Haystak is Jason Winfree, and there was hardly any hope left about his career. But on realization revived and became a popular individual in the music world. He came up with his local rap album in the year 1998 titled “Street Flavor” that brought him prosperity overnight. Though he has been involved in the illegal selling of drugs like cocaine and deadly valium from his earlyschool days he has been quite serious about his career in rap music.

His net worth is estimated somewhere around 450 thousand dollars.

Early Life

Jason Winfreeus the birth name of the American nationality rapper Haystak. He was born to teenage parents who were not prepared to take his responsibility. His upbringing was in his grandparent’s house in Lebanon.

The rapper was born on 22nd March 1973 at Lebanon, Tennessee, United States of America. His upbringing was not done with enough care making him get to know about human values, and he was never made understood that one should abstain from bad practices. He was caught several times by the police for getting involved in illegal practices. He was even arrested for two times as he was involved in bringing drugs to school.

He was known for his criminal background from his early days of childhood, but with repeated accusations and convictions he was finally away from the clutches of that illegal practice.

He was finally into making some of the beautiful rap numbers that have got famous worldwide. In the year 1990, Haystak finally came up with his debut rap solo album titled “White Trash” that distinctively stated all about his upbringing, his growing up.  He openly talked about his life and the areas where he had to compromise.


In the year 1990,  Haystak came up with the release of “Street Flavor” and after launching his debut music album “Mak.” Then he went for releasing a fabulous number “Fulla White Boys.”  This was his first hit number during the initial time of his career. During his initial stages of a career, he was picked up by the head person of Koch Records for making his next release. Haystak came up with his third release which was titled “The Natural” with the famous Koch Records in the year 2002.

Later in the year, 2010 he came up with his solo album release “Easy Through Haystak. Inc”. Haystak went for collaborating with JellyRoll for doing his next release “Strictly Business.” The album was an excellent effort and was also a fabulous hit and a sequel to “Strictly Business” and was uniquely titled “Business As Usual.” Haystak believed in working individually and was not helped by any of the reputed labels.  Without any such help, Haystak was successful in making a range of 30 million hits through his YouTube channel shows.  The songs are titled “All My Myself,” “Bonnie and Clyde” and the most enchanting number being “My First Day.” The listeners are connected to him through his fabulous lyrical contexts. He has shown his abilities not only in the genre of rap music but also in other types of music that are much more melodious than rap.

But rap has always been his favorite area of concern.  His achievements were listed under the R&B Charts and also the best category of rap music under the Billboard Top 200 Charts.  His most beautiful tracks were probably “Came a Long Way” and the much better version being “Hard 2 Love”. He was also in collaboration with the underground hardcore local publication record house named “Murder Dog.”

Personal Life

The rapper Haystak has not done anything commendable in his personal life. He is married to his girlfriend and is the father of two children. His name is registered under the name of force sex offenders, and for several times he had been sent to prison and also for probation. There are innumerable violence charges against him, and this has made him have a bad repute in the industry.

He is known to all for his erratic nature that defines the rapper’s strength of character.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Jason Winfree

Date of Birth: 22nd March 1973

Birth Place: Lebanon, Tennessee, United States of America

Age: 45 Years Old

Profession: Rapper

Height: NA.

Weight: NA.

Net worth: 450 thousand dollars.