Peter Czerwinski who is known with his name as Furious Pete is a famous YouTube personality. He is also famous for his eating habits.

He has won about four Guinness World Records and that is for eating.

Born on 30 November 1985 in Toronto, Furios suffered from health problem due to anorexia.

He had slower digestion rate that he managed to recover by exercising daily and changing his daily eating habits.

It was at his early age when he realized his strength in eating when he won challenge related to eating record.

After this he took more and more challenges of eating and then he posted it on YouTube.

Soon he got famous as a competitive eater and people started liking his videos.

He has his own channel with the name furiouspete123. He has about 2.4 million subscribers on his channel and he earns from it.

The online advertisement and other source contribute to his income and Furious Pete Net Worth is $2 million.

Other than being an eater he is also a bodybuilder and a You Tuber.

Czerwinski has a degree from McMaster University and some of his famous recent videos include names like Shocking Before and After Fitness Transformation, 150 Warheads Challenge, Diet Coke and Mentos Human Experiment etc.

He got engaged to her long time girlfriend Melissa recently.

Peter has also suffered from testicular cancer but he recovered from it later with few surgeries.

He has been seen in German TV channel with the show named Kabel Eins with his world tour in which he was seen completing eating challenges all around the world.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Peter Czerwinski (Furious Pete)

Date of birth: November 30, 1985

Birth place: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Age: 30

Profession: Competitive eater

Height: 116 kg

Weight: 1.88 m

Net worth: $2 million