MF Doom is an American rapper, recording artist and music producer.

He was born in London, United Kingdom but he lives in Long Island, New York, United States of America (USA) although he still didn’t get American citizenship.

MF Doom has a small studio in Long Island where he makes his songs and music hits.

MF Doom changed his stage name a several times in accordance to music projects he was doing.

He is recognizable by writing original lyrics.

He also collaborated with others notable musicians like Bishop Nehru, Ghostface Killah, Madvillain, Czarface, Danger Doom, and J. J. Doom on several music projects.

More about interesting career development and private life of this popular musician you can read in the text below.

Early years

The born and full name of MF Doom is Daniel Dumile.

He was born on January 9th 1971 in London, United Kingdom (UK) but when he was a child his family moved to Long Island, New York in USA where he still lives.

He has Trinidadian and Zimbabwean origin since his parents ancestry are from these countries.

He had younger brother known under stage name DJ Subroc who died on April 23 1993 in accident in which he was bumped by a car while he was crossing the Nassau Expressway.

He had a music group along with his brother and with one more musician.

Although MF Doom lives in USA for many years he still didn’t get American citizenship.

Career development

In 1988 MF Doom founded a music group along with his young brother DJ Subroc and MC Rodan under name KMD and his stage name in that period was Zev Love X.

These three guys started to experiment in creating music by mixing sounds of Hip-Hop and RnB.

Rodan decided to leave the group so Zev (Doom) found the new member under stage name MC  Onyx the Birthstone Kid.

A&R rep Dante Ross found KMD thanks to hip-hop group called “3rd Bass” and he provided to KMD signing contract with Elektra Records.

The first releasing of KMD was in the song titled “The Gas Face” which was on The Cactus Album of “3rd Bass” group.

The KMD released their first album under name “Mr. Hood” by 1991. That album had a several not so big music hits and some of them are singles “Who Me?” and “Peachfuzz”.

They had to put in effort with aim to provide that songs from their album were broadcasted on cable TV channels “Rap City” and  “Yo! MTV Raps”.

Soon after releasing first album KMD started to prepare songs for their second album.

Unfortunately, while they were working on it the Doom’s brother DJ Subroc died in a car accident in which he was bumped while he was trying to cross the  Nassau Expressway.

This awful accident happened a few weeks before releasing their second album called “Black Bastards”.

Same week it happened the record label “Elektra records” expelled the KMD which was huge shock for Zev (Doom) besides the his brother’s death.

The reason for excluding KMD from the record label probably was controversial album cover on which was cartoon of a stereotypical pickaninny that was  hanging from the gallows.

The releasing of album was shelved for some time and also partially forbidden because of disputable cover.

All this ugly things that happened to Zev had bad influence on albums sales and it was very hard period for him.

He started to suffer from depression and he decide to draw back from music scene with aim to find a new interests and life purpose.

The period of his retreating from music scene lasted from 1994 to 1997.

During these three years he cross a very hard life path. At the beginning he was hopeless and he lived almost like homeless people. He slept on benches at the Manhattan streets.

He was very disappointed in music industry which caused a lot of damage to him so he decided to move to Atlanta where he gained a notable popularity in the underground hip-hop music.

By 1997 Doom started to develop his rap career. He wanted to be unique and recognizable performer so he began to put woman’s sock over his face. He mostly had performing at open events at the Nuyorican Poets Café in Manhattan.

In the same time he decided to create new identity and he changed his stage name into MC Doom.

This name was based on super-villain Marvel comic’s Doctor Doom.  MC Doom often wore the almost same mask which Doctor Doom has in comics.

In 1998 Doom released three promotional singles that belonged to LP Operation: Doomsday. The titles of these songs are “Dead Bent”, “Bobbito” and “Greenbacks”.

In 1999 LP Operation: Doomsday was released with some additional tracks. On this album Doom collaborated with several music artists who were members of the Monsta Island Czars collective (The M.I.C.).

Each of fellows musicians who worked on that album took the character from monsters of Godzilla mythos and Doom was a monster King Ghidorah who has a three heads.

In 1999 MC Doom released album under name Operation: Doomsday.  At the beginning Doom wanted to titled album “The Super M.F. Villains” according to an Doom’s interview which was published in hip-hop music culture magazine Ego Trip in 1998.

On the cover of that album super-villain Doctor Doom was shown as rapper.

Later Doom changed the mask he wear. He choose the iron face mask which was based on the mask in the popular movie called “Gladiator”.

He wore this mask during his all performing except a few short music videos clips such as “Mr. Clean”, “Viktor Vaughn’s, “?”. His face in that period audience could saw on his photos from the time when he was playing in KMD.

Doom collaborated with Prince Paul in producing song “Paullelujah!” which was performed by MC Paul Barman’s featuring Phofo.

In 2002 he worked along with Kurious on song named “Monday Nite at Fluid” within the Sound Ink’s Colapsus collection.

In 2003 Doom released the album called “Take Me to Your Leader” which producer was the King Geedorah.

In 2004 Doom released his first commercial album under name “Madvillainy” which producer was Madlib within the group Madvillain. The album’s record label was “Stones Throw Records”.

This album gained huge success and it attract the attention of audience and media also. The album got positive critics and comments in notable magazines and newspaper such as The Washington Post, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Spin  and The New Yorker.

From 2005 Doom changed his music goals and he decided to became mainstream musician. This happened during collaboration with producer DJ Danger Mouse within the group “Danger Doom”.

On October 11th 2005 Doom with mentioned musicians released the album called The Mouse and the Mask directed by Epitaph and Lex and also with featured voices of actors from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

This album took 41 place on the Billboard 200 .

In 2006  Doom collaborated in producing the songs named “More Fish” and “Fishscale” on Ghostface Killah’s albums.

In 2010 Doom released the” Gazzillion Ear EP”  onwhich were the two mixes by Jneiro Jarel and the Thom Yorke Remix.

On December 18th 2018 Doom along with Cookin’ Soul released a Christmas remix album titled “DOOM XMAS” and currently it is the last album he released in his rich discography.

Personal life

There is no almost any information about his private life. He doesn’t expose his personal life in the public.

It is known that he is not married and that he has one child named King Malachi Ezekiel Dumile.

Net worth

His net worth is about $1.5 million

Quick summary

Full name: Daniel Dumile

Nickname, Stage name: MF Doom

Date of birth: January 9th 1971

Age: 48

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Birthplace: London, United Kingdom

Profession/Occupation: rapper, recording artist, music producer

Net worth and salary: about$1.5 million

Height: 162 cm or 5 feet and 3 inches

Weight: 57 kg or 125 Ibs

Body Measurement: Unmarried

Marital status: single

Children: King Malachi Ezekiel Dumile

Residence: Long Island, New York, United States

Religion: Unknown

Nationality: American

Origin: Trinidadian and Zimbabwean

Ethnicity: African American

Social media accounts and web site: