Joey Graceffa, at the age of 23 has come out as the YouTube sensation since beginning to create recordings in 2009. From that point forward he has collected almost 4.6 million endorsers and also had more than 480 hits on the video.

Joseph Graceffa, born on 16 May, 1991, is an American Shorty and Teen Shorty designated YouTuber, gamer blogger, humorist, artist lyricist, on-screen character, essayist, maker, writer, model illustrator and web identity from the Boston, Massachusetts.

What makes him distinctive to numerous YouTube congregations is the fact that he repeats day by day video online journals, and not at all like most which are created skillfully, he proceedings the lion’s share at the time demonstrating each part of his own life.

Be that as it may, what has disturbed a number of the fans throughout the years is that he to some degree has mystery nature. Joey’s recordings are for the most part vlog based, however, he additionally tags recordings and difficulties with different YouTubers. Joey has likewise made and featured in his own web series called Storytellers, which disclosed on Joey’s YouTube channel from December 22, 2013 – January 19, 2014; Joey is attempting to get Storytellers another season.

Joey doesn’t just work close by Meghan on, he works with AwesomenessTV with JennXPenn and Lia Marie Johnson, another stunning YouTube channel where they do numerous things, from portrayals to cheerleading programs. In any case, from the first of July the channel will have their own opening on Nickelodeon!

From one perspective, he would confess that he demonstrates his entire life within day by day vlogs, however, there dependably appeared to be concealed cross to his own life (that he conceded openly) he wasn’t eager to share, that numerous proposed was to perform concerning his sexuality.

At present, which has been uncovered as right. As of late a significant number of the recording he shared have indicated Graceffa enthusiastic and managing some amazing individual matters. It had prompted some horrible posts from the viewers infuriated that he wasn’t his typical “Joey” self.

Toward the conclusion of music video, that has combined over 200,000 perspectives in only 12 hours, candidly depleted Graceffa clarified that this vlog was all a player in his arrangement to turn out ‘his direction’.

In the year 2014, Joey got designated for two the Teen Choice Awards, Gamer and Actor. The show  facilitated on the August 10 in the same year 2014; he lost both recompenses, to PewDiePie and Tyler Oakley individually.

In the September of the same year, 2014, he was designated for the two Streamy category Awards: Actor, and Web Series based Drama. He won best performer for the show, however Storytellers was not able to win. In the April 2015, he moved at the end of the day post the issues with the landowner about his puppy. He has altogether had attained the net worth of  $7,000,000.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Joseph Michael Graceffa

Date of birth: 16 May, 1991

Birth place: Boston, Massachusetts

Age: 25 Years

Profession: Actor, Singer, Author, Television Director, and YouTube Personality

Height: 1.8 m

Weight: 160 lbs

Net worth: $7,000,000