Jon Jones is an American UFC fighter and a martial artist.

His estimated net worth is around 4$ million.

Early life

Jonathan Dwight Jones was born on July 19, 1987 in Rochester, New York, U.S. his father was a wrestler, and the love for this sport came from him. His brothers and other family members are also great athletes, so the love for sports comes naturally for this family.

He attended Union-Endicott High School and graduated from Iowa Central Community College where he earned an Associate’s degree. During his high school years he was in a wrestling team and already he was a school star athlete.

Even in college Jon was remarkable at his performance. He continued to pursue his fighting career and managed to achieve impressive goals.

UFC and MMA fighting career

Jon was introduced to UFC in 2008. He was actually the replacement for another fighter but in his debut he caught the eye of many. For a beginner in the UFC he was quite impressive and he ended the match by winning.

Because of his great performance the UFC signed him on a four year long contract. He won his first title as the UFC in 2011 and the media went wild for this good looking athlete. He was named the best fighter of the UFC and in his amazing career he recorded 18 wins.

Jones had only one loss and the reason for it wasn’t his performance, it was because he was disqualified. Because of his good looks, he is currently the face of many famous brands and his net worth is surely increased due to that and his extraordinary talent and skill in the ring.

Most of his net worth comes from his UFC competitions and performances. He fought many famous fighters and proved his talent multiple times against them. He also trained with Team BombSquad. One of his first sponsors was Nike, and he was also the first MMA fighter to be sponsored by them.

Jon’s fighting style is very brutal and aggressive, this is why his performances are often very covered by the media and make great spotlights for the viewers. He is active on the social media platforms and often shares photos from his private life but also from his fights.

He has a large number of followers and fans, and surprisingly or not big number of those fans are women (must be because of the fights). He is also sponsored by Gatorade and MuscleTech. Both of these sponsorships only increase his already impressive net worth.

In the last two years his career suffered greatly because of his notorious behavior and doping tests. He was accused of using illegal elbows and also many of his sponsorships were cancelled because of bad media coverage due to his behavior.

The MuscleTech sponsorship was cancelled and the announced Reebook sponsorship was also cancelled.

Personal life

Jones is engaged to Jessie and the couple already has three children. He said in one interview that he has one more daughter, but he didn’t give any more information about that statement. He is a strong believer and he is often spotted in the church on Sunday’s.

His brothers Arthur and Chandler are football players. Jones tried to play football for a while when he was in high school, but his love for fighting overruled. Because he was skinny for the football team he was often called “Bones”.

The media was amazed by the story he told, that had happened to him in 2011. He helped an elderly couple to catch a robber that had stolen their GPS navigation system. Together with his coaches, he caught the robber and informed the police.

His career wasn’t always spotless. He was disqualified from the UFC because he used illegal elbows and in 2012 he was arrested because of a DUI. Jones also used homophobic words on his social media and was criticized by almost everybody because of that.

But probably the biggest controversy about this MMA and UFC fighter was the hit and run incident in 2015. He crashed with two other cars because he crossed over the red light, and left an injured pregnant woman behind the wheel of one of the cars.

Everything was witnessed by a policeman nearby and Jon gave himself to the police after the warrant for the arrest was issued. Besides all of the controversy, there is no doubt that Jones is a talented athlete and that his skills are remarkable.

We hope that he will clean up his act in the future and that we will see more of his athletic viciousness but only inside the ring.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jonathan Dwight Jones

Date of Birth: July 19, 1987

Birth Place: Rochester, New York, U.S.

Age: 30 years

Profession: UFC champion, mixed martial artist

Height: 1.93 m

Weight: 93 kg

Net worth: 4$ million