For quite some time the world is witnessing a lady rapper with a baseball cap and sports footwear. She is Lady Leshurr who had participated in projects as “We Know,” “Blow it Up” and “Heart of Stone.”

Although she has not won an award but had got reasonable popularity in the rapping world. Coming out of musical family she has created an appreciable identity in the music world. The singer from England had not only impressed the world with her singing ability, but she has also become an actress.

She had also shown her ability in production. In 2015 Lady Leshurr’s Queen’s Speech freestyle series went viral. Her ‘Lil Bit of Lesh’ released in 2014 also gathered attention of the music followers. Definitely the personality would go higher up in the ladder of success in future. Today she had gathered not less than 650 thousand dollars as her estimated net worth.

Early Life

Lady Leshurr is Melesha O’Garro who was born on 15th December 1988 in Solihull, United Kingdom. The world is not aware of the name of her father and mother neither we know who her siblings are. But there is information that she has an ancestral link to the Caribbean Isles of St. Kitts. It is known that she was born to a family where all the members had a deep interest in music. In the house music is played all through the day while she was growing. It is also heard that her mother was known to be an amateur pop singer. This played a vital role to inspire Melesha to become a successful performer in the music world.

From her early childhood days, Melesha started writing poems. She was fond of poetry from the starting. She wrote her first complete poetry when she was just six. When she reached the age of fourteen, she released her first mixtape. She had a great influence on Bob Marley and Sister Nancy as her mother used to play their reggae when she was a child. Being all the members are fond of rapping and singing Melesha also started creating little songs and raps from the very early childhood. She was raised in Kingshurst, and Birmingham and completed her education till higher school from there. Her interest grew more in music when she heard Lisa Maffia, Eminem, Missy Elliot and Lil Wayne. She dreamt of creating a successful career in music to reach out a wider audience.


Quite early she started her musical career. Her first mixtape was released when she was just 14 years old. But the real opening was not coming on her way, and she was looking forward to some good opportunity to gain popularity in the music world. After going through the passage of time, she released her first official mixtape titled “The Last Second” in 2009. Next year in 2010 Lady Leshurr released her first extended play “Every Little Count.” The same year the Lady came up with the second mixtape which was titled as “01:21 AM”.

So far the rapper has released three more extended plays and seven mix tapes. In 2011 she came up with an extended play titled “Off the Lesh.” Then after a gap of few years, she released “Queen of the Scene.” This EP was released in 2015 which gathered enough appreciations from her followers. In continuation of this, next year in 2016 Leshurr released “Queen’s Speech” which brought huge appreciation from the world of music. Along with the EPs, her mixtapes includes “Friggin L,” “L Day,” “2000 and L”, “Mona Leshurr,” “L Yeah!”, “Unleshurr” and “Lil Bit of Les.” Lady Leshurr has not only created her tracks but has also collaborated with Vince Kidd, J Appiah, Orbital, and Bigz.

Lady Leshurr is not confined to her music rather she has shown appreciable caliber in acting and music production. She is well aware of the techniques to hold back her fans and followers to her music and performances. The number of subscribers on her YouTube channel has gone beyond 5 million. The efficient rapper is also making a good amount of money by performing in various programs and concerts.

She is also making tours around her country to enhance her net worth. She is very much focused on her jobs and knows how to bring out the best performance for the world. Lady Leshurr had also appeared in an English movie. She played a lead role in the film titled “1 Day”. This made her way in the film industry. She had also appeared in the films as “Lapse of Honour” and “Fifty.”

Personal Life

Presently Lady Leshurr is going through the life of a single. She might not feel great in sharing her personal affairs to the public, and the world never knew her relationship with any personality. It is worth mentioning that the rapper does not use any bad words which other rappers use quite frequently without caring for the kids. For these reason kid’s parent never mind when their child listens to her songs.

She also does not appreciate the idea of drugs and alcoholism as the other rappers of the music industry.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Melesha O’Garro

Date of Birth: 15th December 1988

Birth Place: Kingshurst, Solihull, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Age: 30 Years Old

Profession: Singer and Lyricist

Height: 5 Feet 2 Inches / 1.57 m

Weight: 63 Kg / 139 lbs

Net Worth: 650 Thousand Dollars