Ludovico Einaudi Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Ludovico Einaudi Net Worth 2019, Bio, Age, Height

Ludovico Einaudi is an Italian man who became famous for his marvelous piano skills. He also makes music and has been trained in Milan in one of the most famous facilities o the kind: Conservatorio Verdi.

He started out doing classical music but later he grew into many genres that he likes and learned how to adapt the piano to many songs in pop, rock, folk and so on.

Besides making music for himself, he made music for movies: This Is England, The Intouchables… He even made a soundtrack for Doctor Zhivago. He says that this is probably the best way to present piano music to everyone since many people don’t even realize that it is so good.

His solo albums are I Giorni from 2001, Nightbook from 2009 and Elements from 2015. These are the most popular ones he made.

Besides playing the piano, he can also play the guitar!

Early years

His full name is Ludovico Maria Enrico Einaudi and he was born in 1995 on date 23th November. His birthplace is his beloved Turin in Piedmont in northern Italy.

He has much luck because his father was a publisher and his grandfather was the President of Italy. This helped him a lot because his family was very wealthy and he had high chances to succeed in life!

However, his musical talent is something that came from Renata Aldrovandi, his mother. When he was a child, he loved to listen her playing the piano which she learned how to play from her ather Waldo who was not only a pianist, but also a opera conductor. He is one of the most famous people in this field when talking about the WWII era.

He started to compose when he was very young. Only a teenager. Ludovico didn’t start out playing the piano right away, he had a folk guitar. Soon he was having his musical education in Milan, got a diploma in 1982 and he had gained a scholarship.

One of the awards was to visit a music festival he liked very much.

His taste soon started to develop and many people claim that he has a very unique creating note. He likes to make music for meditation, introspective types, and he is all about simple things, minimalistic creations… However, lately he has been leaning on some pop too.

Career development

In 1980s he finished his education and he started to make compositions of various kind. People first got to know him because his music was played at various festivals and in various streets.

During these years he was cretaing music for the media. He created soundtracks for movies and TV shows and he loved it because he could present his music to regular people too>

Some of the acts his music was played in were Time Out (1988), The Wild Man (1990),  the Emperor (1991). Soon his pieces were so culturally famous that they could be a great soundtrack to many ballets and opera’s.

In 1990s he started to collaborate with various movie producers and one of the first was Michele Sordillo He made a soundtrack for he rmovie and later got very famous for it.

Antonello Grimaldi wanted him to make soundtracks for Fuori del mondo and Un delitto impossibile.

At this time, Ludovico was also making his debut album and some of the songs had been those he had already made for other movies.

His prizes at the Avignon Film Festival were just a proof of him being very capable of doing his job wel and he soon made his most famous work for movies: the soundtrack for the famous Black Swan that was released in 2010.

It got many wonderful reviews and he was very pleased that this collaboration happened since in this drama the music was very important because of the main caracter.

His solo work started out when he made Stanze (made for the wonderful instrument harp). His first solo piano work was Le Onde. In 1999 he made Eden Roc, made for piano and strings. In 2001 he got back to his origins and made a piano album I Giorni.

Einaudi started to aim for more electronic sounds in Nightbook, In a Time Lapse and Elements.

Personal life

Ludovico keep shis private life stored away from the media and therefore it is hard to know anything about him.

We are not sure is he currently married, but many people think he is not because he hasn’t been seen in a sight of a woman for a long time. However, he did once have a very special woman in his life whom he protected from the media so we don’t know her name, but they have had two children together.

The daughter is called Jessica Einaudi (she does music too) and the son Leo Einaudi.

Quick summary

Full name: Ludovico Maria Enrico Einaudi

Date of birth: 23rd November 1955

Birthplace:  Turin, Italy

Age: 63

Profession: composer

Height: NA

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $2.2 million


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