Jovan Smith who goes with the stage name of J Stalin is a rapper, songwriter from Oakland California. Jovan Smith is a rapper Cypress Village housing projects which are in West Oakland, California, United States of America. Jovan Smith is right now the owner of a record label called Livewire Records.

In the year of 2007, Jovan Smith signed Zoo Entertainment Production Company which is basically run by artist Mekanix. Jovan Smith has been active in the music industry since 2002 and has worked with people like Mazzy, The Jacka, Joe Blow, Philthy Rich, Keak Da Sneak and Mistah FAB.

Early life 

Jovan Smith was born poor and struggles all his childhood. Jovan Smith used to work as a child selling candy bars on the train. When Jovan Smith was 16 years old, he recorded his music and started selling them. Jovan Smith has been to jail for 11 months for selling drugs in his neighborhood. All the rappers have some criminal history, and so did Jovan Smith. Jovan Smith used to rap from a very early age, but when he turned 16, he decided to take this seriously.

Jovan Smith started becoming popular when a local owner of a studio named DJ Daryl placed one of his tracks in an album. The voice of Jovan Smith impressed a guy named Richie Rich who was working with DJ Daryl, and Richie put Jovan Smith on three tracks from which Jovan Smith received a lot of praise. The album for which Jovan Smith sang three songs for Richie Rich was named Nixon Pryor Roundtree.

By the end of the year 2006, Jovan Smith has already released seven mixtapes and has already lined up for all his releases in the year 2007. Jovan Smith is also the president of a group called own Thizzness which he founded with some people. This group helps upcoming rappers and singers get a platform to work hard and shine. Jovan Smith has also launched few artists like Jay Jonah, Stevie Joe, and Shady Nate. 


Jovan Smith is known to his American audience for a different kind of music he produces. Jovan Smith is best known for his songs in the hip-hop genre, hyphy genre and west coast hip-hop genre. Jovan Smith has had a very tough childhood, and since from a very early age he started to earn money his career also started very early. Jovan Smith had worked with a lot of rappers and musicians but got famous after 2007 when he decided to concentrate more on his solo career.

The year 2018 has been very exciting for Jovan Smith because he is working on his dream project and music album. The rapper yet announces nothing specific, but his fans are looking forward to it. Jovan Smith has been in the American music industry for quite some time, and in spite of having a lavish lifestyle and spending a lot of money on shoes, clothes and gold chain he still has a net worth of about 1.5 million dollars. It is expected that he will increase his net worth in the coming years because of the great music he writes and sings. 

Jovan Smith started rapping at a very early age and has made himself look tough like a rapper in the years. Joseph Stalin has always inspired Jovan Smith, and therefore he always tells that his music career is Joseph’s inspiration. Jovan Smith has also been an internet sensation when a video of him and J-Nash went viral. The sensational video of J Nash and Jovan Smith was called ‘Cupcake.’ Jovan Smith released his first studio album in the year 2007 called Pay Ya’Self or Spray Ya’Self with artists like Shady and Jonah. In 2009 Jovan Smith released a studio album and named it Livewire Radio. In the same year, Jovan Smith released two more studio albums called Livewire the Empire and Livewire Radio 2.

Jovan Smith released his next studio album the very next year in 2010 and named it Livewire Radio 3. As if right now Jovan Smith released three albums in 2017 which was last year which is I Don’t Sell Dope No More, My Dark Passenger and Gas Nation 2. The artist Jovan Smith is loved by all his fans and the kind of songs he writes or sings are very different from his contemporary singers. Jovan Smith is also an entrepreneur, and he earns money from his business ventures. Jovan Smith is mainly known in the rap industry for his work with the group of musicians, who are called Livewire Da Gang. 

Personal life 

Jovan Smith is a very much private person and keeps his personal life away from all the limelight. Jovan Smith has grown up in a poor neighborhood, and he always had to work hard for the money.

Right now Jovan Smith has a lot of money, and he keeps on living a life of a rapper with that money. According to sources Jovan Smith is straight and is not dating anyone right now. Jovan Smith does not have any kid and has never been married. 

Quick summary: 

Full Name: Jovan Smith

Date of Birth: January 25, 1983

Birth Place: West Oakland, California, United States of America

Age: 35 years

Profession: Rapper, songwriter, owner of a record label

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net worth: NA