Today’s text will bring you interesting information about a music artist. This man has gained great popularity with his music and we will introduce you to his life and his career.

In this text we will talk about Christopher Breaux. When you hear this name it may not sound familiar to you, but you sure heard for artist Frank Ocean. Christopher was born in Long Beach California on Oct. 28, 1987.

He is an American songwriter, rapper and singer. Frank or Chrisopher, call him whatever you want colaborated in his career with many famous American singers. Some of them are Justin Biber, John Legend, and Bridget Kelly. You probably did not know that he wrote the lyrics of many world hits. He also wrote lyrics for even the queen of the American RnB scene Beyonce.

Even the famous Rolling Stones magazine published a list of songs written by Frank, and some of them are: John Legend, “Quickly” (2008), Brandy, “1st & Love” (2008), Justin Bieber, “Bigger” 2009), Beyonce, “I Miss You” (2011), Alicia Keys, “One Thing” (2012) and so on and so on. At the beginning of his career, Frank wrote texts for other artists, but the estate after moving to Los Angeles began to work on his musical career.

Early life

Frank was born in New Orleans and spent his childhood there. He was born in a harmonious family and grew up with his parents and with his two brothers. His brothers were always in good relations with him and during the elementary school they always stayed together. Frank did not grow up in a rich family but had a modest life.

He was a great boy and he had good grades. His professors said that Frank had a great talent for literature and writing, and he showed this in his career in writing texts. He had several idols in his life, and he also loved the basketball very much.

He trained a basketball during high school and he wanted to become a good basketball player. He trained basketball for 3 years and then decided to dedicate himself to music. It was his great move because people immediately recognized his talent for music. After his birth, the family moved to New Orleans. Frank often says that he spent the most beautiful years of his life there and is fond of remembering childhood in New Orleans. Jazz was very popular in New Orleans, so Frank developed his musical identity in that direction.

For a long time he thought he would bow to the jazz scene, but the teenage days came to him and he discovered that his real love was rap music and RnB.  In his high school he started making his songs. He could not pay for shooting at that time, and he worked a lot of honorary jobs in order to succeed.

He was slowly but surely a successful music career, but nature can not be controlled, and hurricane Katarina completely ruined the studio in which he worked in August 2005. It was defeating for him. The situation in the city was scary after this hurricane, so he had to put his musical career on hold. After many thoughts he decided to move to Los Angeles.He thought that there would be more opportunities for success in a music career. He was not happy with the current situation and he knew that he had to do something. Los Angeles was his chance.

During the middle school, Frank had a girlfriend with whom he was 2 years. He always said that she was his greatest love and that he was sure that he would marry her. But they had to split because she had to move to another state. Frank was very sad then and wanted to isolate himself from other people. He later found his fortune in music and his lyrics spoke of former love and here he described the details of his life.

His friends always thought that he was an honest man with a lot of emotion and that he was always ready to help all people. Frank, at the first earnings of music, donated money to poor people in the region where he grew up. After that, many people complimented him and thought he had a great heart.


At first, he thought that his stay in Los Angeles would be short, but his career was rapidly developing. The music industry noticed his talent for writing music lyrics, so he quickly gained many contracts with well-known record companies. After that, he decided to stay in Los Angeles.

In discography he has met many music producers. This opened the door for him to cooperate with many famous names of the music industry. 2008 was a landmark year for him. He finally fought his way to the top after he helped writing the song for Justin Biber. After that, he began his cooperation with Beyonce. After meeting famous music producer Tricky Stewart and signing a contract with Def Jem he decided to change his name to the artistic Frank Ocean. 2011 was his age.

He began his career of a solo artist. Nothing could stop him on his way to glory. In February of that year, he released his mixtape. In a very short time after the release of the mixtape “Nostalgia Ultra” Franco became very famous.

His mixtape has gained large success. After that, Franco devoted t to his career 101%. He was in studio 24 7h. And it paid off. After the mixtape, he released his first studio album ‘Channel ORANGE’. It was a hit. In a short time, the album has gained incredible success. This album was a worldwide mega hit.

Franco received a lot of nominations and awards for Channel ORANGE. The prizes for valuable and hard work have finally arrived in his hands. Conducted with enthusiasm and success, he soon released the next album, Blonde. It does not appear that there is nothing to prevent this guy from engaging in music. He is still working full-time, and his fans eagerly await the new album he is currently working on.

Frank was nominated for several awards during 2016 and 2017. He won the Best Singles prize and his album was in the top 5 albums in the USA. After that, he was invited to make a song for a Hollywood movie that later became very popular. In 2017, he was nominated for the best track from films, and this brought him additional popularity. In 2017 and 2018, Frank made guest appearances in various shows of famous TV personalities and spoke about his private life.

He also made guest appearances on the albums of many famous artists. His songs count more millions of reviews and he has fans around the world. He stated that he planned new projects and new songs during 2019 and his fans eagerly awaited his new songs.

Frank has earned several million dollars during his career and has a great financial life. He also invested money in the studio where he was recording and this is one of the best studios in the USA. He also donated money for many humanitarian organizations, and for this reason, people respect him very much.

Private life

His private life is very interesting for his fans. Little is known about him. That’s why everyone would want to know more. Often, he is asked about his sexual orientation. In Los Angeles, his private life is one of the main themes. His fans are always wondering if Franco has a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Question of his sexual orientation began to appear after his Orange Channel album came out. They believed that the album contained hidden messages in which Franco was saying that he is bisexual. None of this has been confirmed. It is assumed that Frank tried to turn his attention to himself.

So far, none of his partners is known to the public. Frank is able to preserve his private life for himself. It’s probably one of the reasons why the people are so curious and want to know more about him. In his public statements, he often gives ambiguous answers. He never confirmed, nor denied that he was bisexual. He keeps his private life jealously from the public eye and so he does intrigue his fans. One is sure that Franco is liked equally by women and men.

The choice is only his. Will we soon see his chosen one, we do not know. Time will show, and by then we will listen to his mega hits because that is the only thing that really matters. His music is his gift to all of us, so he should not worry about whether he is interested in women or men.

Frank is currently living in Los Angeles, but he often travels and we can see it in his photos on social networks. He often travels across Europe because he often has concerts in various cities. His concerts are visited by a large number of people and he is very popular all over the world. His favorite city is Paris and he always says that he would love to live in that city.

In his photos we can see that he often visits Paris and that he has many friends in that city. Many magazines announced that he had a girlfriend in Paris, but Frank denied it. He is also in excellent relationships with his brothers. On his Instagram profile we can see many of their shared photos. They are very close and often travel together and visit various countries. They often go with him to concerts across various cities and they have always been his great support. His parents are very proud of Frank and they have said that he always helped them and provided them with an excellent life.

In 2015, one newspaper announced that Frank had problems with the law and had to go to jail. He immediately denied the news and stated that he had never had a problem with the law. These newspapers wrote that Frank drove a car in an alcoholic state and then physically attacked a policeman.

After that it turned out that this was false news and Frank decided to sue the newspapers that wrote it. He managed to win the court and received a half million dollar injuries. Frank currently lives a quiet life and enjoys in his privacy. He said he would delight his audience with new projects that are set in 2019. He also said he would make a song for the continuation of a popular Hollywood film that will emerge in 2020. He also said that during the spring of 2019 he will release a new single with a popular singer.

Quick Summary:

Full name: Christopher Lonny Edwin Breaux

Date of birth: October 28 1987

Age: 32

Birth place:  Long Beach California, USA

Profession:  American songwriter, rapper and singer

Height: 1.80cm

Weight: 78 kg

Net Worth: $ 4 Million