In our themes you can find many interesting stories and information and in each of our texts we will make every effort to get all the necessary information about different types of art and known people.

For today’s theme, we have chosen one of the most beautiful types of art without which we can not imagine life. In this subject we will talk about music and in our texts we will devote ourselves to various music styles.

Since the beginning of humanity, music has been popular and people have been involved in music for a long time. The talent for music is a special kind of talent and this talent can not be possessed by all people. Music brings a special kind of energy and emotion and it manages to bring us a positive mood.

In today’s text we will talk about one very interesting person who is known as American songwriter and rapper. He managed to make great success in his career and he succeeded in becoming popular in music. During his short career he collaborated with many well-known musicians and rappers and he managed to become one of the most famous rappers of the new wave in the USA.

His artistic name is Montana of 300 and during his pretty short career he managed to make great success and a great financial profit. He is also known because he was in relationship with several well-known personalities in the world of music. In today’s text we will describe the details of his music career, but we will also introduce you to his childhood and private life.

Early Years

Montana of 300 or Walter Anthony “Tony” Bradford was born on March 13, 1989 in Chicago, Illionis, USA.

Walter grew up in playing video games,basketball, swimming, studying like any other child in his city, with one exception and that was that Walter was born for rap music. The whole family shared love for music and during his childhood they spent a lot of time playing instruments and singing together.

He began to play electric guitar and to love rap at age 11, although he never taught for this instrument he had feeling for it. He heard music in his head and just wanted to hear sound of guitar and also of rap music. So he began to play with the guitar by playing songs at the moment when he listened to the radio.

His childhood in Chicago and his love for this city inspired him to compose some very good songs which are very popular and in the USA. In 2007, at the age of 18 and advised by his parents, Walter left his city and he wanted to study literature at the University of Ohio . During his student career, he perform with local bands and began to develop his personal musical style using different rapping styles to create new sounds. He also worked as a teacher in one period due to his work in literature.  In 2014 Walter graduated at the University of Ohio.

After graduation, Walter decided to take a sabbatical year and after that to dedicated 100% to music. He should have better understood the behavior of his artistic forces that were such an important part of his childhood. During this year, he chose to play music with his friends.

Walter teamed up with his friend from univerzity and they rap band has been created by theirs friend from Chicago, who became famous as DJ in the cities of LA and Philadelphia after 2015. They didnt have a lot of money but the work and talent of his music led him to his solo career in later period.

In 2016, Walter had performance in tv music show, and shortly afterwards he released his first album.

Montana 300 began his career with music cataloged as “New Age”. Montana 300 continued his career as solo singer and with his passion for making music he made great things.

He explored the world of electronic music, new sounds and instruments and compositions. This was a very productive moment for him. He released two albums and worked on the third album before moving to LA, the capital of the film industry, where he recorded 2 movie tracks and released four other songs. He also released one of the best rap singles in that year.


Montana 300 was constantly experimenting and composing, and he was increasing number of fans each year. His talent for music has been discovered by many music lovers around the world. On , 2018, he announced a series of five big concerts in November in Chicago, where he exclusively presented his latest compositions that marked his return to the stage after some angagament in the movies and he wanted to present his new songs.

This songs was presented on his concerts that year in Chicago and LA. Montana 300 had guests who were following him during his presentations and among them there were very famous singers.

One of the biggest surprises at the concert was the song “Universe”, which was song from his friend and famous rapper and singer who for several years has experienced health and voice problems. He also dedicated some of his songs for his good friend and colegue. His friend said “It was great honour that Walter was able to made big concert and sing his songs in dedication to me”.

In second half of that year, he released a mix tape titled “Choice” and he presented this album when he went on a new tour with his colegues. There are many people who think that his work has been heard very little, but as a great guitarist he was more listened to than any other singer in that period of time.

Due to sound recordings he made appearence  in many movies festivals and ornaziations. For example, his hit single from his second album has been nominated for two awards and has also been popularized in US commercials and presentations. His style of rapping has led him to be taken into great fame and that gives to him a lot of fans around the world.  The great style of Montana 300 on the beat is great and emotional, and these are the two elements that have led him to his success. His explosive creative ability is written by authentic  and sincere emotions.

He is a great music leader  who knows how to lead his team to a common goal, so that they not only commit themselves, but also share their vision. This was the words from this great young rapper.  In addition, a mix of different types of musicians and singers wanted to make collaboration with him. Percussionists, winders, violinists, guitarists, spectacular choir, and some singers was among them.

He said that everyone need to show their best and to show their talents in an atmosphere of harmony and companionship and that the rappers have different types of characters and originality. He is one of the rappers who have a great future ahead.

Personal Life

In the course of his career, Montana 300 has managed to make a lot of success in rap music and he is one of the rappers who represent a new wave of rap music. He was not long on the American rap scene, but he managed to gain a large number of fans who think he has a great talent for this music. His private life is also very exciting but Montana 300 does not like to talk much about his private life.

From 2018 he changed his style and made an extensive tour with rap group from LA, a group was organized by American rapper and singer. In his youth he got call to go in summer camp. He returned from camp after one month, but he back to camp after few days.  His experience in the camp was bad because he was kicked out because of consuming and smoking marijuana.

After 2017, he made many concerts around the USA and his biggest concert was in his city Chicago. Montana 300 went to the hospital several times due to alcohol problems. Year after, he recovered enough, and he tried to record it again, but the results were pretty weak. That spring he moved to the hotel in LA where his girlfriend take a care of him.

Soon he appeared with his new songs and he made a great success after his first song. As a symbol of his physical recovery, he signed a contract with a new recording house in USA. It was one of the best moments in his life and in the next period he made many great songs and he made some cooperation with famous musicians around USA.

During his career he managed to earn about $ 5 million. He managed to sign a very valuable contract with a production house from LA and this was a great moment in his career. Montana 300 has stated that he will hold several concerts throughout the USA during 2019, but that he will also release a new mix tape.

He also said that he highly appreciated his fans and that they would be pleased with his new songs. Montana 300 is very popular on social networks and he has about a million followers on his Facebook and Twitter profile and about milion folowers on Instagram.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Walter Anthony “Tony” Bradford

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Date of birth: March 3, 1989

Age: 30

Profession: Rapper, Songwritter

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Net Worth: $5 million