Nick Swisher is an eminent personality who besides being a sideline reporter in the well-known channel NBC is a former Major League Baseball outfielder. He also serves as the first baseman is an outfielder. He was known to people for his abilities of switch-hitting and his techniques of playing left-handed.

He participated in several events some of them are notable enough. This power hitter with a commendable plate discipline has effortlessly hit 20 home runs in consecutively nine seasons starting from the year 2005 to 2013 and has finally reached 75 based on the count on seven occasions.

His net worth is estimated somewhere around 40 million dollars. He earns a quantitative amount of $ 15 million as his salary as reported ($ 10 million from the Atlanta Braves and an amount of 5 million from the Cleveland Indians). As reported by the official net worth sites, Nicks earns a handsome salary of about $ 7,500,000. His net worth has increased to $ 60 million from $ 40 million after he has signed an agreement with the Cleveland Indians.

Early life

Swisher was born to the former MLB catcher named Steve Swisher and an Italian mother whose name is Lillian Marie Malizia. His birth name is Nicholas Nick Thompson Swisher and was born 25th November 1980 in Columbus, Ohio, United States of America. His father was a man of repute and has played for several National Leagues Teams since the early years of 1970’s, and the 1980’s

He grew up in Columbus, Ohio and was brought up in the city of Parkersburg, a part in West Virginia. He was an efficient player in his college baseball team and played for the team Ohio State Buckeyes. His childhood was quite a struggled one as he had seen his parents getting separated only when he was 11 years old. But he was lucky enough to have supportive grandparents who were responsible enough to take care of him and raise him up, making him get all the requirements during his teenage years.


In the year 2002, Nick got drafted by the officials of the Oakland Athletics and was considered as was considered as the pick based off for the newly installed system that was implemented by Billy Beane. Soon for further illustration a movie was released titled “Moneyball.” Soon enough Nick came up to be a core and integral part of the Class –A Vancouver Canadians and got a promotion soon enough to the Visalia Oaks.

Just the very next year he became a part of the Modesto A’s and was capable of finishing 51 games before getting promoted to the team AA Midlands Rockhounds. He was then supposed to play for the team Mesa Desert Dogs. He was glad enough to be the part of the team AAA Sacramento River Cats in the year 2004 and walked forward to lead the Minor League

Nick was selected for leading the major league and also making his debut in the field of Athletics. He was successful in playing almost 20 games and ultimately becoming successful in retaining his rookie status out of the whole years voting. He started improving his techniques, and his sluggish percentages also excelled a lot. In the year 2006, he finally got a chance to enter in the session of the postseason and advanced for the team ALCS that was against the team Detroit Tigers.

In the year 2008, Nick was selected by the Chicago White Sox, and he soon got the clear picture of the fame and prosperity that the team can bring him if he remained associated with it. He soon became a favorite part of the team and struggled a lot to deal with his offense. Just after playing for one season he moved on to New York Yankees.

Swisher then decided to be the first baseman position of the team New York Yankees but never remained static with his assumption. Soon enough he decided to serve as the reserve first baseman and the outright outfielder. He served as an outstanding right fielder of the team. Eventually, on participating in the World Championship, the team won with an extraordinary home run, and worth is mentioning. They won by six games against the team Philadelphia Phillies and soon they were heaped with an excellent opportunity of becoming a part of the Home Run Derby. The team was also placed among those teams who are having the best fielding percentages. They were ranked in the 2nd position under the American League Right Fielders.

Personal life

In the year 2009, Nick has opened up about his personal engagements and has made people know about his personal affairs. Nick announced through the magazine “People” that he has been dating Joanna Garcia, an eminent American actress.

The couples are dating each other since the year 2010 and have finally decided to get tied up in the bond of marriage. The couple got married in 2010, and they are parents to a three years old daughter whom they named Emerson Jay Swisher, and yet after a year, another daughter was born.

Nick had earlier made plans to invest in a mansion that is situated in Joana’s hometown in Tampa, Florida. Its exact location is in the Aliva Golf and the Country Club Community. The well-constructed mansion is quite an expensive deal and possesses a price tag of $ 2,957,500. The house is styled with a Mediterranean flavor. His house is having marble floor and some parts he has even invested in having wood flooring. His mansion possesses outside fireplace and even a swimming pool.

He is also a proud possessor of a luxurious condo in Scottsdale, Arizona which he purchased in the year 2008. Presently he serves as a first baseman and an outstanding right outfielder.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Nicholas Nick Thompson Swisher

Date of Birth: 25th November 1980

Birth Place: Columbus, Ohio, United States of America

Age: 38 Year Old

Profession: Professional Baseball Player

Height: 6 Feet / 1.83 m

Weight: 91 Kg

Net worth: $40 Million