She had earned her fame through her musical efficiency and owned a show titled “Big Freedia: Bounce Back on Fuse.” Big Freedia has originated from New Orleans and presently known to the innumerable music lovers all over the world.

She has raised to prominence as being the Queen of Bounce. Bounce Music has got all the requisites to make her their ambassador. The audience at large has appreciated the famous single “A-Ha, Oh Yeah,” which she released in 1999. She had the experience of working with some of the most prestigious labels in the music world as Queen Diva Music.

Her various works in the form of albums are highly acclaimed by the huge followers of rap music all around. Her “Queen Diva,” “Big Freedia Vol. I” has highly enriched her net worth through an appreciable sale proceed. The rapper had also bagged some prestigious awards for her fabulous performances. Over the years her net worth has grown to a lofty height keeping pace with her popularity.

Her estimated net worth comes around in the range of 3 million dollars which is quite satisfying for any popular individual.

Early Life

Although the music lovers know her by the name Big Freedia, it is not her original name. She was born as Freddie Ross on 28th January 1978 in the New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America. The 40 years old rapper holds the American nationality. She was born to the lady Vera Ross. Freedia grew up with her other two siblings who are Adam Ross and Crystal Ross. There is hardly information available about her father. The world is also not much aware of her academic background. Only it is known that she was enrolled in Walter L. Cohen High School.

Quite evidently it can be apprehended that from the very early childhood days she was into music with deep interest. Her mother encouraged her quite a lot and exposed her daughter to some prominent figures as Patti LaBelle and more to grow a decent interest in her child. During her young days, she was even motivated by the terrific performances of elite pop stars of the musical world like Michael Jackson, Salt-n-Pepa, Sylvester and more. She used to play piano in the choir and became the director of the choir through sincerity.

She realized that music is an inevitable part of her life and is the best pursuing route for a successful career. At the starting towards the end of last century, she was picking up appreciations through regular performance at various local clubs and programs. One popular figure Katey Red was working on some Melpomene Projects with Bounce Music which was located at her growing place. Freedia was staying just four blocks away from Katey Red and started performing from 1998 in the capacity of backup dancer and also as a singer in Red’s various programs and shows. 


As any serious aspirant would feel the urgency of getting a real breakthrough to gain the popularity of the world, Freedia was also seeking a suitable platform for her fame in the musical arena. While performing in the Red’s group once she got an opportunity to expose her musical treasure to the lovers of music. In the year 1999, she came up with a single titled “A-Ha, Oh Yeah” which created an image for the upcoming artist. She kept herself busy with the programs at different venues along with the clubs in and around New Orleans. The same year Melpomene Block Party was launched by Katey Red from the popular label of the city called by the Take Fo Records. During this time she appreciated the friend’s idea of dubbing her as Freedia and made this to be her stage name. Her performance in “Rock Around the Clock,” “Gin ‘N My System” and some more was highly appreciated by the music lovers.

After a gap of a couple of years, Freedia released in 2003 her much-awaited studio album with the title “Queens Diva.” The endeavor was warmly accepted by her growing fan base even beyond the boundaries of New Orleans. She kept on giving her best in the programs in and around New Orleans. Some of her singles got popular, and she wanted to bind them in one album. In 2010 she tied all the singles from 1999 onwards till 2010 and delivered a well-knitted album under her stage name, as titled “Big Freedia Hitz Vol. 1”. The effort was well acclaimed by the followers of her music. Before this release, she had performed at Voodoo Experience in 2009 with Sissy Nobby and had also experienced the Bingo Parlour Tent.

In 2010 Freedia was reserved for one festival in Austin which was later canceled because of some injury. After the cancellation of the performance at the festival, she went up for a deal with Windish Agency for some summer tour. She appeared in the capacity of a guest performer in one endeavor by Sissy Nobby, Katey Red and Cheeky Blakk which was titled as “Ya-Ka-May.” The effort was released in 2010 through Galactic. On the Billboard chart, the album was ranked at #161. She appeared in some gigs and earned some popularity along with the financial benefits. In the same year, she was seen on a talk show titled “Last Call with Carson Daly.”

In 2011 she was nominated for the GLAAD Media Awards on its 22nd annual ceremony as ‘The Best Emerging Artist’ she also bagged the Best Hip Hop Artist reward. In the following year, Freedia received the ‘Too Much Ass’ of MTV Awards. In 2013 through the Channel Fuse, she telecasted a show which was titled as “Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce.” The endeavor got a good response from the viewers. In 2015 she got an opportunity to give her appearance in one feature film titled “Selfless.” In 2016 she collaborated with Beyonce and released a single titled “Formation.”

Personal Life

Her exceptional musical career has been got her enough fame, but people do not have the clear idea about her individuality in respect of gender. On query, Freedia had once clarified that the famous rapper does not belong to the transgender congregation.

But declaring to be a man who prefers the pronoun ‘She.’ She carries a mixed individuality. Who carries a purse and loves to wear the women’s hair.

Quick Summary:

Full Name: Freddie Ross

Date of Birth: 28th January 1978

Birth Place: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States of America

Age: 40 Years Old

Profession: Rapper and Interior Designer

Height: 6 Feet 2 Inches / 1.88 m

Weight: NA

Net Worth: $3 Million