Today we will talk about a sport that is among the top 3 most popular sports in the world. If you are a sport lover, it is certain that this article will appeal to you because we will talk about basketball.

This sport has been for a long time and is one of the most popular in the world. This sport is popular in all countries of the world and basketball is a sport in which today you can make a lot of money. There are many talented basketball players in the world, and the best league in the world is the NBA league and we can find the best basketball in the world.

This league has been popular for many years and in today’s text we will talk about the basketball that is playing in this league.

He began to professionally deal with this sport since 2010 when he started playing in the NBA league. After this year he began to achieve success in this sport and became one of the most popular basketball players.

His name is Jeremy Lin and he is one of the few basketball players from Asia who managed to make a success in the NBA league.

His first club in the NBA league was Golden State Warriors and this club is from the city in which he grew up. His first season in the NBA was not successful, and he played in Asia for the next two years.

His return to the NBA league was in 2012 when he signed a contract with New York Knicks. This was a very important moment in his career as he managed to achieve success with this club and after that he became one of the most popular basketball players in the NBA league.

In the following period, Jeremy had good results, but he changed several clubs in the following years. He had a very exciting career and in this article we will be introduced to the details of his private life and his career and childhood.

Early Years

Jeremy Shu-How Lin was born on August 23, 1988 in Torrance, California, USA.

His parents moved from Asia when they were very young and they met in USA. When they got married they had to find different jobs in order to establish a family. Their first son was born in 1983 and in that period they had to deal in different ways. Jeremy was born in 1988 and during that period his parents had a stable financial life but their jobs were not secured.

Jeremy did not have rich parents, he did not grow up in a wealthy family and did not have many privileges like other children of his age. He was born in Torrance, California. Jeremy love to say that he had a happy childhood and that his parents were always with him, and they gave him support and believed in his efforts and talent.

His father was a worker in a car industry, he had a small workshop and he liked his job very much and he even wanted from Jeremy to be involved in this business, but he had other dreams.  In his free time when he did not have obligations in school he helped his father, but he did not find himself in this profession.

His mother was a chef in restaurant and she often worked in the homes of rich people, and when Jeremy was a child, he sometimes spent time with her.

While his mother was working in the houses of wealthy people, Jeremy had dreams that one day he will have the same life like rich people, but no one believed that he would accomplish that and that he would become succesfull basketball player.

In one period of time, his father had less and less work and sometimes his parents were unable to pay bills, so they made the decision to move to another city, hoping that they will find a better future in this city.

Jeremy was sad and he did not want to leave his hometown, but he had no choice, he was aware that his parents were not in a good financial situation and he had to accept their decision. In one period he attended the Catholic classes, and he often went to church but after short time he began to deal with sport.

When they came in another city there were opened a new opportunities for him and his family. His father had much more work, just like his mother and they were able to provide a pleasant life and a future for their son. As a child, Jeremy was obsessed with sports, he was watching  basketball games on television, and at the age of 11 he began to train basketball.

His talent became expresed when he was in the High school, and it was clear to everyone that an exciting and successful career awaited him. Jeremy Lin was a popular in high school, he enjoyed a popular company and had all the privileges as well as rich children, because basketball help him a lot of in that.

He started his basketball career for the college of University of California, Berkeley, where he remained for one season. He proved to the coaches and teammates that he had talent, but he was aware that his talent requires a lot of work and effort.

In addition to sports, Jeremy Lin was a very good student, so he decided to enroll in studies, and he believed that if he was not a good basketball player, he could be a good student and finish college.

His parents were impressed by his will and desire to become successful, and they were his support from the very beginning of his career. After graduation, Jeremy Lin received a scholarship from the University of California, where he studied and played basketball for their team.

During the first year of college, Jeremy was given a lot of chances to play as a starter in his college team and at his first games he showed that he has the talent for this sport. In the first season, he was one of the best players in the team and the coach felt that Jeremy had great potential to become a successful basketball player in the future.

After the first year, Jeremy had good results with his team and the coach promised him that in the next season he would get much more time on the field.

In the second season, his college team achieved a lot of success and they entered in the semifinals. They lost in the semifinals after a lot of fights, but Jeremy was not disappointed because he thought that he had made a lot of progress in the basketball and that he would show much better results in the coming years.

In the third year his team did not achieve much success, but Jeremy won the award for the most perspective league player. This award motivated him to continue to deal with this sport and he wanted to play one day in the NBA league.

In his latest college season, Jeremy was highly motivated and this year he achieved the best results in his college career. His team came to the finals, but they were not lucky and did not win the title. Jeremy decided to finish his college career after finishing his 4th year and to try to make a success in the NBA league.

Many college trainers believed that Jeremy would be able to get a contract in the NBA league and that he would be able to make excellent results in the future. In 2010, Jeremy signed a contract with Golden State Warriors, but after a year, he terminated the contract with this team.


Jeremy Lin started his professional basketball career in 2010 when he came up to the draft and was selected by Golden State Warriors. In his first season in the NBA, Jeremy did not get much chances to play and he spent most of his time on the bench.

This team had a lot of good players and Jeremy was very young and the coach felt that he needed much further progress so he could play in the NBA. In his first season, Jeremy played a total of 9 games and after a year he broke a deal with Golden State Warriors and went to Asia to continue his career.

In the next two years, Jeremy Lin played for 2 clubs from Asia and showed excellent results in that league. He was the best player in the league and average 24.2 points per game. Scouts from the NBA League watched his games and in 2012 again won the opportunity to play in the NBA league. New York Knicks decided to sign a contract with him and give him a chance to show his talent.

In the first games Jeremy did not get a chance to play and he played the next 10 games for the development team from the NBA-D league. When their first playmaker Baron Davis experienced a knee injury, Jeremy got a chance to play for New York. In the first three games, Jeremy was getting more and more minutes and in his third match he scored 18 points.

His first great match was against New Jersey Nets when he scored 25 points and had 6 assists. In the next game, his teammate Carmelo Anthony advised the coach to give Jeremy a chance to play longer because he will help them to win. The coach listened to this advice and in the following games Jeremy got a lot of minutes and he scored 21.3 points in the next 7 games. His career record was against Portland when he scored 32 points and 8 assists. The coach began to believe in Jeremy and he began to play as a starter in every next game.

In the next match, Jeremy Lin hit the three in the last second against LA Lakers. This moment was very exciting for the New York Knicks fans who in the upcoming games offered support to this basketball with the excitement of Linsanity! New York had a score of 9-0 in the games in which Jeremy played as a starter.

He slowly began to gain popularity in the NBA league and New York fans gave him great support and they considered him as the main player of their team.

He became the only player who managed to score over 20 points and over 5 assists in the first 7 games of his career. Jeremy provided excellent games until the ALL STAR weekend when he was chosen to play for Risen Star. In this match, he scored 19 points and showed that he is one of the most promising players in the league.

After the finish of the ALL STAR weekend, Jeremy had an average of 18.3 points in the next 10 matches and then experienced a knee injury,because of which he had to pause for a month.

After returning to the court, Jeremy continued with excellent batches but his team failed to make a significant result and they dropped out in the first round of play offs.

In the coming seasons, Jeremy has changed several clubs but failed to achieve good results as in New York Knicks. He is currently a free agent and by the end of summer he will sign a contract with a new club.

Personal Life

Jeremy Lin is active on social networks and on his Facebook and Instagram profile he has over 3 million followers.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Jeremy Shu-How Lin

Birthplace: Torrance, California, USA

Date of birth: August 23, 1988

Age: 31

Profession: Basketball Player

Height: 200 cm

Weight: 80 kg

Net Worth: $22 million