LeToya Nicole Luckett-Walker is a well-known American singer, songwriter and actress. Her success started when she became a member of the famous band “Destiny’s Child”, along with band, Nicole has become known around the world, she had won numerous awards including two Grammies.

Together with other members of this group, Nicole has sold over 100 million copies. After 10 years of existence, this music group has broken down, but it has left a big mark in America, even in 2019, their songs are actively listening.

LeToya continued her solo career after Destiny’s Child broke up, she recorded numerous songs that were on the top list. Soon after recording album, Le Toya gets an offer to start her acting career.

Her solo career was at the top in 2006, then she released her first album, titled ‘LeToya’. The album contained RnB sounds, but some of the songs were in HipHop genre. Nicole became the most iconic artist in 2006, and received Grammy for the best young singer, and the American public was obsessed with her song “Torn”. This single was also rewarded with Grammy, and it was named FOR the best song of the year.

When she received an offer to film the movie and become an actress, Nicole agreed, although she was skeptical. She had a lead role in Preacher’s Kid, this film was very successful and earned a lot of money. She participated in the HBO series Killers. Nicole was also a member of the Reality Show Single Ladies, while she is currently in the Greenleaf series.

In 2017, Nicole released two single ‘Back 2 life’ and ‘Used to’, these singles were the announcement for the album ‘Back 2 life’, which was released in 2018. However, although it was announced as a good album, it did not hit success and did not achieve any results. 

Early life

Nicole was born in 1981, in Huston. Her parents were also musicians, beside music her mother was also an actress. She had two roles in the films that appeared on TV, but her first love was work in the theater. Her father was very popular in Houston, he played piano, violin and guitar and was highly respected in this city. He wrote songs for numerous musicians and he was a member of the local church. We can notice that Nicole grew up in an artistic family, where music was a part of their life.

Nicole has two sisters, but they were not musical, and decided to start their career in other fields. Her older sister graduated from the Faculty of Law, while her younger sister began her career in the field of science. She is engaged in chemistry, and has her own private lab where she performs various research. Nicole often notes that she is very different from her sisters, on the other hand, she says that she is very happy because her sisters founded what makes them happy and what helps them to succeed in life.

In addition, she notes that she is very proud of them, although they are not so close today because they live in other states, but they regularly establish contacts.

Nicole began to show her first musical steps with only 10 years. Her father was very proud because his daughter was talented, and he was glad to hear that she might one day be a successful musician.

From the very beginning, Nicole had the support of her parents, they encouraged her to be persistent, to develop her talents and to achieve her goals.

When she was 12, she was a member of the church choir and then began her first musical success. Nicole, as a member of the choir, was different from other children, her vocal was special, but also her desire to succeed.

Her childhood was marked by friendship with her best friend Beyonce, who is today the most popular and richest singer. Nicole and Beyonce together were members of the Girls Tyme group and the Destiny Child group.

Nicole says that Beyonce was her best friend, but their friendship did not begin in the same way. Nicole started her friendship with Beyonce in an unpleasant manner, and admits that Beyonce was incompetent and that she did not like her when she was a child. However, their friendship continues, together they have achieved a lot of success and overcome numerous problems. We also must mention that Beyonce and Nicole are still friends.

Nicole has been confident since the beginning of her career. She believed that she would be able to achieve success in her music career. She was ambitious, and very persistent. While other children enjoyed childhood, Nicole spent time playing piano.


Her serious career began when she became a member of the popular pop group Destiny’s Child, whose founder was the popular pop diva Beyonce.

Nicole met Beyonce in childhood and together they were members of the girl’s band Girls Tyme, and after that Beyonce offered Nicole a suggestion to become a member of the popular Destiny’s child band. Although the band became popular over time and their songs became big hits, their beginning was not like that.

In addition to Nicole and Beyonce, the other members of the band were LaTavia Roberson and Kelly Rowland. Beyonce was the lead vocalist of this band, beside her was Kelly, who was the second vocalist. Roberson and Nicole were background vocals. This band was excellently made and every member of the band had the opportunity to develop their vocals and their possibilities.

The group will soon sign an agreement with House Electra Records, but soon after this, the music production company decides to terminate the contract with the group. The group was not even able to find its manager for a long time, but soon Methew Knowles, Father of Beyonce, became their manager. After numerous problems, the pop group signed a contract with Columbia Records, and the band begins recording its first album.

Unfortunately, Nicole did not have much engagement in the first album, and lot of people thought that she did not get a deserved chance. In the second album, Nicole shows her talents. In addition, the album was very successful, it brought a lot of success, money and popularity to group. This group won Grammy for the best group in America. Songs like: Bills, Bills, Bills, Bug a Boo, Say My Name and Jumpin Jumpin become the biggest hits from this album. It is interesting that all three songs were nominated for Grammies.

At this point, the group was at the very height of its glory. Nicole wanted to have her own manager but this situation brought problems.

After that, the Destiny’s Child group released a video for the song ‘Say My Name’, but in the video, Nicole and Robinson were replaced by Michael Williams and Farrah Franklin.

There was a lawsuit between Nicole and Robinson with other members of the group, after which the Knowles family pays compensation to Nicole and Robinson.

After leaving Destiny’s child, Robinson and Nicole founded the ‘Anjel’ group, this group recorded over 25 songs, but the production house that covered them failed, so they lost the whole project.

After this situation, Nicole decides to start a solo career, and starts working on her first album, featuring the songs ‘what love can do’ and ‘this is my life’. On this album, Nicole shows her talent and possibilities, her songs become hits and win numerous awards.

Her work paid off, and in 2006, Luckett was named best young artist. After this success, Luckett decides to start a tour across America, this tour helped her expand her experience as a solo artist. In addition, we must say that this tour was very successful and has received a lot of positive reviews.

After the tour, Luckett announces that she will soon release the new album “Lady Love”, this album has reached success immediately after the release, and numerous songs were singled out on it. Luckett put a lot of effort into the new album, and each song was released alongside the video. Interestingly, the songs became heard throughout Europe, and the song ‘Dance Club Play’ has gained great success in Japan.

LeTroya ejects the third album of 2017, but fails to get results as the previous two albums. Although it was premiered in one of the most watched TV shows, its album still does not gain the audience. Album was called ‘Back 2 Life’, according to the researches this album had the lowest success. 

Personal life

Nicole never talked about her private life, and she avoided the press. She is currently living in Los Angeles, married to Tommicus Walker, together they have one daughter.

Nicole had biggest attention when she accused Beyonce and family Knowles for violation of rights.

Right now, Nicole is in good relations with Beyonce, and she also points out that they have managed to overcome many problems and disagreements together.

Her career was also marked by a relationship with the famous rapper Slim Thug. Together with him, she worked on her first studio album, which at that time had enormous success. However, the singer acknowledges that Slim was completely different from her. In 2018, it was discovered that Luckett was in a relationship with the famous motivational speaker Rob Hill, but Luckett never confirmed these news.

In 2018, Nicole has announced that she is planning to start her own YouTube channel where she will talk about fashion, music and make up.

Quick summary

Full name: LeToya Nicole Luckett

Date of birth: March 11th  in 1981

Age: 38

Birthplace: Huston, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: singer, songwriter and actress

Net worth and salary: about $18 million

Height: 169 cm

Weight: 55 kg