You might have seen other people finding happiness on the Bachelor as well as some Bachelor couples asking for quits not long after the marriage.

Nonetheless, even after the reality show, few Bachelor celebrities are still going strong in the game of dating.

Jordan Rodgers and his fiancée JoJo Fletcher are one of those partners.

The duo is in a happy love image three years after the ABC reality show, while many other Bachelor partners have already split their ways.

Jordan Rodgers is an American soccer player who at the age of 31 has a net worth of $2 million. The source of income for Jordan Rodgers is mostly from being a productive soccer player.

From 2010 to 2012, he was from Chico, Calif. Quarterback for Vanderbilt University and went undrafted in the 2013 NFL Draft.

He won The Bachelorette season 12, getting associated with JoJo Fletcher at the end of the show.

Jordan Rodgers is a part of soccer players and famous celebrities on Net worth Stats.

Early life

Jordan Rodgers was born on 30 August 1988 in Chico, CA. He’s best known for being a player in football. He practiced soccer and basketball and ran track at Chico, California’s Pleasant Valley High School.

He received his first appearance in the 2011 season at Vanderbilt.

He played for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL for a short time. Jordan has not been previously engaged, according to Celebrity Couples.

He was classmates at Vanderbilt with eventual NFL recipient Jordan Matthews.

He’s Star Quarterback’s younger brother, Aaron Rodgers. Luke is his oldest brother. Definitions of schooling at this point are not available. For details, please check back early.

Jordan began playing football during his high school days and proceeded to do so in class. Jordan switched his focus on football following his graduation. He was named in 2013 for the first time at Jacksonville Jaguars.

Several sources say that the pay of Jordan Rodgers was about $500 K annually. As for now, he’s employed as an analyst on football, and we’re confident that his profits must be massive as well.

Jordan Rodgers has a job as a sports analyst with the SEC network. In his free time, he also trains future quarterbacks.

In turn, Jordan is also hosting a show entitled Cash Pad (2019) along with JoJo. We invest in and renovate assets in the series to become short-term rentals or Air BnB.

He obviously reaches the heights of his career considering all the work he does. His total net worth, though, is undisclosed.

He practiced soccer and basketball and ran track at Chico, California’s Pleasant Valley High School. Vanderbilt University’s qb from 2010 to 2012 was overlooked in the 2013 NFL draft.

He won The Bachelorette season 12, getting entangled with JoJo Fletcher at the end of the show. He’s Aaron Rodgers ‘ younger star NFL qb nephew. Luke is his oldest brother.

Career path

Jordan, 31 years old, is a resident of California, celebrating his birthday on August 30 every year. Jordan spent his childhood in an athlete household. His father was playing offensive position at his Hometown University.

His mother was a talented artist who also appeared in school basketball.  Jordan’s eldest brother also played during high school days multiple sports but did not seek for his future as a sportsman.

In fact, Jordan’s brother, Aaron Rodgers is also a professional athlete. Jordan played football at his college, like his brother Aaron, and made a name for himself out of it.

Jordan is isolated from his pal, Aaron, and his father. Why they broke apart is unknown. The friction between Jordan first came to the public’s attention in 2016 when Jordan did not step back to warn everyone on The Bachelorette about the fight with his partner.

Although at the time Aaron’s mother, Olivia Munn, was partially criticized by the Rodgers team, they remained quiet about the case. Still, the tension is present between the brothers.

It’s no secret that since the Bachelorette show, Jordan Rodgers has been dating with JoJo Fletcher. Jordan relocated to Texas after the end of the show to stay in their new home with JoJo.

According to — which is not necessarily accurate, but a good starting point— the net worth of Jordan is nothing to sneeze at, coming in at around $1.5 million.

Unlike his uncle, although he has since retired, Jordan made his money as a professional athlete.

While it seems like Jordan might be after a career change now that he’s left behind athletics, from his days playing football he always took home a pretty penny. Jordan began playing football in high school and continued playing football in college, attending Butte College and Vanderbilt University until turning his attention to professional football following graduation.

The Vancouver Sun confirmed that Jordan plummeted out of the B.C. in May 2015. Lions ‘ practice squad, then revealed that that year he had no plans to play football, and it seems his game plan has stayed since then. So what does he do now?

On that one, the jury is still out. Google and social media also consider themselves lacking when it comes to Jordan’s job reactions, although his ABC profile describes him as a “football qb.” Huh.

Interesting. But he often speaks on his Twitter about how he goes on radio shows to speak in on what he feels about athletics. It might be a good next move for him to host his own show?

Personal life

In April 2017, JoJo even mentioned that she was very happy about welcoming children and couldn’t wait one thing at a time to start a family.  Spending time together, the pair came to the conclusion that before getting married they really needed to get familiar more.

Eventually, the pair announced their intention to tie the knot in the Today show on July 23, 2019 to the delight of everyone. Jordan announced that in the spring or summer of 2020 the wedding will take place.

Yet, not earlier they announced their intentions, by getting engaged again they shocked us. In 2019, three years after The Bachelorette’s conclusion, Jordan begged JoJo’s hand in marriage.

Without the lights and bosses, Jordan decided to do the whole thing again. JoJo, who disregarded Jordan’s strategy fully, was incredibly shocked and excited.

The affection and connection of the couple has only come closer after proposing again Future married couple also appear to be very happy about their marriage ceremony.

During his football career, Jordan was signed to several clubs, beginning with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2013.

He signed in with them as an undrafted free agent, which implied that if they didn’t pick him up, he could go on signing up with any team he chose.

According to, the “rookie minimum” is generally around $435k with annual increases for an undrafted free agent signed to a three-year contract.

That may not be the exact number in the case of Jordan, but it gives a fair assumption of what might have been his starting salary.

Quick summary

Full name: Jordan Rodgers

Date of birth: August 30th 1988

Birthplace: Chico, California, U.S.

Age: 31

Profession: Athlete, Quarterback

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 96 kg

Net Worth: 1.8$ million