Jaheim is a singer from America who also raps and writes songs. Jaheim made his debut in the year of 2001. Jaheim was born in New Brunswick which is in New Jersey to Tyrone DeShawn Cole and Julie Grachel Hoagland in the year of 1978. Jaheim’s father Tyrone DeShawn Cole died when Jaheim was just three years old. Jaheim has two brothers Taquane and Tyrone Jr, and they all grew up in the public housing called the Memorial Parkway Homes. Jaheim completed high school, but he never went to college.

The full name of Jaheim is Jaheim Hoagland. Till date, Jaheim has received a lot of awards for music. Jaheim has till date released seven albums and most of them have hit the billboards. Jaheim’s family was totally from a musical family. Jaheim has made a lot of songs to date and worked with a lot of artists. Jaheim’s grandfather Victor Hoagland was also a singer, and he used to sing in many groups like the drifters. Jaheim has always kept faith in himself. Just before his music career started his mother died, but he still kept his calm and concentrated on his music career.

Early life

Jaheim was born on 26th May 1978 in a small place in New Jersey called the New Brunswick. The name of Jaheim’s father was Tyrone DeShawn, and the name of his mother was Julie Grachel Hoagland. Jaheim’s father died when he was three years old, and Jaheim’s mother died when he was about to start his music career. Jaheim along with his two brothers Tyrone Jr and Taquane grew up in public housing. Jaheim was very close to his grandfather, and all his inspiration came from his grandfather. After his father’s death, Jaheim was raised with his two brothers by her mother herself.

Since his childhood, he has struggled a lot. After his father’s death his family faced a lot of financial problems, and finally, when he started his career he started earning good money, but his mother died before he became famous. After the death of Jaheim’s mother, he changed completely, and he finally took his career seriously. Jaheim is right now one of the well-known names in the rap industry.


Jaheim started his career at a very early age. Jaheim started singing when he was young, and he then started participating in all the talent shows which are organized locally. Jaheim has always been inspired by Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross. Jaheim’s grandfather Hoagy Lands played a key role in his life. His grandfather always worked as a source of inspiration for him. When Jaheim was just 15 years old, he won three competitions which were there in Apollo Theater which is in New York City. The very next year Jaheim’s mother Julie Grachel Hoagland died which was a big set back in his life. After Jaheim’s mother’s death, he turned his life straight and started focusing on his music career.

Jaheim released his demo tape called the Naughty Gear which caught a lot of attention and KayGee from the Naughty by Nature contacted him after listening to his demo tape. Jaheim got his first break when he was signed by Divine Mill Records. Jaheim released his first debut album which he named Ghetto Love in the year 2001. His first album hit the Billboard 200 and reached to the 9th spot, and Jaheim finally became a known name in the rap industry. Jaheim’s singles like ‘Just in case’ and ‘could it be’ became very popular songs. Jaheim then released his second album the very next year and named it Still Ghetto. The second album of Jaheim was certified platinum and the song that featured on the album was ‘Fabulous’ which was with Tha Rayne. Jaheim released his third album in the year 2006 which he named Ghetto Classics, and it got to the top of Billboard charts. In the third album of Jaheim, he was able to feature artists like Styles P and also Jadakiss.

After Jaheim released three albums and was hitting the billboard, he was offered a contract with Atlantic Records. In the year 2007 Jaheim signed to Atlantic Records. With Atlantic Records, Jaheim released his fourth album The Making of a Man in the year 2007. In 2010 he released his fifth album called another round with Atlantic records and in the year 2013 he released his sixth album called Appreciation Day which was his third album with Atlantic Records. After completing three albums from Atlantic records, Jaheim moved to BMG Records and signed with them in the year 2015. Jaheim released his 7th album called Struggle Love which released in the year 2016. Jaheim was nominated for Grammy Award in the year 2011 for three categories Best R&B album, Best R&B Song and Best R&B male vocals. Till date, Jaheim has won seven Soul Train Music Awards and was nominated from 2002 to 2010.

Personal life

Jaheim has a net worth of $4.5 million. Right now Jaheim stays in Hillsborough Township which is in New Jersey. He often travels to Los Angeles for work purposes. Jaheim has a daughter who he named her Shemeka Foster. Jaheim has struggled a lot in his life. He was not very rich when he grew up, but after his music career started, he was able to grow his net worth of $6 million.

Till date, Jaheim has signed with three record labels, and in the first record label, he recorded three albums. In the second record label, he recorded three albums, and he is still a part of the third recording label and has released one album for them.

Jaheim keeps his personal life very much private and very less information is known about his lifestyle. It is not known if he is married or not but it is known to all that he has a beautiful daughter who lives with him in New Jersey. Jaheim feels that he has struggled all his life and he does not want his daughter to struggle as he did in his life. Jaheim right now is 44 years old and has a great music career ahead of him.

His net worth will be increasing in the next few years because he will be releasing some of the best music in his coming years.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jaheim Hoagland

Date of Birth: 26th May 1978

Birth Place: Inglewood, California, United States of America

Age: 40 Year Old

Profession: Rapper, Actor and Film Score Composer

Height: 6 Feet 3 Inches / 191 cm

Weight: NA

Net worth: $6 Million