The caliber of the rapper can be well illustrated by stating that Freddie Gibbs was signed to start his musical career from Interscope Records. Soon a change in the management of the label, make a way out of the prestigious label. But the incident acted as a boom in his musical career. More opportunities came on his way in 2013 creating a golden period for the rapper. The debut album “Evil Seeds Grow Naturally” was highly appreciated by the audience at large.

After the initial success, the artist has made an appreciable effort in creating more albums with formidable compositions. The life of the rapper is filled with some exciting stories in his arena. He was among the most promising faces in 2010 as per XXL Magazine. Nevertheless, the rapper had gathered enough wealth along with various relationships in his life. The estimated net worth of the rapper comes around in the range of 1.5 million dollars and is expected to accumulate more in future.

Early Life

Freddie Gibbs was born as Fredrick Tipton on 24th June 1982 in Gary, Lake County, Indiana, United States of America. The rapper has not disclosed anything about his early childhood days. There is no information about his parents or education or who is responsible for his upbringing. We never know who are his siblings or to which ethnicity the rapper belongs.

He grew up till his teenage at the eastern side of Virginia St. The life of the rapper has come to light only after he got into the Interscope Records. Although the deal didn’t bring any outcome because of the change in the management’s decision, but his musical career got started.


Who would believe that one of the most prominent and efficient rappers had a dark childhood? But he broke through the darkness and began the musical career with a bang. In the year 2013, Gibbs was heaped with fortunes and golden opportunities one after the other. He went for releasing his debut album titled “Evil Seeds Grow Naturally” which he released along with Jay Rock being his guest celebrity. The album had in total 20 albums and received a lot of reviews and comments that can be considered positive. In the year 2014, he went for releasing an album with the record label MadlibInvazion, and the album was sold in near about 9000 copies. It was also ranked at No. 39 under the Billboard 200.

In the year 2015, he came up with “Shadow of Doubts” which was his third album. The album got released under the name Empire distribution and claimed to be positioned at the 76th number. In total the album consists of 17 soundtracks in total.

In the year 2017, the month of March he released his next album “You Only live 2wice”. His first ever mixtapes was titled “The Miseducation of Freddie Gibbs” in the year 2009.The best of his effort was portrayed in the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack, and the latest one was released in the year 2015 that was tilted as “Lifestyles of Insane.” He believed in making his songs go online so that much more people get to know about his musical efforts. He believed remaining stuck to him original styles and made his fans know that how a man belonging to the group of below poverty line in the city of America can be heaped with such exclusive talents.

He worked with many producers who are respected in the music industry namely Red Spuda, Buckwild, Polow Da Don, The Alchemist, and Collipark. He is filled with versatility as he can compose his soundtracks with the violent stories of street duels as well as the soft stories of womanhood. Gibbs worked quite hard to improve upon his rhyming skills and prove to be an exemplary artist.

His skillful efforts and lyrical context make him get considered as a true artist.  Ge got inspired by rappers namely  Gheto Boys,  UGK, and 2Pac. Gibbs was quite passionate about rhyming his lyrics based on the issues that were making the urban scenes complicated day by day.

He spoke about the countless unorganized cities that faced problem due to underdevelopment. Gibbs was the first considered rapper who signed an agreement with the record label Gary. Freddie faced many legal controversial issues and finally got arrested in the year 2016 in France just before his musical concert.He was arrested because of the accusations of sexual assault that Freddie committed back in the year 2015.

After appearing for few hearing, Freddie was released and was free from being guilty. Again in the year 2016, he has arrested ones again for a case of sexual abuse and later got free from the case after a couple of court hearings. He was also caught for drug addiction, and in the year 2014, he was shot upon by more than one person. Some of his best works are titled “Shame Kush Cloud,” “10 Chickens”, “Built for anything to survive,” “Fetti,” “10 G Money” and many more.  The albums that were popular among his diehard fans are “Fuckin up the count,” “Thuggin” and “Harold’s Old English.” Freddie’s made his songs, albums and CD’s get available online for purchase. He even managed to make them easily get digitally downloaded. They are also available in the channel of YouTube, Sound cloud, and iTunes.

Personal Life

It is quite understandable that many names have come up in the life of this successful artist. Freddie is engaged to his long-dated girlfriend Erica Dickerson and is proud parents of a little girl child. They are happily married. A big gossip grew up in the air that Freddie proposed his girlfriend Erica Ericsson in the occasion of her baby shower with a costly and beautiful ring of engagement.They named their child Irie James Gibbs. There are no such rumors about the couples separation or divorce rather they are living happily.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Fredrick Tipton

Date of Birth: 24th June 1982

Birth Place: Gary, Lake County, Indiana, United States of America

Age: 36 Years Old

Profession: Rapper

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $1.5 Million