Mike Chang is that cliché flabby person. The hanging gut, bat-wing hands, the main genuine line of the definition of being the partition between his upper and  lower lips as the following modest bunch of poutine advances down the portal.

Chang attempted the greater part of the traps in books; the purported get tore fast recordings, the big name eating regimens and workouts, continually on treadmill, nothing seems to work.

They were merely the prevailing fashion programs which talked the discussion, yet got suspiciously tranquil when it reached to results.

Rather than surrendering or searching for the following huge prevailing fashion, Chang chose to discover why these projects weren’t working, discard the flawed measures and embed criteria that really accomplished results.

Around the year 2005 and 2006, he started examining nutritional needs along with the internal mechanisms of a human body, all whilst looking for information from a few guides, including a fitness coach Zach and who worked with different famous people.

After a short time, Mike took a radical new way to deal with counting calories, activity and life when all is said in done.

He vanished the fat, picked up muscle description and also the long-looked for six pack for which he dependably longed for.

The ladies paid heed, and Chang’s certainty was over the rooftop. Mike got his generally eminent Personal Trainer Certification of ISSA and turned into a full-fledged fitness coach.

It wasn’t much sooner than Mike Chang discovered his specialty, stomach muscle preparing. He was turning out to be somewhat renowned in his neighbourhood, referred to nearby as the ‘Lean Abs Coach’.

Chang uploaded his very first video on the YouTube in the March of the year 2010 (co-featuring his great mate Dan), along with the reaction has been completely amazing.

Chang now gloats various YouTube channels, several recordings and simply welcomed “2 million supporters” mark (over all channels).

The Six Pack Shortcuts Channel, which he released alone attracts almost 1.68 million of the endorsers with more than 222 million perspectives and checking.

Alongside his exceptionally mainstream, and for the most part entertaining YouTube recordings, Mike Chang provided three items; “Six Pack Shortcut” work out schedule, which concentrates on the losing of tummy fat and generation of lean abs, his “Crazy Home made Fat Loss” framework, intended to blaze fat on hyper-rate, and his “Creature Mass” workout, made or the individuals why should willing bear short yet extraordinary workouts for brisk, compelling muscle definition.

He has gained an estimated net worth of $1.3 million.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Mike Chang

Date of birth: NA

Birth place: NA

Age: NA

Profession: Physical Fitness Trainer and YouTube Personality

Height: 5’9’

Weight: NA

Net worth: $ 1.3 Million

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