In this text we will talk about a very interesting and popular person, and we will try to describe her career and her life. This person is very popular throughout the USA but also around the world. We will talk about Kehlani who has gained popularity with her singing talent. She is one of the most popular Rnb artists and it is certain that you have heard about her songs.

During the release of the first single, she quickly gained popularity and people recognized her talent for singing. After that, she set out to record her first album, which left a positive impression on the listeners around the world. She is also a writer and writes all her texts.

Because of this, people consider her as one of the best rnb artists and her songs have millions of views. She did not have an easy life and she had to endeavor to achieve everything by herself. With the help of her singing talent she has enabled her and her family a good financial life. That’s why many people respect and feel that they are a good person.

Many people and her fans wanted to discover more details from her life. In this text we will reveal some details from her private life, we will talk about her childhood and her career. We hope this article will help you to discover more details about Kehlani’s life. This text will surely interest you and stay with us until the end of the text.

Early Years

Kehlani was born on April 24, 1995 and she was born in Oakland, California, USA. Her father is of African American descent and her mother is native to Spain. She did not have a happy childhood because she remained as a little girl without a father who died.

Her father and mother were trained on drugs and had many problems with the law. Her mother ended up in prison when Kehlani was 2 years old. She had to grow up with an aunt who raised her and nursed her.

She always worried about Kehlani and tried to give her a good life and to provide her with the necessary financial conditions.

During her youth, she visited her mother in prison and tried to maintain contact with her. However, during the years they lost contact because her mother was transferred to a prison that was distant from her city. She was very sad about it and she had to manage her own life. She had excellent grades during the elementary school and she always wanted to learn and progress.

She showed talent for dancing and after enrolling in elementary school, she enrolled in a dance school. People immediately recognized her talent and she thought that she would deal with the dance in the future. She went to various dance competitions, and by the age of 15 she won several awards in dance.

After that, there was an accident that Kehlani had to end her dancing career. She experienced a knee injury and she had to go for surgery. After that, she felt that she could not dance again as she once did, and she gave up her dancing career. But after that, she opened the second door for her career. She realized that she had a great talent for singing, and she decided to make music.

She had several rehearsals in a music school where her teachers immediately recognized her talent and advised her to engage in singing. It turned out to be her best move because she quickly gained popularity and proved her talent to people. In the beginning she went to singing sessions and she tried to improve her voice. She became very interested in singing, but she realized that she had talent for writing texts also.

Kehlani wrote each her own song and described her feelings and her problems in life. In every song of her, people could feel a sincere emotion. After releasing the first song to the public, Kehlani proved that singing is her greatest talent and that she will become popular. She had great support from her aunt and her friends and she wanted to gain great popularity and make a success.

She decided to shoot her first single for a publishing house and that was her excellent move. Her first song gained positive ratings and had over a million views during the first 3 days. After that, she realized that people supported her work and decided to shoot her first album. She immediately received support from all the friends and her teachers who helped her to improve her singing.

They also helped her financially to start her career and she returned it in the right way. She said that she would try to make a big career and gain a good financial life in order to provide a good financial life for her children and family in the future. In her interviews she always thanked her aunt who helped her to become a good and organized person.


Kehlani began her singing career in 2011 when she released her first single, which became popular on the Internet. After that, many people advised her to continue to sing and record the album. In 2012, she entered the band called PopLyfe.

She recorded the first album with this band, but this album did not get much popularity. They performed in cities in the USA but failed to gain great popularity. During her stay in this band, Kehlani was left without money and she had to work alone. She had to move from house to house many times and she had money problems because this band failed to get a lot of money.

Kehlani said that this was one of the heaviest periods in her life because she had to steal several times to survive. During 2014, she, along with the band, appeared in American talent. They managed to enter the finals of this competition but they won the 4th place.

The people who gave the ratings and decided on the winner told her that she had a great talent, but that she would prefer to continue her solo career as she would bring more success and money to her.

After this competition she listened to these tips and decided to make a solo career. At the end of 2014, she recorded her first mixtape called Cloud 19. She cast 6 songs in this mix tape that received positive reviews and ratings across the USA.

After that she received a call to sign a contract with a production house in New York and to record for them. Her first mix tape hit the top 50 in 2014 and this helped her to continue her career. After that, she set out to record her first album and show the audience that she was very talented for this job.

During 2015, she released her first album with featuring famous rappers and they helped her to achieve greater popularity. On this album were the most lucrative songs with the famous G-Eazy rapper and these songs had the most views. After that, she was a guest at his concert and people became very interested in her songs.

At the end of 2015, she released her second mix tape, which has achieved even greater popularity. After this, it was clear that Kehlani would become a very popular rnb artist and many people were eagerly waiting for her new songs. At the beginning of 2016 she was placed first in the show “The New 10 Performers You Need to Know”.

After this show, she gained more fans and it was clear that her career would go ascending. In 2016, she received a call to make a song for a Hollywood movie and she immediately accepted the call. This film has reached great popularity and Kehlani was in competition for numerous awards for performing her song. She was also nominated for the best urban album award and was among the three nominated for the prize.

In 2017 she signed a contract for Atlanta records and this was a big step in her career. This production house immediately started working on her album and this helped her to make a big financial profit.

On her new album, she hosted several very popular rnb and rap artists, and it brought her much more popularity. This album was her best-selling album and is thought to have earned her a profit of about a million dollars.

After this she received calls for participation in many TV shows where people wanted to get to know her private life. She said in these shows that she had a hard life but that she managed to achieve with work and great resistance everything that she dreamed as a little child.

She also stated that she will be much more persistent in the future and will show her fans that she can be even better. In 2018, she was invited to open a big competition in California and had a performance that was followed by over 30 million people. During the year 2018 she was nominated for many awards and she received the award for the best young rnb performers.

After achieving this award, she promised her fans that she will record in the future many albums that will excite the audience. She has many projects and will hold a large number of concerts in the USA and around the world and plans to hold a big tour and present her new songs. 

Personal Life

After gaining popularity, Kehlani tried not to reveal the details of her private life. She said that she should keep her privacy and that there was no need for other people to know about it. We know about her life that she had a difficult childhood because she grew up without both parents.

She grew up with her aunt who helped her to grow up into a smart and good person. That’s why she always helped her family when she provided a financially stable life.

During her life she had several love partners. She had been in a relationship with a singer from her band during 2013 but they broke up after two years.

During 2017, Kehlani shared images on social networks with an unknown male. Her fans thought it was her boyfriend and many journalists wanted to find out if she was in love. She did not want to comment and avoided the answer.

During 2018 she shared pictures with this man on many travels around the world and people have concluded that this is her new boyfriend. She still did not officially state if she had a boyfriend, but many people think that she is in relationship with him. Kehlani is preparing many projects that will delight her audience in 2019 and we hope that we will soon hear her new songs.

Quick Summary

Full name: Kehlani Parrish

Date of birth: April 24, 1995

Birthplace: Oakland, California, United States

Profession: Singer

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Net worth:  US $2 Million