Lil Bibby is a hip hop artist from America who gained his popularity with the release of the debut mix tape which was entitled as Free Crack in the year 2013. His birthplace being Chicago, he was a victim of both drug abuse and violence in his childhood days.

These experiences and feelings were somewhat portrayed through his heavy lyrics. He released his very debut when he was nineteen years old. Till 2016, his four mix tapes already hit the market.

Early life:

Lil Bibby was born on 18th July, 1994, is supposed to have had a bad and painful childhood years. His growing place was Illinois in Chicago where he witnessed how his mother struggled with drug addiction as well as saw his closed mates being captured in prison. Regardless of all these negativities and tough time during his youthful days, he managed to let go of his personal pain music which he enjoyed the most.


Lil Bibby is mainly famous for his low pitched voice. During his late teen years, he started to get his own innovated beats penned down, the arts of Drake and Jadakiss being his source of inspiration.

He started recording his songs during early years of 2010, giving way his anger into rap music. This wishful rapper later in life got his debut mix tape, Free Crack, released on 29th November, 2013, through Grade A productions. This was available by means of digital download; his hip hop music was a great success which marked his place in the music industry. In spite of his beginner status, it provided him with an appraisal from famous critics and various publication houses like Vibe Magazine.

Bibby’s track was incredibly famous and has been downloaded for nearly 225,000 times on various online distribution platforms, especially on DatPiff. With the popularity of his debut, he paved his way to get more three singles released- Stressin, Tired of Talking and How We Move. In addition to this, four more music tape releases took place including How We Move; featuring King L. which had been a remarkable debut in his entire career, earning him around thousands of dollars.

Stepping into the world of hip hop, Lil Bibby then got featured on Vibe Magazine’s cover shortly, soon after his mix tape got released. On 29th August, 2014, Bibby came out with the second mix tape named Free Crack 2. DJ Drama hosted in this, featuring a number of guest artists like Kevin Gates, Lil Herb, Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and much more. Significantly, this mix tape attained more success than his first project, endowing him with a great number of positive reviews by the renowned critics.

A year after the release of the second series, the final release of his mix tape series, named Free Crack 3 took place. It was released on 27th November,, 2015, whose production was managed by the team, involving Jake One, Southside, Metro Boomin, Young Chop and much more. This final series gained immense popularity among his fans, but somehow critics came up with mixed reviews. It still didn’t matter much, paving his way to the release of his another single Word Around Town. The final series of Free Crack 3 is said to have been downloaded for approximately 272,000 times solely online, thereby making it Bibby’s second best mix tape of his career. Overall Bibby’s mix tape series earned about few millions of dollars.

His following mix tape named Big Buckz was released in August 2016, comprising of eight different tracks produced by Southside, Ryan Ryu, DJ L, C-Sick and Metro Boomin. This series further marked his position as an uprising rapper.

Personal Life:

Lil Bibby is still unmarried, reportedly dating an American model named Johanie Taylor currently. A video of Lil Bibby being asleep with Taylor, his girlfriend went viral on the internet back in January 2016. He is quite popular on Instagram also, through which his fans speculated on the matter of him dating this American model.

Lil Bibby earned his GED, though dropped out of school during in teens. This promising rapper from Chicago uploaded his grade cards for his fan on Instagram. His enrollment at Illinois State University with computer engineering was announced in September 2016.

Bibby though dropped off from the high school; he earned his GED which he even published in his Instagram account for his fans. In the September of 2016, he made a statement of getting admission in the Illinois State University and confirmed to pursue his career in Computer Engineering.

His real name has always been a mystery to his fans. People always were curious about his stage name’s origin. This successful rapper revealed this mystery in an interview where he mentioned that he actually adopted this name from an NBA player named Mike Bibby who is a shooter who has reportedly assisted the Wildcats in winning the title of NCAA.

Lil Bibby purchased his own house in Chicago, his hometown in 2014. There is very little information revealed about his new house, thereby keeping it away from the public forum and further creating a mystery for his fans out there. Lil Bibby is also said to have bought a car for his mother couple of years back.

Based on statistics, Lil Bibby is said to earn approximately $67,000 in 2016 which increased to $500 thousand in 2017.

Though Lil Bibby has just reached his early twenties and already been so famous and successful. Such success at this early phase of life is nothing but like a dream. His success is at heights because of his release of great series of flourishing mix tapes over the past few years as well as his collaboration with a number of well-known artists like Chris Brown, Kid Ink, Yo Gotti and Juicy J.

Currently, Lil Bibby is said to be coming up with his brand new song named “Change,” which is supposed to feature Preme.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Brandon George Dickinson Jr.

Date of birth: July 18, 1994.

Birth place: Chicago, Illinois, United States.

Age: 23 years.

Profession: Rapper; Song Writer.

Height: 5ft 10in (178 cm)

Weight: 67 Kg.

Net worth: $500 Thousand