Reginald Alfred Bush Jr. is a former American football player. Reggie started his career in high school, where he achieved very good results. In his career, Reggie always played the back-running position. Reggie, along with his team, won the Heisman Trophy, a prestigious award that proves the quality of the team. Reggie, together with his 2010 team, won the Super Bowl XLIV. In his career, Reggie played for a large number of teams, and many clubs wanted Reggie.

In career, Reggie played for the teams: Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers. He was the winner of numerous awards. In 2008, Reggie was named All-Pro, this award helped him win many titles in a future career and thanks to this trophy he had a chance to play for famous teams. It should be noted that the All-Pro prize is awarded only to the best players, so in 2008 Reggie was named the best back-running position.

Beside this award, Reggie was also the winner of both Doak Walker and Walter Camp Awards. The Doak Walker award was named after a well-known American player, who was named the best running-back in history. This award is given to very talented and successful players. On the other hand, the Walter Camp award is given every year for the best player. In 2010, this award was won by Reggie.

However, only a few weeks later there were doubts that Reggie was additionally rewarded and that he had a lot of benefits. A few months later an NCAA investigation was launched, and then Reggie was severely sanctioned, and he did not play for 2 years. As a result of the entire investigation, Reggie lost the Heisman Trophy.

We decided to devote this text to the successful and talented Reggie Bush, who proved his skills, work and effort. In addition to the numerous awards he has won, Reggie has achieved himself in other fields of life. He proved that dreams can only realize if you believe in yourself, if you are trying, if you are persistent and if you work hard. In this text we are talking about his childhood, family, friends, career, but also about his emotional relationships and private life.

Early life

Reggie Bush was born in San Diego; he was named after his biological father. Reggie had a very difficult childhood, and he grew up with his mother. His parents met two years before Reggie was born. When Reggie was born, they decided to marry. His mother was an actress, she had several minor roles in films, but after Reggie’s birth she gave up acting and dedicated time to her child.

His father worked at a local coffee bar, and we must say that his parents lived very hard. Reggie said that his father had been looking for a way to help his family for years. They lived in a poor neighborhood, did not have enough money for better life. When Reggie was 5, his mother get a job at a grocery shop, in this period Reggie spent most of his time with grandmother. After a few months, his father discovered that his wife was suffering violence at work. After this event, his mother stops working and she re-take care of Reggie.

His father was desperate, he wanted to help his family, but he could not find a way to do it. He wanted a better future for his child; he wanted different destiny and different life condition for his family. The only way to help his family was to start dealing with crime. His father began with selling drugs and weapons; his family did not know about his criminal affairs. After several years, Reggie’s father was arrested and spent several years in prison.

When he was released, he began to deal with illegal jobs again, but this time he was involved with the local band. When Reggie was eight years old, his father was killed. A few years later, his killer was also found.

His father’s murder was a great shock to the whole family. His mother became ill after the event, she was depressed and unable to take care of her child. She spent a year at the hospital, that time Reggie spent with her grandmother. When he moved to school, his mother decided to start a new chapter in her life. She found a new job, began to care for her child, and after a few years she again married. Reggie’s stepfather was a very kind and good man, he loved Reggie and spent much of his time with him.

Reggie started his sports career at Helix High School. As a child he showed great talent for sports and music, his mother taught him to play guitar. Reggie showed great results in high school, in this period he decided to take the running back position. He was determined to continue his career as a footballer.

At Helix High School, Reggie gained a good experience, even for one year he played with the finalist of  Heisman Trophy, Alex Smith. His talent was rewarded many times, he also won the Silver Pigskin trophy. This trophy is awarded to the most talented studens.

The Helix High School was known for its very good results in sports, but it was clear that it had never had such good and talented players as in that period. It is interesting that this school has written the history of 2004, since two of its students were finalists for Heisman Throphy. Helix High School was the first school in history, that had so many award-winning and successful athletes.

In addition to football, Reggie was interested in athletics and gymnastics, so in these fields he achieved very good and successful results. In 2002, Reggie broke the record in the sprint, on a 100 meter track. Interestingly, Reggie is now the first  student in history on the 100 meter track in San Diego, and no one has succeeded in overcoming this record.

During his childhood, Reggie had very difficult and hard periods, but together with his mother he managed to overcome all obstacles. His mother was his greatest support during his career, he always advised him and helped him to achieve the best results and achieve success.

At the very beginning of his career, it was clear that Reggie would have a very successful future. In an interview with ESPN Magazine, Raggie said that he always believed in his talent, but was aware that he must be persistent and work hard.


