Karen Gravano Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

Karen Gravano Net Worth 2019, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height

It is quite normal that people love to watch something unusual. ‘Mob Wives’ which has come up in series in VH1 have revealed the life of wives whose husbands were imprisoned. Karen Gravano is definitely one among the prime personalities of that show and to her performance the viewers have just confined one after the other.

Her wide acceptance can be well understood by the payment VH1 had made to Karen. Her salary was $50 thousand in the first season and reached $150 thousand in the third with more than three million viewers. The fourth season failed to convince the most wanted Karen and was cast without her fabulous presence. All these have made her a millionaire, and her net worth is perhaps more than $7 million.

Early life

The thirty-eight-year-old prominent television personality, Karen Gravano has an American nationality and white ethnicity. Karen Gravano was born in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America on 30th June 1979. She had been growing up with her family in her birthplace, but there is no information is available about her education or any training program in the early childhood and later. Karen is the daughter of Debra Scibetta and Salvatore Gravano. Gambino family and the federal information were looking after by her father Salvatore as the underboss. Karen had probably suffered the distance with her father in her childhood.

As some of Salvatore’s action has gone beyond the scope of proper conduct as per law and was hence imprisoned. How the family had coped up is quite easily understandable, but few can realize. Later Karen’s family under the federal witness protection program shifted to Arizona for a living. In the normal course of life, Karen was growing as others, but the real guidance was lacking.

Any normal girl would love to look good for some or no reason. Karen is also having the same approach but with still more efficacy. She wanted to make the world around her beautiful. Karen learned a course to be a beautician and got the license to be an aesthetician. He gave her service and in September 2012 launched a day spa by herself in Arizona. She wanted to get away from her father’s dishonorable conduct. Karen tried hard and moved to the Staten Island and wanted to have her own self-respect and individuality.


One can run faster than oneself, but one never feels that the surface on which one in the running is scampering still faster. You will always meet the consequences which you avoid. Karen Gravano is the attached to ‘Mob Wives.’ It is a reality show organized by the VH1 and was premiered on television on 17th April 2011.The show revolved around the life of seven wives. The husbands of these seven wives are connected with underworld mafia and are imprisoned.

As and crime thriller gets a houseful opening on the big screen, the show is highly welcomed by the viewer of the little screen. Karen Gravano got into the show from the beginning and lasted for three consecutive seasons. Each season saw escalating follower even in the international arena as in Brazil, Australia, Europe or some other places.

For some longtime Karen has been a part of Federal Witness Protection Program. For three years she was observed in her probationary period as she was watched as an among the drug circle. As per her report, she wanted to show the life of a mob daughter.

Karen has also taken out time to publish “Mob Daughter: The Mafia, Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano and me.” The memoir of her own life had hit the list of New York Times Best Seller. The success and huge publishing and royalty money that she had earned knocked the mafia’s attention who wanted to rob the credibility of her effort. But Karen cared not and taken up the spokesperson role for Thin Fast Assist. Her “On The Skinny” is basically run with prior appointments for the high profile personalities of the society.

Personal life

Drita D’Avanazo’s husband Lee has come up in her life. The relation went on for seven odd years instead of uncomfortable interaction with the co-star. Karen also has a daughter Karina Gravano whose father is David Seabrook.

In the third season, Karen saw David dating with another woman who was involved in the vicious circle of Sammy Arizona. Some Storm had stormed into the life of Karen, and she had moved to New York just for him. Whatever may be, but it’s all by herself that she has gone up to this height of fame.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Karen Gravano

Date of Birth: 30th June 1979

Birth Place: Brooklyn, New York, United States of America

Age: 38 years

Profession: Television Personality

Height: NA

Weight: 70Kg

Net worth: $400,000


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