For today we have prepared a very interesting topic that will reveal new and interesting information. In this topic, we will talk about an area that is one of the most popular in the world, and with which every man at least once in his life dealt with.

Today we will talk about a sport and about kind of sport that is among the top 3 most popular sports in the world. If you are a sport lover, it is certain that this article will appeal to you because we will talk about basketball. This sport has been for a long time and is one of the most popular in the world.

This sport is popular in all countries of the world and basketball is a sport in which today you can make a lot of money. There are many talented basketball players in the world, and the best league in the world is the NBA league and we can find the best basketball in the world.

This league has been popular for many years and in today’s text we will talk about the basketball that was playing for Los Angles Lakers in this league.

In today’s text we will talk about an ex-NBA player and trainer called Jerry West. He is one of the best basketball players in NBA history and he spent his entire career in Los Angeles Lakers. He achieved a lot of success in this sport and during the career he had 27 points per game on average.

During his career, he managed to win the MVP League prize and to be one of the best basketball players. He and his team managed to win the championship ring 2 times and played in Los Angeles Lakes from 1960 to 1974 and after that he trained this team in the next 3 years.

He is one of the best basketball players in the history of this club and he has left a big mark in the NBA league. His name is still remembered in the statistics and he spent his whole life in basketball.

Jerry West has achieved a great career and made a lot of success and we will be introduced in this article with the details of his childhood and his career and his personal life.

Early Years

Jerome Alan West was born on May 28, 1938 in Chelyan, West Virginia, USA.

His family was not in a good financial state when Jerry was born and they had to do various jobs to enable their children to live a normal life.

During childhood, Jerry was often aggressive towards his peers, but his behavior had ceased when his brother died in Korea during the war. After this event, Jerry had great trauma and had to drink tranquilizers in the next year. After that period he recovered and began to live a normal life. In his hometown, he enrolled in a primary school and tried to become a good student.

During the third grade of the elementary school, Jerry loved sports and he wanted to deal with the basketball. He often went to basketball matches in his city and wanted to start dealing with this sport. After a year his parents filled him with desire and he began to train this sport in the local team.

After 2 years of training, his parents advised him to give up on sports and devote himself to learning, but Jerry did not want to give up and wanted to make his dreams come true and that one day he would become a great player.

He showed a great talent even though he was very young and his coach recognized the great potential in him. He thought that Jerry would succeed in becoming an excellent basketball player if he was persistent and would not give up. By the end of the primary school, he continued to practice basketball and wanted to play in the NBA league in the future.

When he was 14 years old, Jerry left this city and moved to Oklahoma where he attended high school.

This decision was made because of his career, this High school enabled him to make progress in his basketball career. Nevertheless, Jerry repeatedly said that this was a very difficult decision for him, he did not want to leave his parents, but he was aware that this decision would help him to make a great career and improve his basketball skills.

Jerry had a tough but also happy childhood and he grew up in the family where the sport and education was the main occupation, his parents were successful athletes, and that was a great motivation for him.

In many later interviews, Jerry was quoted as saying that the greatest inspiration and motivation in his life were his parents, he said that they grew up in very harsh conditions, but still managed to overcome all obstacles and become successful and independent peoples.

In high school Jerry was always surrounded by successful people, his best friend was a well-known american football player and he even played for the United States, while his cousin was a basketball player who achieved great success when Jerry was young. His cousin was a very successful NBA basketball player, he played for many well-known clubs, but reached the height of his career when he performed for Seattle SuperSonics, where he spent his last three years.

After that, he spent another year in Europe, and then decided to end his career and dedicate himself to his family. Many critics believe that his cousin was one of the best players in the NBA during that period. During his career he unfortunetily often faced numerous injuries, and in the end, he had to leave the basketball because of them. Jerry finished High School in Oklahoma City, where he was a member of the basketball team.

In this High School Jerry West has become friend with many people who had a great influence on his career. He became a big friend with Kenny Tomas, who is also a NBA basketball player and he along with him  played in College League, and achieved very good results.

During his time in Oklahoma City, Jerry received a lot of awards and recognitions, and he realized that the basketball would be his life course. He quickly showed his talent and efforts and many coaches and numerous basketball organizations have noticed his talent, so Jerry West received a scholarship at the prestigious California University. During the High School, West was named as the High School best basketball player.

When he finished high school, Jerry West was determined in achieving success in basketball, he wanted to leave a mark in basketball history. The compliments and rewards he received represented a great motivation for him, but also a desire for even better results. Jerry was very persistent, stubborn and eager for new experiences. He was aware that California University is the right place for him and the continuation of his career.

When he started playing the College League for the California University, Jerry initially showed his talent and his energy. In his first games, he showed excellent results and showed that he would become one of the best players in the league.

In the first 10 matches in the league, he scored 26.3 and 6 assists on average. The coaches and scouts from this league thought that he was an incredible talent and that in the future he would surely become a player in the NBA league.

At the end of the first season, he had an average of 27 points per game. In the second season of the college he managed to win the title with his team and he was declared as the MVP of the League. In the third season for California University he again managed to win the title in the league and again won the MVP League prize.

In his last season for California University he failed to win the title but he had an average of 28.6 points per game and he was a player who was considered as the first pick on the draft.


Jerry West started his professional basketball career in 1960 when he was selected as the first pick of the first round by Los Angeles Lakers.

In that period, he was considered as the greatest talent in basketball in the USA and the fans of this sport felt that he would become one of the best players in the league.

In his first season for Los Langeles Lakers he proved his talent and in the first 10 games he had an average of 20.2 points per game.

He initially did not get many minutes but he managed to score a large number of points.

After half a season Jerry began to play as a starter and finished his first season with an average of 22.3 points per game.

In the next two seasons he was the main player in the team and scored the highest number of points in the team.

In 1964 he was a candidate for the MVP title, but his team was eliminated in the semifinals of the conference.

He managed to win the title of the MVP in 1969, although his team lost in the league’s final. He managed to win the championship ring in 1972 and in this year he was named as the best player in the league. In 1974, Jerry decided to retire and after a short period he started his career as a coach.

Personal Life

Jerry West lives in Los Angeles and he is still linked to LA Lakers and he is currently working as a member of the management board of this club.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Jerome Alan West

Birthplace: Chelyan, West Virginia, USA

Date of birth: May 28, 1938

Age: 81

Profession: Former Basketball Player

Height: 188 cm

Weight: 84 kg

Net Worth: $40 million