mellow and Lil Jay.

He publicly threatened to Edai, a rapper he has a feud with, that he would love to crash his bones. He was never afraid of anyone else’s reaction.

In 2017 he released a new track named “Gang Anthem”. It’s a single about his gang “Gangster Disciples” which is very important to him.

He releases his songs on his Soundcloud account so they are always available for his fans to download.

His latest hit, released in January 2018, is titled “Slide” and it became his hugest hit ever: the video was watched over 5 million times and is downloaded in hundreds of thousands. The video includes him and his gang throwing guns arround.

Personal life

His mother is called LeeSheena White and there are no informations about his father. It seems he hasn’t played a serious role in his life. He doesn’t really talk about his mother, but it is known that he is in a good relationship with his sister.

He is often found in the news since there is always something happening to him. He was stabbed by his former fiancee and in 2014 he suffered a personal tragedy after his sister LeAndrea White died in a fire accident.

Her death was a very big shock for him, since she was a very young child and he loved her very much. He often came to his mother’s place to see them and play with his little sister. He tried to keep their names private as long as possible, but they became known after his sister died.

He had an older brother, Jermaine Robinson, who also rapped under the name FBG Brick. In the summer of 2017 he was killed in Chicago which was even more tragical because he was engaged and  expecting a baby.

FBG Duck became even more scared for his life after his brother was killed, and during one interview he emphasized how he is always cautious and looks twice when going out.

He has a younger brother too, his stage name is Day Day. The whole family seems to have interest in music.

He was once stabbed in the stomach by his girlfriend: he slapped her on the face and she defended herself by stabbing him with a knife. She had ruptured his bowls and he went to the hospital where he stayed for a few days.

After he was released from the hospital hr directly went to a party.

He never pressed charges against her because he thinks that it would made him look like a weak woman.

He was also shot twice, but both times in the legs so the injuries weren’t so severe. He had to wear crutches a few months.

He likes to consume marijuana a lot and is often under the influence.

Quick summary

Full name: Unknown (mother’s surname is White)

Date of birth: December 6, 1993

Birthplace:  Tookaville, Chicago, Illinois, United States

Age: 25

Profession: rapper

Height: 1,79 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $100,000