Froggy Fresh is a rapper from Michigan in USA who posted his rap videos and songs on YouTube, making himself popular in America and abroad. He hasn’t earned much money but it is enough for an easy life.

Early life:

He was born as Tyler Stephen Cassidy in Burton in Michigan in 1990. It is very difficult to find some real informations about him and his family. There aren’t any informations of his childhood, school years, members of the family etc.

The only things that are known is that his parents are Bradley and Renee Cassidy and that he went to Bendle High School. He was very good at school and was the top of his class.

It seems like he almost wants to hide his earlier life from the social media. Maybe he is trying to keep his privacy.

Career development:

His first carrier work was known as the works of the Krispy Kreme. Later he changed his name into Froggy Fresh because it looked like he thought it was more memerable.

He started putting out his music videos on his own YouTube channel, but only after uploading “The Baddest” video, he stood out from the crowd. The video went viral and everyone started talking about his accent. The same video was viewed over 12 million times in just one month!

The video started popping out on other websites, and many YouTuber made a review of it so suddenly Tyler became famous.

He made his change into Froggy Fresh and started releasing more videos which were again featured on sites such as CollegeHumor for example.

Krispy Kreme brought him enough problems because the samenamed company wanted to sue him for using their name without asking and paying for copyrights.

That made it easier for him to get noticed.

In 2012, he came out with another viral hit called “Haters Wanna Be Me”. He often spoke about his haters.

His next work was a song called “Best Friends” which showed a big improvement when it comes to his rapping style. Now that he has created his own fan base he could reach to them easier.

“Best Friends” talked about his friendship with Money Maker Mike. His name is James and he collaborated with Tyler from his early beginnings. They stayed friends throughout his entire career. Today they go to tours together.

He also released a video where he held a speech where he encouraged everyone to pursue their dreams ni matter what happens or who stands in their way: if they want to do it, they should.

He had many fans but also many haters so he often talked about them, especially the haters, because he couldn’t realize what drives them to be so negative and mean.

“Stolen Bikes” was the name of his fifth single and he advertised the single before by postong a preview.

“Coolest Guys” and “The Fight” became his kost positive commented singles so it seemed that finally people started to take him and his music more seriously.

His first album was called “Money Maker (Reloaded)” and the album became very popular especially a single named “Same Old Kid” and “ER”.

Froggy decided it was time to get ridd off his old self so he deleted his old work as Krispy Kreme to make a clean start.

In 2013 he announced that his next album “Dream Team” will be released in 2014 and that his new single called “Dunked On” will be the leading single.

He has his own website called “froggy fresh” where you can find everything you want to know about the dates of his tour or to buy a ticket, and you can also go into his store where you can buy his albums and T-shirts with animated cartoon figures he is known for.

Personal life:

He is a big fan of Denzel Washington and his movies so he made a single about the actor in 2012. He often spents his free time watching movies and basketball games.

He plays basketball himself, and he is a big fan of Chicago Bulls. He was caught in a controversy after he insulted LeBron James in one of his songs.

Froggy can’t seem to keep out of drama since he always comments stuff. He doesn’t hold himself back when he sees something he likes. People say that half of his fame comes from making trouble.

John Cena was one of the first known celebs that mentioned him in his interview with positive remarks. However, this made Froggy a famous meme amongst the internet, since John Cena himself is a legend that the media loves.

Tyler explained that he used the character of Krispy to drive attention to himself because it was hard to get noticed among so many good rappers. It was much easier for him to do it through his alter ego Krispy Kreme.

It is not known whether he is in a relationahip because he doesn’t share his private informations or post pictures of his partners on social media accounts. He rarely talks about himself and prefers to throw shade on other people.

He is pretty short and people oftenly tease him about it. Some of the people that follow him on the social media even think that he may be frustrated because of it. However, he has never addressed any of these statements and he is probably only mad about them and doesn’t want to mention them.

Quick summary

Full name: Tyler Stephen Cassidy

Date of birth: 1990

Birthplace: Burton, Michigan, USA

Age: 27

Profession: rapper

Height: 157 cm

Weight: 67 kgs

Net Worth: $10,000