Josh Altman is an American real estate investor and a reality TV star.

He is best known for his appearance on the show Million dollar listing and his estimated net worth is around 10$ million.

Early life

Josh Altman was born on March 10, 1979 in Massachusetts, USA. He grew up and finished his high school in his home town of Newton. He was determined to finish college and pursue a career in real estate.

During his college years he played on his college football team and played in the position of kicker. He graduated from college with a degree in Speech communications. After he got his degree he decided to move away and pursue his real estate career.

Real-estate career

After Josh graduated from college, he made a decision to move to Los Angeles to find his perfect job. Like many other Realters he started off as a flipper and slowly moved up in his career.

After he got few years of experience in the real estate business, he decided to start his own financial company. The company worked for couple of years until Josh made a decision to join his brother Matt. Together they formed a real-estate company that focused on selling properties in L.A.

Their company was focused on selling properties in luxurious neighborhoods of Los Angeles and many of their clients were famous people from show business. Josh and his brother made an enormous profit in the first few years and made a lot of connections that will soon open new business opportunities for them.

Big part of Altman’s profit comes from media outlets and he also works as a celebrity speaker in various luxury events around L.A.

After few years working with his brother, Josh moved to Hilton and Hyland to work there as a real-estate agent. His business talent and his hard work have made him a very popular real-estate agent in the area of L.A. some sources even claim that Josh sold over 40$ million worth of homes in the past few years which is an enormous number.

Show “Million dollar listing”

Million dollar listing show was his next project, and he appeared on the show with two other cast members.

Cameras followed them in their everyday job activities. The goal of the show was to get an insight into real-estate career for the viewers who had no clue what this business was all about. Josh Altman appeared in season four and re-appeared in the season in the fifth season. Until now the show had good ratings and it will continue to air in the future.

Josh Altman made a name for himself even though he is very young. His client list is very impressive and all of that is more than enough for a quality reality show. He also earned a fair amount of money from the show when he was a part of the cast.

Josh is also famous for appearing on other reality TV shows where he appeared as a real-estate agent for the famous TV families.

Besides his talent real-estate and selling, Josh also decided to publish a book in 2015 which offers great advice for everyone who is just starting their career in real-estate or in any other business. The book is full of advices and little secrets to success that are meant for everyone.

Because of his insight into property values and prices, Josh managed to earn almost million dollars from just one property in 2014. Not bad for such a young real-estate agent.

Private life

Josh Altman’s private life hasn’t been too interesting to the press because he always puts his career in the spotlight rather than his personal affairs.

On April 2, 2016 Josh married his long-term girlfriend Heather Bilyeu in Aspen. The ceremony was private and the couple celebrated their love among close friends and relatives. The guests, who were present on the wedding, claim that ceremony was a real life winter fairy tale and that the couple looked happy and in love.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Josh Altman

Date of Birth: March 10, 1979

Birth Place: Massachusetts, USA

Age: 37 years

Profession: real-estate agent, TV personality

Height: 1.80 m

Weight: 79 kg

Net worth: 10$ million