George Parros Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

George Parros Net Worth 2019, Age, Height, Weight

George Parros was born on December 29, 1979 in Washington, Pennsylvania. His surname shows his Greek descent.

He played hockey in high school and was picked for a Rookie of the Year award. Princeton University gave him scholarship and he found himself at Chicago Freeze in 1998. He was a captain of the Princeton hockey team,which is not little,  but at the same time he studied hard and got himself a degree in economics.

Los Angeles Kings were the fastest hockey team to draft him after college and that was his entering ticket to the pro hockey.

Career development

He made his debut as an enforcerer in NHL in 2005, and a year later he changed team for Colorado Avalanche. After that he became a member of Anaheim Ducks until 2012. He was transfered to Florida Panthers and a year later to Montreal Canadians. During his last year with the Canadians he had a number of injuries that kept him on the bench for a long period of time. He retired in 2014 and decided to go at his peek.

After the  retirement he went into business with a clothing line he founded. He started a business with a man who sold unofficial T-shirts with his name in the parking area of his hockey stadium, so we can say he started helping people really fast.

He has no financial problems, and probably won’t have any in retirement, since he was an Ivy League student and has a Princeton degree in economics.

Personal life

He started dating his wife in 2005 and they got married a few years later. Tiffany gave birth to their twins in 2011. She was a reality TV star in Hockey Wives and she has her own clothing bussines called Plain Threads. She started her own line before she even started dating Georg, so she doesn’t like to be put in the same basket with other sportsmen wives who started their careers with their husband’s money.

He is famous for his notorius moustache which are for him a sign of everything manly.

Philantropic work

His is very known for his  famous moustache and was always ready to use them as a tool in marketing, so he raised thousands of dollars for charities using only his looks. All the charities were dedicated to children, and they were situated all across the globe.

In the month of „Movember“ mustaches are grown (and they are grown all arround the world) in order to raise men’s awareness for the cancers that are connected only to their gender. This way famous people raise funds for research of testical and prostate cancer, and georg is one of them.

Since he is so  famous for his moustache, he released a line called Stache Gear and, by buying T-shirts and hats from this line,  people donate money to Childhood Leukemia Foundation and to other foundation Georg is involved with.

Quick summary

Full name: George Parros

Date of Birth: December 29, 1979

Birth Place: Washington, Pennsylvania

Age: 38

Proffession: ex hockey player

Height: 1,96 m

Weight: 105 kg

Net worth: $ 5 million


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