Project Pat has been known for his hardcore rapping abilities and famous for his release Three 6 Mafia, that is an eminent yet former Hip Hop group hailing from America. Pat is an extraordinarily talented Hip Hop rapper who started his career with his brother DJ Paul in the early days of 1990’s and have worked hard enough and abstained himself from various practices that could hamper his career.

Pat’s net worth is estimated somewhere around 13 million dollars.

Early life

Patrick Houston is the birth name of the professional rapper whose stage name is Project Pat. He was born on 8th February 1973 in Memphis, Tennessee, Unites States of America. There is no information available about his early childhood days, and there is no record of his parentage as well. Only this much s known from the available record that he is a son of a church preacher.

He was involved in the crime world previously before entering into the rap world as the Memphis Court had ones declared an amount of about $ 2.5 million US Dollars for possessing an illegal firearm as his felon.

He was also sent to prison for four long years. Pat is the elder brother of the famous and established rapper Juicy J.


Pat has been a hardcore rapper who hails from the city of Memphis. He is an eminent rapper at the time of the 90’s. Project Pat was the only considered personality among his rap group who worked hard to earn a foothold in the rap world. He got his affiliation with album Three 6 Mafia and got ones again collectively introduced to his fans and followers. He was much known to people for his groups hit “Sippin on Some Syrup” in the year 2000.

His next hit was titled “Chickenhead.” The production of the song was done by brother Juicy J and was monitored by DJ Paul. The vocals were directed by the group La Chat’ which was considered to be Dirty South Anthem in the year 2001.and was propelled to be Pat’s third album that was released with the title, Mista Don’t Play: Everythangs Workin. It was considered to be among the top five album’s of Pat.

Pat has been with the creation of beautiful raps since his early childhood and soon with his hard work and dedication he soared high with success during the year 2000. His brother Juicy J extended his warm hand of support for creation of the group Three 6 Mafia in the tenure of early 90’s Pat got himself affiliated with the segment of Mafia and appeared with some of the other albums namely the “Crazyndalazdayz” in the year 1998 and Indo G’s production “Angle Dust” in the year 1998. Then Pat started going for recording the solo numbers and slowly started achieving the status of a rap superstar.

He started establishing himself with the solo album “Hypnotized Minds” and the most famous album of Pat, “Getty Green.”  He started getting the foothold with the follow-up albums “Murderers and Robbers” in the year 2000. His second album was released independently through the recording studio Loud Records. He became much famous for his super hits, and his profile started being counted among the high profile rappers who are having huge net worths.

Pat’s was involved with the legal Skirmishes for a long time, but they soon began to catch up the days with him. He was facing many complications with his competitors while he just had been successful with his album “Chicken Head” He was soon surrounded by various kinds of legal issues from the year 2001, end of the January month. Pat was caught hold with two revolvers and was held responsible for possessing two counts of the felons and a real firearm.

He was found guilty of a case of aggravated robbery. But still, the loud studio continued with Pat’s fourth album release “Layin’ da Smack Down.” Just after the four years gap he was then again bridging the gap for his superhit albums and came up with yet another hit series “Crook by da Brook: The Fed Story” and simultaneously worked upon anther album Walking Bank Roll in the year 2007. He gave his best effort in the year 2009 with the introduction of the very next album “Real Recognize Real” that was considered as his first uniquely and major –labeled Asylum version. His album proudly featured the hit number, single solo “Keep it, Hood.” The rapper came up with his latest release in the year 2017, K- Bird and the Jumpman.

Personal life

Not much is known about his personal life. Ones during the initial days of his career he got involved with the gangs who used to earn a living practicing unfair means but his urge to do something fruitful and remain in the right path of life made him leave those bad practices and concentrate in his rapping career.

There is no information available about is relationship status or his past relationships. Perhaps he would get his right partner later on in his life who would match with his rap tunes and make his life get filled with some harmonious notes.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Patrick Houston

Date of Birth: 8th February 1973

Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee, Unites States of America

Age: 45 Year Old

Profession: Rapper

Height: 6 Feet 6 Inches

Weight: 115 Kg

Net worth: 13 Million Dollar