A born educator, the Gemini-grant accomplished host, Bryan Baeumler has been teaching and engrossing viewers crosswise over Canada where he was born and the United States for more than seven years and has appeared on the successful shoes like Disaster DIY, Leave it to Bryan, and House of Bryan.

On the show House of Bryan, people watched Bryan in numbers record where he fabricated a traditional home of 3,500 sq feet for his family.

On the Disaster DIY, he battled against building, alternate routes and trained well-meaning DIY-ers about how to carry their redesigns back on path with somewhat intense affection and a considerable measure of cleverness.

In his most recent appear, Leave it to Bryan, he contractual worker helps eager for reno mortgage holders organize the room needed, over the redesign they need.

Learning significant little-known techniques from his dad, a careful airplane engineer, he spent his youth summers constructing his family’s bungalow starting from the earliest stage.

His entrepreneurial soul rose at 14 years old when he started his own particular jack of all trades business doing strange employments for neighbours.

In the wake of winning a double degree in Business as well as Political Science, Bryan was going towards a vocation of providing legal counsel. Acknowledging he’d preferably be remodeling than be tied to a work area, his natural energy for building assumed control and he exchanged his connection for an apparatus belt and established his contracting organization Baeumler Quality Construction.

He has now fabricated the brand of his name the ‘Baeumler Brand’ to incorporate Baeumler Approved, Baeumler Construction, ¬†Baeumler Media, Baeumler Productions, and the recently dispatched Baeumler Family Foundation targets the welfare of Kids.

Every last person of his organizations vanities itself on polished skill, appreciation, and the quality workmanship.

He was at first pondering working in law, yet had dependably been attracted to building and designing, lastly thought his energies there.

He ran an air load organization in Canada from the mid-90s through the mid 2000s, and after that began filling in as a host and moderator for HGTV/HGTV Canada.

He’s served as host to get a few mainstream building appears, including “Fiasco DIY”, “Catastrophe DIY: Cottage Edition”, “Abandon It to Bryan” and “Place of Bryan”. “Place of Bryan”, which tailed him as he collected his family a fresh out of the box new house, was especially famous, and turned into the most noteworthy appraised arrangement in HGTV Canada’s history.

Brian Baeumler is a Canadian business person and TV star. Bryan Baeumler went to the University of Western Ontario, where he twofold majored in Political Science and Business.

He was at first keen on seeking after a vocation in law, however, had dependably been attracted to development and designing, and at last chose to center his energies there.

He maintained an air-load business in Canada from the mid-90s through the mid 2000s, and after that started functioning as a host and moderator for HGTV/HGTV Canada.

Alongh with, he has gained an estimated net worth of $15 million.

Quick Summary

Full name: Bryan Baeumler

Date of birth: 18 April, 1974

Birth place: Oakville, Canada

Age: 42 years

Profession: Actor and Television Presenter

Height: 6 feet

Weight: NA

Net worth: $15 Million