Jim Cramer is an American TV personality, author and investor.

He is best known for CNBC’s show Mad Money and his estimated net worth is around 100$ million.

Early life

James J. Cramer was bron on February 10, 1955 in Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, U.S. His parents were jewish and he grew up in a suburban town of Wyndmoor. His mother was a painter and his father had his own company.

Growing up in a working family, Cramer was raised to be hard working. Even when he was really young, he was selling ice cream to earn his allowance. He attended Springfield Township High School and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard. When he was in college, he wrote for the college newspaper team.

Cramer also has a Harvard Doctorate degree. His knowledge of law is extraordinary even though he never became a lawyer or a judge he used his knowledge on regulations to help further his career.

Reporting career

After graduating from Harvard, he decided to try out his reporting talent. He even covered the story about Ted Bundy murders. Working as a reporter wasn’t easy and he even got robbed several times.

He had to live in his car because of all of his possessions were stolen. During his early career as a reporter he worked for several prominent newspapers and publishing houses, showing great reporting talent.

Investing career

Even though he got a law education, he was also interested in economics, particularly in investing. When he was in Harvard, he started his first investments. Few years later he expanded his knowledge about the stock market, and gained the trust of other investors.

In 1984 he got a job as a stockbroker and after few years of successful business, he started his own Cramer and Co. hedge fund because he always dreamed of being independent. Until 2000’s his wealth was between 50 and 100$ million with numbers of successful transactions.

His amazing understanding of the stock market and a lot of luck up his sleeve led him to become one of the biggest experts when it comes to stock investments.

In 2005 he was offered a chance to host his own show. The subject of the show was investing and economics and it was called Mad Money. Because of his great knowledge about the stock market he was the right person for the show.

The show gives people advice about investing and the current favorable investing options. It is still airing on CNBC with Cramer as the host. On the show, Cramer gives viewers advice on how and where to invest money.

Since he was a beginner once, he knows all of the tricks and tips people can find helpful when they are looking for opportunities to invest their money.

He also had his own radio show with a similar content and he helped callers and gave them advice about the stock market.

Besides being on the Mad Money, he appeared on many other shows and interviews. He often appears as a stock market and economics commentator. In his interviews he talks openly about his opinions about the stock market and the current economic situation in the country.

Personal life

Cramer got married for the first time in 1988 to Karen Backfischer-Olufsen. The couple was married for several years, but they got divorced in 2009. In 2015, Jim got married with Lisa Cadette Detwiler who is also a stock broker. Jim has two children from his previous marriage and his private life is mostly closed for the public.

There were a lot controversies in the media about work and his relationship with the government. He had a lawsuit with Fox news, had a lot of criticism about presidential economic plans and he called Jon Stewart’s stock observations ignorant and ridiculous.

He believes that the government is losing money and that their economic strategies are not good for the country. We have yet to see what he thinks about the new economic plan that is coming from President Trump.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Jim Cramer

Date of Birth: February 10, 1955

Birth Place: Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, U.S

Age: 62 years

Profession: author, TV personality, hedge fund manager

Height: 1.70 m

Weight: 80 kg

Net worth: 100$ million