In today’s subject we will talk about sports. Sport is something that all people in the world like and we can find different disciplines. Sport helps us with health and because of physical abilities, but sports can also be professionally. There are many athletes in the world who have made great careers and have earned a lot of money with the help of sports. In our today’s text we will talk about a special sport that is not followed by many people in the world.

In every sport, we can find many legends and good players who, besides successful, had a controversial career but also much success in other fields. They always wanted to be different from other athletes and did not want to hide their lives from the public.

This current text brings you the story of a very successful athlete who has had a lot of interesting career situations and who was always in the center of attention. He had many ups and downs during his career, but he always succeeded in achieving success. Everyone who follows surfing surely must have heard of this former player of this sport, and his name is Kelly Slater.

Kelly Slater managed to build a very successful career that brought him a lot of success and money. He spent his whole life on surfing, but despite this sport he managed to make several more careers. He managed to publish 2 books, managed to star in films and series, and also worked on modeling.

His career was much fulfilled and he managed to achieve many things in life. He became the most popular with the help of surfing. He has been a champion of this sport over 11 times and he is one of the best surfers in the history of this sport. He dealt with this sport by 2015 when he decided to retire.

Kelly managed to win all the titles in this sport, but in addition he managed to become successful in other fields. In this text we will tell you about the details of his life and career, and if you are interested in finding out more about him, this text will help you.

Early Years

Robert Kelly Slater was born on February 11, 1972 in Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA and he still lives here. He grew up with his parents and later got two more sisters with whom he is in a very good relationship. His parents always offered him love and all the necessary motivation to become successful in life. Kelly grew up by the water, and at 5 years he learned to surf.

His father also loved this sport and taught him to surf. When he was 10, he had already become excellent in this sport and took part in competitions for children and was the most successful in his generation.

After 2 years he took part in junior tournaments and won in several different countries. He became one of the best junior surfers, and the fans of this sport felt that he would be very successful in the future.

When he was 20, he won the professional surfing tournament and became the youngest participant to have won in this sport in history.

During primary and secondary school, Kelly was a quiet boy and never made any problems. He did not like to go to school because he was interested in surfing. He had many bad grades in high school but he managed to finish school. During the high school he got a lot of friends who often visited his house which was next to the ocean.

His friends were delighted with the place where Kelly lives and he often made parties near his house. When he started professionally to deal with this sport, Kelly did not have much time to relax and to hang out with his friends. He had to devote himself to the sport and he worked hard every day because he wanted to become very successful.

When he was 16, he experienced injury during one training session and then he had to make a break of 2 months. After recovering, he continued to train and managed to win a gold medal in the next competition.

He became one of the most successful junior surfers and when he was 18, he applied for the first professional tournament. In this tournament he finished in 30th place, but he did not give up as he wanted to one day be at the top.

In subsequent tournaments, he did not achieve a remarkable success but when he was 20, he managed to win the competition and became the youngest surfer who won the competition.


Kelly Slater began his professional career when he was 18 years old and then applied for the first professional surfer competition. At the beginning of his career, he did not achieve great success, but when he was 20, he managed to win his first professional tournament. After this tournament he received recognition from many famous surfers and fans of this sport who thought that he would become the best surfer in history.

In subsequent competitions that were held in USA he managed to win two gold and one bronze medal. When he was 22 years old he applied for a tournament in Australia.

This tournament was one of the most popular in the world and fans of this sport were eagerly waiting for this competition to begin. He managed to win this event and to overturn the record in the size of the wave through which he passed.

After this competition, he entered in the top 5 best surfers in the World and needed 3 victories to become No. 1 in the world.

The next tournament was held in New Zealand and he was among the main favorites for the win. In this tournament he won a silver medal and continued to train with great intensity. In the next two tournaments he could not take part because he experienced a leg injury and had to make a short break.

After recovering from injury, he applied to take part in a Florida tournament and this was his home ground. He managed to win this competition and won another gold medal. In the next two tournaments he also won and was No. 2 in the world. The next tournament was a decisive tournament because Kelly could become No. 1 in the world.

In this tournament we saw many interesting situations and the finals were very uncertain. In the end, Kelly managed to win and managed to become the best surfer in the world at the age of 25.

He continued to compete in the next tournaments and he was always among the top favorites. During his surfing career he has won over 11 victories in the most important tournaments and has won many gold medals. He also knocked down several records in this sport and became one of the most famous surfers in history. This sport has gave to him much popularity and he has played a role in the very popular 90s series “Baywatch”.

After this series, Kelly became even more popular and this opened the door for him to continue his acting career. In the 1990s and early 2000, he starred in several surfer films, and this brought him even more popularity. After 2000, he participated in the show “The Girl Next Door”.

This show brought him more financial profits and gave him extra popularity. In 2002, the popular gaming company Activision created a game dedicated to Kelly and surfing.

This game has gained a lot of popularity and it was loved by all fans of surfing. After 2 years, they created another game in which Kelly was the main character.

In addition to surfing and acting, Kelly was talented for music and he played 2 instruments – guitar and ukulele. He was excellent at playing these instruments and he met Jack Johnson and Angus Stone with whom he founded a music band. This music band was called “The Surfers” and they held over 10 concerts from 2006 to 2008.

They managed to win fans around the USA but failed to gain great popularity in this profession. After 2008, Kelly independently played these instruments but did not continue to professionally engage in music. After 2009, he took part in several surfing tournaments, and at the end of 2014 he announced his retirement.

After retirement, many surfers and fans of this sport gave him the recognition that he is the best surfer in the history of this sport and that people will remember him forever. After retirement, he continued to act, but he also published 2 books. In these books he wrote his autobiography and described his life and his knowledge of surfing.

These books have achieved a lot of popularity among fans of this sport, but also of all those who have followed Kelly’s work. In these books he described his experience when he became the youngest surfer in history who won a professional competition in this sport and when he became the oldest competitor to win the competition at age 39.

He had a very rich career and he managed to become excellent in several professions. He is still active in acting and has announced that he will act in one series and one film over the next two years. Kelly earned about $ 5 million during his career and managed to make a huge financial success.

Personal Life

Kelly Slater had a very fulfilling career and a very fulfilling life. He did not have much time to relax and for fun because he always worked hard and always had jobs. During his career, he changed several professions and he was very successful in each.

His friends and everyone who knew him always said that he was a very modest man who still lives in the same house where he grew up. He earned a lot of money and could buy a house in any part of the world, but he decided to stay in the place where he was born. He has always helped his parents and friends and has donated money for humanitarian purposes several times.

Kelly never liked to buy expensive things and stayed modest even though he earned a lot of money. After 2007, he got married and currently has 2 children, but he and his wife do not live together. They were not divorced, but Kelly said that they are on a “pause” now.

Kelly is also active on social networks and has over 500,000 followers on the Instagram profile. In his photos we can see his surfing times as well as photos from many places in the world. Kelly also has his YouTube channel where he shares videos and explains how to properly surf.

Although he has over 40 years of age, he is still in shape and he still very well surfing. Kelly said that by 2020 he will take part in the shooting of a one TV show and that he will act in a movie that will deal with sports.

He also said that he still felt like a young man and that he could continue to participate in surfer competitions. Many fans would be thrilled if he began to deal with this sport, but Kelly is now devoted to other professions.

Quick Summary

Full name: Robert Kelly Slater

Date of birth: February 11, 1972

Age: 47

Birthplace: Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA

Profession: Surfer, Actor, Musician

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 73 kg

Net worth: $5 million