During his career, Reggie played for: Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions and San Francisco 49ers. However, his game was remembered at the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions, after these clubs, Reggie started his career at the San Francisco 49ers, but he trained in this club for just one year.

During his career, Reggie experienced a large number of injuries, and the biggest consequence left a knee and shoulder injury  which forced him to end his career. Reggie won a number of  awards and trophies, and the biggest of all is certainly Heisman Trophy. It is interesting that Reggie is the youngest player ever to win the Heisman Trophy.

During his long career, Reggie had many fans and opponents of his work, many believed that Reggie used illegal substances and that his success was achieved thanks to the use of these substances.

Reggie is the only player in the history of American football who was tested ten times for drug use, but the test was never positive. Many believed this procedure was shameful.

In 2004, there was a case that caused a lot of attention to the American public. More specifically, in 2004, an investigation was launched into which American athletes were involved. That year it was proven that Reggie had more benefits, and that is why he won a number of prizes. Shortly thereafter, Heisman Trophy was taked away from him.

Reggie was kicked out of the field and he could not play for the next 2 years. He used this time to train, and returned to the field with even better shape.

Reggie achieved great results and won great prizes in this sport, so Reggie remained a great legend in this sport even today. Many people believe that Reggie remained the best running back in the recent history of this sport.

Personal life

Reggie is not only famous for his talent and his ability; he is a great charmer and gentleman. In public he became popular after a short romance with Kim Kardashian; they started their relationship when they received ESPY awards in 2007. Their relationship lasted for a few months.

The couple did not admit they were together, until Kim confirmed these news on her Reality Show Keeping Up With Kardashians. It is interesting that Reggie appeared in one episode of this popular reality show.

After a brief relationship with Kim Kardashian, Reggie began a romance with popular singer Jessie James; however their relationship did not last, as a popular singer cheat him with popular singer Justin Timberlake. After this situation, Reggie withdrew from the public, but after a year, he started a relationship with singer Lilit Avagyan. The couple kept their relationship in secret; they did not want to comment on the news about their relationship and emotions. Interestingly, they never appeared together in public.

However, in 2012, the paparazzi managed to take a phone of the couple on a vacation in the Caribbean, a few months after this photo; Reggie published a picture with Lilith and wrote that they were married and that they are expecting a child. This was a huge shock to the public. One year after this news, Lilit and Reggie got another child.

When he finished his sports career, Reggie devoted himself to journalism and music, in addition to these professions, Reggie admits that he is reading books regularly and planning to write a book about his career. Reggie worked for a number of magazines, and after the end of his career, Reggie became a sports reporter.

Great attention was caused by his statement to the SPORT NEWS Interview, when he said that corporal punishment of children was legal and that parents should beat their children if they are not listening to them. He said that his daughter has one year, and that corporal punishment is the only way to educate young children.

This statement has caused great public attention, so Reggie was forced to apologize for a few days and rephrase his statement. Reggie said that he did not want to express his opinion in this way, and that he would never hurt his daughter.

After a few years, Reggie began traveling around the country, along with his family he traveled through all the countries of America, and after a year, he started his trip through Africa and Asia.

He said that the journey was his great love, and that his travels changed his mind and view of the world. Reggie said Africa had the biggest impression on him because he understood his origin.

After these trips, he realized that people in Africa live a very difficult life and for this reason he formed a humanitarian organization that helps children and people throughout Africa. In 2013, Reggie founded the ‘Do Something’ Foundation, which is funded for collecting money, clothing and food for children in Africa and Asia.

This foundation is one of the most popular and largest foundations throughout America and it has thousand volunteers. In 2014, Reggie was declared for a person of the year for his humanitarian work. When he received this award, he said that his mission is to encourage and inspire young people, and to help children around the world.

Despite his humanitarian work, Reggie caused public attention in 2016, when his wife said she was afraid of her safety and she wanted to divorce Reggie.

In an interview for Vouge magazine, she revealed that Reggie has been raped and beat her for years, and that she suffers a lot of violence from her husband.

Lilit said she was afraid for the safety of her children, she also said that the trips which Reggie constantly mentioned were a nightmare for her and children, because they suffered psychological abuse on a daily basis. Lilit said her husband was a very dangerous man.

After a few months, Reggie and Lilith divorced, and Reggie denied all statements from Lilit and said that the only reason for their divorce were disagreements. After the divorce, Lilit received custody of children.

Quick Summary

Full name: Reginald Alfred Bush Jr.

Date of birth: March 2, 1985

Birthplace: Spring Valley, California, United States of America

Age: 34

Profession: American football player and athlete

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 93 kg

Net Worth: $ 51 million