JoJo  Siwa is an American dancer and a singer who became known as a contestant in a TV series “Dance Moms”. She is also known as a singer of hits “Boomerang” and “Kid in a candy store”.

Early life:

She was born as Joelle Joanie Siwa on May 19, 2003 in Omaha in Nebraska in the United States.

She has a mother called Jessalynn Siwa who owns a dance studio in their town  Omaha and her father is Tom Siwa, a chiropractor at Northwest Chiropractic Facility. JoJo loves them very much and has their support from her early age.

She has an older brother Jayden with whom she gets along great. He is three years older than her. They have to stay in a good relationship since he always watches out for her. She travels a lot and sometimes finds it hard to stay grounded, that’s when her brother jumps in.

She started dancing when she was only five years old and she especially loves hip hop dance over any other dance style. She is very talented for dancing. JoJo is also a big fan of  jazz and  contemporary dance. From the young age, her mother noticed that she was talented when it comes to rhythm and music and she decided to let the small girl spend most of her time with her favorite hobby: dancing.

She was mostly home schooled but later she started attending the 8th grade in a Los Angeles private school. Her mother wanted to give her the best education.but she didn’t want her to ruin her career.

Career development:

She auditioned for the Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and she became the youngest contestant on the 2nd season. Her mother was her trainer, supporter and companion on the series. She was eliminated from the competition after eight weeks. She was still great, just to come to the Top 5 as the youngest contestor.

In 2014 she released her own dancewear collection in collaboration with another company and it was called “Tilt Dancewear”.

At the same time she joined a reality TV show on Lifetime called “Dance Moms” alongside her mum Jessalyn. Her mother even participated as a dancer in some of her appearances. She left the show and her dancing team in 2016 to make her own career.

She has her own YouTube channel called  “JJ S’world” with almost five million followers and she has over 13 million fans on her ItsJoJo Siwa account.

She released her single “I Can Make You Dance” after which came her hit single “Boomerang”, in spring of 2016. It was available for digital download online.

“Boomerang” became more popular because it addressed the subject of bullying on the Internet and social media.

The song and the video earned over two million likes and has been seen around 400 million times. She made a huge entrance into the world of social media with this and therefore her followers started to connect with her.

She performed  in “Make It Pop” and “Bizardvark” on Disney Channel.

JoJo was a winner at 2016 Industry Dance Award as a favourite dancer. That confirmed her big popularity.

Siwa became very popular so she created and released her own line of accessories, focusing on hair bows with her signature.

JoJo bow line can be found and purchased in Claire’s stores. It brings her a nice income.

Although this seems impossible but her bows caused problems in the United States: they were banned from some public schools because of the “distraction” they made. It was said that they were too big and too colorful to wear in class.

In 2017 she signed a contract with Nickelodeon. Nickelodeon announced her to be the member of the cast of their new original TV movie called “Inside Voice”, starring Jace Norman and Daniella Perkins. It will be a comedy which will premiere in 2018.

She received the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Award when she was voted by the viewers as their Favourite Viral Music Artist of 2017.

She is represented by MSA managment agency, which is one of the most known companies in that area.

She also signed a deal with Amulet Book for the release of her book  “JoJo’s Guide to Sweet Life”. The book promotes positive attitude and fights social media bullying. It is her memoirs, where she talks about her way to success and her anecdotes behind the scene.

She had guest appearancey in many music videos such as: “Turn Up The Track” by MattyB and “Big Bows” by Addison LaFountain. Both of this videos were made in 2015.

Personal life:

She is a big fan of animals so she has three dogs named Coco, Lulu and BowBow. Her favorite thing to do, besides dancing, is spending time with her small dogs. She constantly plays with them and spends her time bonding with them.

Her mother is happy that she maintains a healthy relationship with other people and especially her brother since she changes locations a lot and has a hard time finding friends.

Another thing that brought controversy regarding her looks was the fact that she is a natural brunette and that her mother bleaches her hair since her early childhood. This could affect her skin, her blood and overall her health since the chemicals might get into her system permanently.

Her older brother Jayden is also very known. He is an Instagram star. He is very supportive to his younger sister.

As for her bows that she made so popular again she says that she has around 1,000 bows and that she has one on her head while she is sleeping.

Her fans have a joined name, they call themselves The Siwanators. They are very supportive and try to lift her mood whenever she is having a hard time.

There is no other information about her romantic life other than she was romantically connected to a singer Matty B. This may all be rumours, nobody had confirmed them.

Quick summary

Full name: Joelle Joanie  Siwa

Date of birth: May 19, 2003

Birthplace: Omaha, Nebraska

Age: 14

Profession: dancer, singer, actress, and YouTube star

Height: 1,65 m

Weight: 53 kgs

Net Worth: $1 million