Trisha Paytas is an American internet personality and You Tuber.

Her estimated net worth is somewhere around 1$ million.

Early life

Trisha Paytas was born on May 8, 1988 in Riverside, California, United States. Trisha’s family is of Hungarian descent. She grew up with her mother and her parents divorced when Trish was only three years old.

While she was growing up, his biggest dream was to become an actress and star in movies. Her wish sort of came true in the present time, even though it wasn’t Trisha’s plan all along.

Beginning of You Tube videos and other career ventures

Trisha moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue her acting career. She appeared in several TV shows and even competed for the Guinness World Records Unleashed where she competed as the fastest talker. Trisha appeared on 13 episodes of Greg Behrendt Show.

In 2007 she formed her You Tube channel called blndsundoll4mj. Her You Tube channel focused on giving advice on fashion, make-up and relationship advice. She talked to her audience and subscribers just like she talks to her friends and they loved it.

She was one of the first You Tubers that became a fashion and make-up guru and soon numbers of her subscribers began to rise. She currently has around 2 million subscribers. She of course didn’t stop there and continued to appear on various TV shows and series.

She appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jane by Design, Modern Family and The Price Is Right. Trisha often appears in music videos and in 2013 she appeared on Dr. Phil where she discussed the way others portrayed her based on the way she dresses.

She still vlogs on her channel and her videos have more than 705 million views. Her new channel is called Trisha Paytas and most of her activity is based there. Trisha is still trying to score a major role to break through in the acting business, but so far she didn’t have luck.

She appeared in the short film Viral Video and Santa Baby music video. In 2015 Trisha tried herself out in the music business. She shot a music video for the song Little Less Conversation and a video for the song Fat Chicks.

Trisha also released an album with Christmas songs and in 2016 she released an album called Daddy Issues. Her most recent appearance was on one episode To Tell the Truth with Brooks Wheelan. In September last year she released Showtime, her fifth EP.

Trisha’s net worth is currently somewhere around 1$ million, more or less when we take taxes out of the picture. She earns money from her You Tube channel, and it gives her somewhere around 50$ thousand.

Trisha also earns money from her appearances on various TV shows. Her acting career hasn’t reached its peak yet, but she is definitely out there, in the media spotlight.

In 2015 she made a contract with Line Play to promote their newest mobile game through an original song and music video. Trisha also has her own perfume called Trish by Trisha Paytas, that can be found in drug stores and make-up stores.

Personal life

Trisha was often criticized by online viewers for her appearance, her weight and her personality. Many people dislike her because of her bubbly and loud personality that can be annoying to them.

However, she never paid attention to these rumors and concentrated on her career instead. She always creates drama about her statements and that is why her channel doesn’t have as many subscribers as other peoples.

She confessed to her subscribers that she has an addiction to tanning and make-up. She came out as a lesbian and her private life is mostly public because she often shares advice to her subscribers about love life and relationship advice.

When she was only 18 years old, she used to work as a stripper and many people judge her for that too. She was always open about it and she never hid that from her most devoted fans.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Trisha Paytas

Date of Birth: May 8, 1988

Birth Place: Riverside, California, United States

Age: 29 years

Profession: internet personality, You Tuber

Height: 1.63 m

Weight: 67 kg

Net worth: 1$ million