Gabby Douglas can be recognized as the first woman who had been successful in participating in the Gymnastics segment. Being an Afro-American, she won a gold medal as an individual player as well a core team player in all the competitions that were held in the events of Olympics.

Douglas was also a part of the US Gold winning team that was held in the in the World Championship 2011. Douglas is famous for the artistic ventures that make her get counted among the best gymnasiums that were proud enough to participate in the Summer Olympics of 2012 held in the city of London. There too she won individually as well as made her team win.  She conducted all the events along with many other famous personalities who were her teammates.

She made her events more memorable along with her colleagues and teammates Jordyn Wieber, Kyla Ross, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman.  But even being into the arena of prominent gymnastics she was not able to reach out to the final round, but with her best possible effort made her team won the gold finally. Douglas’s net worth is estimated somewhere around an amount 3 million dollars.

The young gymnast is only 22 years old and has a long to go with her gymnastics career, and her efforts make it clear distinctly that to make her net worth rise at a galloping rate, Douglas would require not much time.

Early life

Gabby Douglas’s birth name is Gabrielle Christina Victoria Gabby Douglas.  She was born on 31st December 1995 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States of America. Gabby was into making her gymnastic career from her early childhood days. She was born to parents Natalie Hawkins and Timothy Douglas. She was only six years old when she joined her gymnastic classes. Her upbringing was along with her elder sister Arielle. Her sister and her mother decided to give her the initial gymnastic training.

The duo had good knowledge of the techniques and styles of the gymnastics and decided to make the new aspirant know much about the techniques of gymnastics. After receiving the basic education, she was trained her coach Dana Walker who decided to train her in the Virginia Beach. She started her career by participating in the Virginia State Championship in the year 2004 and was successful in winning all the four levels of the gymnastics only at the age nine.

She was only fourteen years old went along with her family she moved to Des Moines, Iowa to get trained at Chow’s Gymnastic and the famous Dance Institute with the eminent personality Liang Chow, who is an established gymnast. Gabby decided to move to Des Moines all by herself and never took help from anyone. She was bold enough to make her living at such a young age. She decided to live with another family for a short span of time so that she could make her mother stay with her elder sister to complete academic school in the hometown of Virginia Beach.

Gabby is probably one of the most successful and dedicated gymnasia which are too young for her age. She is merely 21 years old and has given some of her stellar performances and has ascribed her legendary styles get embarked at the events of Olympics. She is the first woman champion coming from an Afro American decent.


Just before arriving at Des Moines, Douglas came up with her junior debut in the year 2008. Though her first year was very noteworthy, she was successful enough to achieve the tenth position among all the rounds that had a ranking in the US Classic in the city of Houston. Though she missed off some of the major competition due to some major injuries, she proved herself to be successful in the very next years.

The year 2010 heaped Douglas with fortune and luck. She was successful in winning the uneven bars at the event of the 2010 Pan American Championship that was held in Guadalajara. Her performance was quite noteworthy and her drastic style and gymnastic techniques well reasonable and sound enough to make her fetch a commendable performance. She started off with her career seriously from the year 2011. She gave some of her stellar performances in the contests that she participated gladly. She participated in the City of Jesolo Trophy that was held in Italy. The year was 2011 U.S. National Championship held in St. Paul.

She was glad enough to participate in the 2011 World Championship in the city of Tokyo. She came up with some of her excellent and breathtaking performances in these championships and this directly affected her momentum of the performances in the year 2012. In the year 2012, she finally became successful in making his Olympic debut and gave soon after gave her most worthwhile performance at the event AT& T American Cup. She was declared to be the highest scorers and the receiver of the highest scores among all the female contestants. Despite her terrific performance, she could not win the event. Soon enough in March that every year, she was successful enough to win gold in the category of uneven bars held at the Rio Olympics.

She won an opportunity to attend the 2012 Olympic Trials held in San Jose. While performing in the trials, she was enlisted to be in the care of the Women Olympics’ Team. Gabby was a fabulous gymnast in the category of vaults, the uneven bars, balance beam and even the floor excessive. She kept on with her hard work and soon ended up finding her next trainer Kittia Carpenter. In the year 2015, she was successful in achieving gold for her team and got qualified for the Olympics in the year 2016. She conquered the third place in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships held in Glasgow

Personal life

There is no such information available about Gabby’s personal life. She is keenly interested in making her career and is perhaps not dating anyone presently. Being a successful Olympic medalist and winner of gold medal in the City Jesolo Trophy, Italy and being a core member of the US Team and the Pacific Rim Championship, she was bold enough to publish her autobiography Grace, Gold and Glory: My Leap of Faith. She also came up with another of her book with the title “Raising the Bar.” She is a favorite choice for all endorsement finders, which have increased her net worth.

She has even documented a film The Gabby Douglas Story that was even aired on the Lifetime Channel in the year 2014, where her best performances have been recorded. She even casts a reality television show titled Douglas Family Gold that was premiered in the year 2016, 25th May at Oxygen Channel. She was even present there in the Judging panel for the Beauty Pageant of Miss America 2017.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Gabrielle Christina Victoria Gabby Douglas

Date of Birth: 31st December 1995

Birth Place: Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States of America

Age: 22 Year Old

Profession: Gymnast

Height: 4 Feet 9 Inches / 1.5 m

Weight: 41 Kg

Net worth: $3 Million