Jordyn Jones is a famous dancer and a performer who became very famous after she was on Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.

Early years

Jordyn was born on March 13th and she was always residing in the United States of America. She was born in Kamalazoo in Michigan.

As soon as she was able to go around the house and move, her parents noticed that she would also dance in the rhythm of whatever she heard around the house. They payed for her to go get dance tutoring and she loved hip hop at a young age.

As mentioned, Jodyn Jones has always been talented and she was a very good dancer who has a great sense for rhythm from her early age. This meant that her parents noticed her ability to become famous so they pursued it until the girl was old enough to realize it herself.

When she was in school, she already had some competitions and contests so it was very hard to manage all of it in the same time, but Jordyn was very determined to become famous.

Career development

Jordyn never actually won any big awards and this is one of the reasons why many people think her success isn’t really valid. She was in Abby’s Ultimated Dance competition later.

When she was 12, in 2012, her mother decided it was a good chance to put her in a competition called Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. She didn’t have such great results there, sadly, and after so much training and so much hard word, she was only fifth, not even close to winning.

However, the media had noticed her and her sense of style and after the show she gained a lot of exposure to begin her career in dancing a bit more seriously. She hosted the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in 2014 and this is a great example of the power she was given after he contesting on the dance show.

The only thing that was impressive about her performance was the fact that she pulled a muscle during it and therefore was sort of sabotaged for the rest of the competition.

Besides dancing, she had also made music and she now has a huge amount of people following her on social media. This is very impoertant because these are pretty young fans that are ready to buy anything she makes and therefore she has secure income.

From this moment on, she got many chance to appear on som TV shows and videos to get to know people and some of them were Q&A With Mikki and Shay, Playground Politix and Todric Hall: Freaks Like Me.

She was featured in YouTube’S Dance Camp videos and this is huge because so many people watch this so she gained exposure and even more fans on social media.

She also has a YouTube channel called Jordyn Jones and she has 1million subscribers. She had this channel for a longer time because her mother tried to use it in order to bring her little girl fame, but it actually started to become noticed after the dance competition she was in and in 2014 it suddenly grew a lot, just liked Jordyn.

She quickly went from 8000 to 170 000 subscribers and it was very big for her

She has between 50 000 and 100 000 views a day and this brings her great income because she is sponsored by some YouTube AD company.

She now makes dance covers of famous songs and her favorites are Lip Gloss, Fancy and Lips are Moving. She made an impressive income only off her YouTube channel and it is pretty nice that she has that chance as a teen.

She also had a Vevo account where she made music and she has 34million views there. It is pretty huge for someone that is not an actual singer and does not have singing talent, as some people claim.

Because of her impact on social media, Jordyn became an influencer andmany girls look up to her. She posts mostly pictures of herself and she has various products that companies send her in order to review and sponsor them.

Her first collaboration was called U Already Know and it was with Josh Levi. It didn’t make a great deal of change when it first went out, but later on it became pretty famous and it is hermost streamed video.

She has a Soundcloud too, but she does not use it too often. She had been on two live concerts as a dancer and many artists pay her to be with them on stage, which is really great because it is big amounts of money we are talking about.

She performed at The Masquarade in Atlanta with Johnny Orlando and Lauren Orlando. One of her newer projectsis her Coca-Cola Music experience.

Personal life

She is not married obviously, but there have been rumors about various boyfriends. However, she posted one video about her dating life on YouTube, but it turned out to be a clickbait. Therefore, she doesn’t really express herself on this topis.

She didn’t go to college and no one knows will she. Probably not since she is already pretty famous.

We don’t know where she currently lives for sure, although many people speculate that it’s Michigan!

She had a Mercedes Benz, but she is not actually driving yet.

There are some philantrophic actions that she did, like dancing on concerts made to raise money for charities and one of the was the concert in California where many celebrities did Meet & Greet things to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis and all of the research around it.

Many people find it controversial that the young girl was so into media at such a young age, wearing revealing clothes and acting very childish and immature. Of course, young people learn, but she has had scandals on Twitter quite often and many people think that this cannot be forgotten just because she was young.

Quick summary

Full name: Jordyn Jones

Date of birth: March 13th 2000

Birthplace:  Kalamazoo, Michigan, the United States of America

Age: 18

Profession: dancer, influencer

Height:160 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Net Worth: $500,000