Jonathan Ross is a famous English broadcaster and actor.

He is known by a nickname „Woosy“ and he uses it for all his social media accounts, such as Twitter. 

Early life

Ross was born in St Pancras, London, England, on 17 November 1960.

He has three brothers and all of them have professions in the media sector: producers, actors, journalists…
Their mother signed all her children for filming commercials and similar so they were all in the camera business froma very  young age.

Ross first appeared in a television advertisement in 1970, when he was 10 years old.

Ross also appeared as an extra on the television show ‘East Enders’.

He attended the Norlington School for Boys and after that he studied Modern European History in London.

Career development

After attending University College in  London and gaining a History degree, he worked on Channel Four in the 1980s, first doing research and then becoming a presenter in January 1987. on the series „The Last Resort“.

Ross became popular very fast  largely because of  his style as a host which was very similar to the style of American talk show hosts, f.e. David Letterman.

It wasn’t easy for him to succeed because English producents taught he was using too much foul language and sexual references during his late night BBC talk show. But most of people knew that he was deliberately provocative.
In 1999. he was chosen to replace Barry Norman on the BBC One as the host of “ Film 2016“, their film series that run since 1971.

The same year he started a popular Radio 2 show.

He is also a big fan of music of david Bowie, The Queen, Frank Sinatra and a lot more.

In 2001. he began hosting his own show on the BBC One called  „Friday Night with Jonathan Ross“ and it gave him huge popularity.
In 2005 he was chosen by the BBC to host the  coverage of the Live 8 rock concerts.

Two years later, he became a host to the similar Live Earth concerts.
He was awarded the Order of the British Empire for services to broadcasting in 2005.
He became the BBC’s most valued broadcaster, but was even suspended a few times because of his over-the-top jokes.

He left the show in 2010. and  signed a deal to begin a new talk show on ITV1.

Philantropic work

He is involved in a lot of charity work:“Elton John Aids Foundation“, „Centrepoint“, „Children with Leukaemia“ and a lot more.

He also raises funds for „Comic Relief“ using comedy to help raise awareness and funds for those in need, especially homeless people.

Personal life

Ross married Jane Goldman in 1988 when Jane was 18.

She is also a broadcaster and a journalist.

They have three children: Betty Kitten, Harvey Kirby and Honey Kinney. 

Quick summary

Full name: Jonathan Stephen Ross

Date of birth: November 17,1960.

Birth place: London

Age: 56

Profession: actor , TV host

Height: 1,87 m

Weight: 85 kgs

Net worth: $ 35 million