Geraldo Rivera is a well known American author, reporter and a TV host, who started his career as an attorey at law.

Early years

He was born on July 4,1943 in New York in an average working family. His father was from Puerto Rico but since his mother was Jewish, he was raised that way. He had two sisters and two brothers. He attended West Babylon High School in New York. During his schooling he was often picked by bullies because of his descent and the racism that ruled then.

He finished  school and gratuated in 1965, and after leaving the University of Arizona, he became a business administrative. Once he realized this degree took him nowhere, he enrolled to Brooklyn Law School. In 1969 he was done and became a lawyer, and did it as one of the best  in his class.

Career development

Rivera joined to be one of the attorneys for the Puerto Rican organizations of activist, finally showing and helping to people like himself. He was spotted once by a news director, who liked his speech and the way he approaches the subject, so he invited him to join his news as a TV reporter. He return to studying to finish journalism on the Columbia University.

He started his carrer in Eyewitness News. After winning a Peabody award in 1972, due to his great report, he became more known and started to appear in TV shows. He even hosted a famous TV show „Good Night America“.

In 1985 he got himself fired when he stood up in the defence of another reporter who’s report wasn’t going to be published because of political issues.

In 1987 he started his own show, simply called „Geraldo“ and it aired until 1998. His show was referred to as „trash“ because he invited different kinds of people and talked about different subjects than other TV shows.

In 2001 he went to cover reporting in Afghanistan, and took his brother, who was a cameraman, with him. Later in Iraq, he was accussed by the military for jeopardizing their action because of showing their plan in details on TV.

The same year he got an award on which he is very proud of, ALMA reward, American Latino Arts Award, for his work and contribution as a Latino reporter.

He realesed his contoversal book Why Americans Fear Hispanics in the U.S. in 2008. Until today he published a total of  five books.

In 2015 he was one of the contestors in the famous show Celebrity Apprentice, where took the second place.

In 2016 he participated in a show Dancing With Stars, but he didn’t show much talent.

Personal life

He has been married five times and ended them with four divorces. He has four children from those marriages, and from the current marriage with Erica Michelle Levy he has one daughter.

He was notorius for numbers of affairs he had with other woman, which caused most of the divorces.

He is a great fan of sailing and watersports. That originates from his college days when he was rowing for their team.

Philantropic work

He is included in a lot of charity work. Lot’s of them are hispanic and are ment to help American Latino’s  in their everyday problems.

He often offers his services as an attorney to people who had issues at work because of their hispanic roots.

He participes in raising funds for all causes connected to autistic children.

Quick summary

Full name: Gerald Michael Riviera

Date of Birth:  July 4,1943

Birth Place: New York

Age: 74

Proffession: reporter, host and a lawyer

Height: 177 cm

Weight:  80 kgs

Net worth:$ 15 million