Jadakiss is an eminent rapper hailing from Yonkers, New York. He is known for his excellent talents and fabulous raping abilities. He is having interest in the Hip Hop genre.He has shifted from the rap genre.

Previously he was involved in prospering with the prospective creative venture of multimedia business venture named “SoRaspy.”  It was an online publication that introduced his record label and made it popular with people.

Though he is an exemplary artist, he has given way to innumerable controversies that have made the spotlight fall on him. His active years have got started from the year 1993. He has made his life truly eventful. He is quite popular in the rap industry, and it has been evaluated that his gross annual income is around a $ 706,000. He is earning money from the age of 16 years and on getting associated with many of his friends Jason Philips aka Jadakiss has earned a name of being an excellent freestyle rapper in the hip-hop genre. His net worth is estimated somewhere around 7million dollars.

Early life

Jason Philips aka Jadakiss was born on 27th May 1975 in Yonkers, New York, United States of America.  When he was a mere child, he was known by his friends by the name of “Big Mack.” He was quite interested in rap music from his early childhood days. He has spent a disturbed childhood and was involved with drug peddlers selling drugs illegally. But when he was 12 years old, he made his way through the freestyle competitions.

There has been no such information about his academic qualifications and his high school days. There is no such information available about his parentage or his family background. Perhaps the days were not exemplary enough which can be disclosed to the world.


Jadakiss was into making an extraordinary rap career as soon he attained the age of sixteen. He was successful in establishing a group titled “The Warlocks” along with his co-associates Style P and the eminent rapper SheekLouch. The group’s name changed by them to LOX’ and a deal was also signed with the Bad Boys entertainment. It first made its appearance with the soundtrack “Set it off” along with the label “The Main Source.” The group’s first ever hit soundtrack was titled “We’ll Always Love Big Poppa.” It was considered to be a tribute and a token of respect shown to the group “The Notorious B. I. G. It was in the year 1998, the group LOX came up with it much awaited debut album titled “Money Power and Respect. The album soon was accredited with platinum certification and was enlisted in the position of US and R&B Charts.  In the year 2000, the group came up with its release of “We Are The Streets.”

Soon after, the group came up with there third album segment “Filthy America… It’s Beautiful”. It got its release in the year 2016. LOX further came up with an excellent compilation titled “No Security” in the year. Some of the fabulous singles include“Money, Power, and Respect,” “I‘m Jiggy” and “Ryde or Die.” His most appreciated release was titled “Recognize.” It was in the year 2004, LOX released an album that was titled “Kiss Of Death” and released a sequel to that very album titled “The Last Kiss.” He came up with his latest album in the year 2015, titled “Top 5 Dead or Alive”. He also came up with some of the latest single numbers titled “Big Boy Dialogue,” “U Make Me Wanna,” “Letter to B. I. G.,” Can’t Stop Me,” “By My Side.”

He came up with his solo releases titled “Kiss the Game Goodbye.” He gets nominated for the prestigious awards Grammy in the category of “Best Rap/Sung Collaboration.”  In the year 2004, he was awarded the Vive Awards for the soundtracks “Why (Remix).  He was also successful in winning the Justo Mixtape Awards in the year 2005 for the segment of best Artist on Mixtape version. In that same year, he also got nominated for BET Awards for making some of the best collaboration. Along with his efforts and involvement with LOX and the famous MTV Video Music Awards that was also recognized by surveying the “Viewer’s Choice” in the year 1998.  It is known that Jadakiss has an excellent income that has been evaluated to be around $ 7.5 million.

He is extremely fortunate to make some of the prominent collaboration. He has given much effort to make his soundtracks get filled with some of the meaningful lyrics that make the songs leaves a permanent imprint in the listener’s mind. He is famous for his solo releases and his excellent ability to coordinate his group members who are equally talented as him. Some of his albums have been listed with Platinum certification as well. When he was the new artist in the industry, it was at that time,  he was in collaboration with people and had a desire to go for establishing his collection.

He was successful enough to be the founder of “SoRaspy” that was an excellent multimedia collection on collaborating with Jay Jackson. He is also a proud owner of a sophisticated juice bar named “Juices For Life” that is situated in the city of Yonkers, New York. He has always given his full effort in whatever work he has done.

He has never thought about the result but has always focused on the quality of work. His wealth has also been added after the establishment of his record label “Online Publication.”  He is recognized as the most popular rapper who has created some of the beautiful tracks that are highly appreciable. He had started his journey with rap music at quite an early age, and today he has reached a position where his efforts are appreciated all around the globe by all rap lovers.

In many of his albums he has featured he has featured and collaborated with some of the uniquely talented artists like N. O. R. E, DJ Clue, Jennifer Lopez,  Busta Rhymes,  Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and another most wanted name 50 Cents.  The rapper is famous for his works in LOX and the fabulous hip hop collection Ruff Ryders.  Jadakiss is known to be a core founder and owner of the label titled “D Block Records.”  In the year 2007, he went for an agreement with Roc-a-Fella Records and the other one titled “Def Jam Records.” His latest hit release was “The Last Kiss” that was enlisted in the fourth position under the top 5 category. He was also inspired by many of his rap friends to release some of the hardcore rap numbers titled “Checkmate,” “Shots Fired,” “Piggy Bank” and “Problem Child.” He has also worked along with the famous group G Unit and has collaborated personally with 50 Cents creating the title track “Death Wish by Lloyd Banks.”

Personal life

Jadakiss is deeply involved with Winter Ramos. He had paved the way for innumerable controversies with Bill O’Reilly and 50 Cents. He has also been arrested for several times and has spent a long time in prison. There was no such authentic speculation about his actual marital commitment. But at the very same time, the rapper has no such records about his divorce. He was never known for his act of philanthropy, but throughout his career, he was only focused on bringing fame and prosperity to his life.

Though he was serious about his career, he was always up to some notorious activity that captured the attention of the public and claimed to get identified as controversial legal issues.

He was sent to prison for times and was even jailed for two long years for being found guilty of possessing a gun and illegal drugs.

He was arrested by the Caroline Police Department in the year 2004 and also another time in 2006. Even his house once got raided by the gang of police of New York and two of his associating members were arrested for being found guilty of illegal possession of Marijuana and Heroin. Jadakiss was intelligent enough to leave his house during the time of the raid. So, as a result, the two people were only sent to prison and were placed in the court.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jason Philips.

Date of Birth: 27th May 1975.

Birth Place: Yonkers, New York, United States of America

Age:  43 Years Old

Profession: Rapper

Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches / 1.70 m

Weight: NA

Net worth: $7 Million