Bill Nye is an American comedian, TV host and science educator.

He is best known for his show Bill Nye the Science Guy and his estimated net worth is around 6.5$ million.

Early life

William Sanford Nye was born on November 27, 1955 in Washington. His mother was involved with codes during the WW II and his father was a WW II soldier. His father was also a scientist.

Bill finished Elementary school in Washington and attended a private school. He got a degree in mechanical engineering from Cornell University and even now he holds occasional classes at his university as an honorary guest professor.


Bill Nye started his engineering career at Boeing. He helped with construction of certain parts of 747. Even though it was his big wish, he never had a chance to become a NASA astronaut.

Besides science, Nye was always drawn to comedy and acting. There was an artistic side of him, that couldn’t quite be shown through engineering. He started his comedy and acting career by writing small sketches for TV shows and gave his voice to educational TV shows for children.

Because of initial success of these shows he was given an opportunity to host his own show dedicated to children’s education called Bill Nye the Science Guy. The show targeted children and showed them, in a fun way, how to use science and how to figure out some of the hardest science problems.

The show was a huge hit by the audience and Bill is still remembered for his appearance on the show, sometimes even more than for his amazing scientific work. He believes that combining entertainment with education gives actors an opportunity to educate a broader audience, while still keeping the fun segment.

Bill is also a regular guest on interviews and various shows, where he shows some of his science tricks and talks about the importance of education. He didn’t neglect his science career either. He continued to write books and papers on various subjects and was also a part of Mars Exploration Rover expeditions.

Nye has rights to several patents like ballet pointe shoe and educational magnifying glass. He is a member of many scientific societies and organizations where his work is highly valued.

Being a scientist doesn’t always mean you have to talk about numbers and theories. Bill showed his fun side by participating in a dancing competition, which didn’t undermine his authority among fellow scientist. Unfortunately he got injured soon after the beginning of the show, and went back to his scientific world.

He has a doctorate degree from three universities and is a CEO of The Planetary Society. The society revolves around non-governmental research in the fields of astronomy, space and planetary science.

He is a living proof that life is too short to not have fun while you are living it. Most of his income comes from his scientific work, since he stopped filming his show in 1998 and also from TV appearances. He often holds speeches and commencements in universities and he is a CEO of The Planetary Society.

Last year it has been announced that he will once again get a chance to show his extraordinary science talent in a new show that will be hosted by him. The show is scheduled for the beginning of 2017 and all of his biggest fans are already applauding the idea of bringing Bill back to TV screens.

Personal life

Nye never got married. It seems as though, his busy TV career and science was everything he needed in his life. In 2006 he got engaged to Blair Tindall but the relationship ended after their marriage license was declared invalid.

After the break-up he had some hard time with his ex-fiance, against who he had to issue a restraining order.

Bill loves to dance and especially he enjoys swing dancing. He said in an interview that he is an agnostic. He received numerous awards for his contribution to science. Some of them include awarded doctorates from Willamette, Rutgers and Lehigh University, award in Praise of Reason.

Quick summary:

Full Name: William Sanford Nye

Date of Birth: November 27, 1955

Birth Place: Washington, D.C, U.S.

Age: 61 years

Profession: comedian, TV host, science educator

Height: 1.85 m

Weight: 64 kg

Net worth: 6.5$ million