Rebecca is a Tv star from Sweden who became a popular actress lately by playing her special role of Mr. Woodville in drama series called The White Queen that started to air in 2013. The show itself was huge and it earned this young actress a few nominations on the Golden Globe awards.

She also acted in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation and one of the most popular musicals made lately: The Greatest Showman. It’s really interesting to see her develop as an actress and gain better and better critics everytime she appears on the TV screen.

Early years

Since she is Swedish, her parents followed the tradition of giving names by grandmothers and grandfathers and therefore her full name is quite long and it is Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundström.

She was born on 19th October of year 1983 in Sweden’s capital Stockholm. As a child she got to know her city very well because she grew up and spent her childhood in Vasastan, which is a part of the town located in the very middle. Her mother’s name is Rosemary Ferguson and she is actually not from Sweden. She is British and she moved to Sweden when she was only a bit over twenty years old!

Her father, however, is from Sweden, but her grandmother (from the mother’s side) is not from Britain, but from Northern Ireland. This is quite an interesting combination of genes and many people attribute her beautiful red hair to her Scottish origins from her grandfather (her mother’s father).

She had always been very and extremely well connected to her mother and so she decided to take her surname as her performance name. This may not seem so important, but it is because this is the name that everyone knows her by.

Because of her mother’s origins, she went to a school in Sweden where she was educated in world’s first language: English. However, she is fluent in Swedish too and she can speak both languages without any trouble, very fluently.

As soon as she was 13, she decided that she wanted to be a star. She wanted people to know who she is and to appear on TV. That’s why she started out as a model. Soon people started to recognize her because she had been all over various media, including magazines.

Rebecca was always multitalented and she enjoyed some art skills too. However, her favorite hobbies were related to dancing! Ballet, jazz and tango are just a few hobbies she had at one time in her life. She is especially good at Argentine tango because she was working on a serious job back then and it was related to this dance.

She went to a municipal high school called Adolf Fredrik’s Music School. This was very interesting for her because she finally got to show off all of her skills, and so she finished it in 1999 without any trouble!

Career development

First attention she got was after being in a low-production series called Nya tider. She soon got another role in another soap, this time Ocean Ave. She said that she didn’t really enjoy the scenarios, but she enjoyed the acting.

Many directors started to track her work in order to get her to act in their movies and Richard Hobert was lucky enough to see her live in a market in Sweden. He was so captivated by her manners that he had to offer her a role in a movie he was naking called A One –Way to Antibes. This was back in 2011.

Other directors soon wanted to cast her and so she started to get roles in horror movies such as Strandvaskaren in 2012. She really started to enjoy her career and also the attention she was getting.

It was in the summer of 2012 that Rebecca had been noticed by the director of a famous TV series in making. She had no idea that this role will play such a big deal in her life and that it will open up the big door to movie industry to her. The show was, of course, the famous BBC producted masterpiece called The White Queen. Her role, Elizabeth Woodville, and the rest of the scenario too, was all based on a novel called The Cousins’ War.

Next big year for her was 2015 when she played in Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation. This was really important for her not only because it was a pretty big movie, but also because her talent was noticed by famous stars. She got the role in the movie because the star of the movie, Tom Cruise himself, wanted her to play because he had seen the BBC show.

In 2016, she gave all of her in a movie called Despite the Falling and she was rewarded for it very well! She got the Best Actress Award while being in Prague during 2016. She soon was casted in Florence Foster Jenkins which was her big chance to spend some time with the big Meryl Streep.

2017 is also very important because she was in a thriller with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds. The movie was called Life and it gained awesome critics.

Since then, she had only had great new opportunities.

One of the most beautiful moments in her career, as she states, was when she won the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival’s award for the Best Actress. It was very emotional for her.

Personal life

She had been married to Ludwing Hallberg from the year 2005 to 2015 and had given birth in 2007. She decided to move to Simrishamn after this happened, but sadly the new house wasn’t full for a long time since she divorced her husband in April of year 2015.

She loves to be in talk shows, but her favorite one she has ever been on was surely The Graham Norton Show in January of 2018 when she had announced that she will be having a baby again.

Quick summary

Full name: Rebecca Louisa Ferguson Sundström

Date of birth: 19th October 1983

Birthplace:  Stockholm, Sweden

Age: 35

Profession: actress

Height: 170 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Net Worth: $6 million