In this text we will talk about the Egyptian-American actor Zeeko Zaki. This text will be devoted to his life, his career and his growing up. If you are interested in finding out more details about the life of this actor then you are in the right place.

Zeeko Zaki was born in Egypt but immigrated to America when he was a baby. He spent his entire life in the United States and became an actor in several films and tv series. Zeeko Zaki started his career as a theater actor and after a short while he was invited to play in the TV series.

After that, his career started ascending, and he became one of the most famous American actors. Although he spent his whole life in the United States, he used every opportunity to visit Egypt. He stated that he highly appreciates his homeland and that he speaks fluently Arabic language.

Early Years

Zeeko zaki was born in Alexandria, Egypt, but his exact year of birth is unknown. When he had a month, he immigrated with his parents to the USA. They went to USA in search of a better life and work. They managed to open their shop and to ensure a normal life for their family.

He grew up with 3 brothers and he always had a good relationship with them. His parents always tried to provide him with a good childhood.

In his youth, he had to perform various tasks and to help his parents in the shop, but he showed a talent for acting and he said that he want to deal with the acting. After finishing high school, he wanted to play acting and he went to various casting castes.

He managed to get a role in the theater play and his career began at the theater. After several performances, he decided to try to act on a movie or TV series. He passed the casting in one series and then began his career on TV.

After that his life went for the better and he could help his parents in a financial way. He always said that he would take care of his parents and friends. The act was able to help him in life and he found happiness in this business. Zeeko knew in his youth that he would deal with this business and now his acting is his life. 


Zeeko Zaki began his career as an actor in the theater. He initially had a remarkable role in theater performances, and he already showed a significant talent for acting. He played in shows around the USA and then decided to try to act on a movie or a series.

His first role was on a TV series that was not very popular.

After that he got the lead role in the TV series “FBI” and that was the role that triggered his career in a positive way. People and the audience were thrilled with his role and recognized his talent. He acted in several seasons of this series, after which he received calls for various series and films.

His best performances according to the audience ratings were in the Homeland, Revolution, The Game, The Inspectors, NCIS: Los Angeles and many others. The roles in these series helped him to build a career and become popular around the world. These series have received many good and positive reviews all over the world, and it is therefore clear that Zeeko Zaki is a very good actor who won the audience.

Apart from acting in various series, Zeeko also received roles in various films. He initially played a minor role in several films, but later became a leading role in several films. Everyone who worked and recorded with Zeek was delighted with his positive attitude and professionalism. Zeeko was always devoted to work and always tried to show his maximum.

He had more noteworthy roles in Escape Plan 2, Divergent: Allegiant, MAX, Stuck in Love and Heart of the Country. These films helped him to gain much more popularity and expand his career on TV.

He also appeared in commercials of famous brands such as Pepsi, Microsoft Phone, City Bank and Verizon. He has been getting more and more calls every year for many films, series and commercials. He stated that he enjoys this business and that he will always be dedicated to acting.

During 2015, he was nominated for several awards and participated in several events. He is also engaged in human work and helps poor people in the USA and Egypt in which he was born. People think that he is a very good and positive person who is always ready to help other people.

Because of this, he is very appreciated in Egypt and people in Egiypt are always honored when Zeeko comes to their homeland.

During 2016 and 2017, Zeeko participated in many events and recorded several season of series in which he plays. He made guest appearances in various shows with famous TV leaders and people were interested in his private life. He did not talk much about private life because he thinks it’s his personal thing.

In 2018, Zeeko continued filming of the series and he was given the role of a movie that will be released in theaters in 2019. He believes that he is only at the beginning of his career and that in the coming years he will work on much more serious projects that will bring him world fame.

Personal Life

Zeek’s private life is not well known to the public, and many have tried to find out about his love status. He never appeared in public with a girl, but he had several publications on social networks in which we could assumed that he had a girlfriend. Many journalists were trying to find out if he had a girlfriend but they failed. Zeeko was always hiding his private life and he never told journalists about his life.

He has a few houses around the USA and often changes his location and we can say that he enjoys life. He often travels and visits the country in which he was born. People in Egypt respect him very much and they often watch his roles in various series and films. He participated in many humanitarian campaigns in which he helped the people of Egypt.

Friends and people who know him told that he is a very good and positive person who always helps people and who always gives honest advice. Zeeko is very much respected by friends and family and they said that his popularity had not changed him at all. He is still the same person, although he has a lot of money and financial resources.

Zeeko will continue to record various movies and series and it is certain that in the future we will often watch him on TV screens and in cinemas. He managed to secure a quiet and comfortable life and managed to earn a big financial profit.

His exact salary is not known, but it is thought that he has earned several million dollars and that he will earn much more in the future.

Quick Summary

Full name: Zeeko Zaki

Date of birth: 18 January, year unknown

Age:  unknown

Birthplace: Alexandria, Egypt

Profession/Occupation: Actor

Net worth and salary: 1-2 million $

Height: 195 cm

Weight: 113 kg