Today we will talk about a sport and one successful athlete. Sport is one of the most watched things in the world and it is certain that everyone have favorite discipline .Sport is something that all people in the world like and we can find different disciplines.

Sport helps us with health and because of physical abilities, but sports can also be professionally. There are many athletes in the world who have made great careers and have earned a lot of money with the help of sports. In our today’s text we will talk about a special sport that is most followed in USA.

In every sport, we can find many legends and good players who, besides successful, had a controversial career but also much success in other fields. They always wanted to be different from other athletes and did not want to hide their lives from the public.

This current text brings you the story of American Football and about a very successful athlete who has had a lot of interesting career situations and who was always in the center of attention. American football is one of the more demanding sports.

This sport is the most popular in the USA, but it is also played in other countries around the world. In American football we have a large number of successful players who have left a great mark in this sport.

In this text we will talk about Julian Edelman who started his professional career in 2009 and played his entire career in one team. He is one of the most successful American football players today and has won the championship title three times.

During his career, he was successful in several other jobs, and he often appeared on television and in TV shows. During his career, Julian earned a lot of money and managed to make an excellent financial profit. Julian spent his entire career in the New England Patriots and in the last season he managed to win the championship title with this team. In this text we will discuss details from his early life as well as details of his career and his private life.

Early Years

Julian Francis Edelman was born on May 22, 1986 in Redwood City, California, USA. Edelman grew up with his parents and he has one brother and one sister. His parents have different religions and his mother has a German origin.

That is why we can say that Edelman is of mixed origin. His parents were quite religious and Edelman was always a Christian. As a young man, he constantly went to church and was a believer. His parents raised him to be always cultured and to never make trouble.

He enrolled in a primary school in his hometown and had solid grades. He has always been interested in sports, and when he finished elementary school, he started practicing American football. When he started to practice this sport, he neglected the school and had poor grades. Because of that he had to endure in school because the coach wanted to kick him out of the team.

After a short period, Edelman began to study and improve in school. He learned that education and sport can be combined. Because of that, he has made a lot of progress in this sport because he was able to use both knowledge and physical strength. In high school, he became one of the best players in his team.

The coach had much confidence in him and gave him the opportunity to play in every game. After a year, he was named the best player of the league. This award motivated him to become better and continued to train.

He trained every day and sometimes stayed a few hours after training. His team-mates always bragged him and said that he was the most persistent and best player in the league. In the following season, he made further progress and managed to win the championship title with his team. Edelman was again declared as the best league player and this award gave him even greater motivation.

When he finished high school, Edelman enrolled at College of San Mateo. He began to perform for this college team and immediately got the chance to play as a starter.

After the first season, he had excellent statistics and the coaches thought he was one of the biggest potentials in the league. In the upcoming season, Edelman improved the performance and entered the finals with his team. The final was defeated but Edelman was one of the best players.

In the next two seasons he also had a great performance in this team, but he failed to win the championship. After excellent results for this team Edelman decided to join the draft for the NFL league.

During the elementary and during High school, Edelman has gained many friends who talked that he is a very positive person who always helped his friends. His friends always remembered his positive character and always said that Edelman always was a very good man.

He never gets away from his childhood’s dreams and he always worked hard to succeed in becoming a good athlete.

When he suffered arm injury during the college he left the hospital 20 days before the recovery and he went on training and he wanted to join to his teammates on the next game. The coaches and his teammates considered that he had returned to training early, but Edelman did not want to give up.

After 3 weeks, he played the first match in which he was named as the best player of the game. After this match, he got the motivation to continue and make a career that will always be remembered by all fans of New England Patriots.

In high school, Edelman had a girl who was Japanese and many did not agree with their relationship. They were in a relationship for a year and a half and then her parents decided to move her to another city. They had to split up, but they continued to communicate through messages and calls. After a short period, Edelman fell in love with a new girl from his neighborhood and he was in relationship with her to the final year at college.


Julian Edelman began his professional career in 2009 when he was selected as the 27th pick by New England Patriots. He signed a four-year contract and debuted in August 2009. After another match for this team, Edelman suffered injury and had to miss the next 3 games.

After recovering, he continued to play as a starter, but in the 9th round he again experienced injury and broke his arm. This was a very difficult moment for him because he had to miss half the first professional season. After recovering from this injury, Edelman played two more matches this season and his team failed to qualify for the semifinals.

In the upcoming season, his minutes of the team fell. In subsequent matches he did not play as a starter and had to fix his form. After 7th round he started again as a starter and in the next game he broke the record of the franchise by points. After this game, the coach again gained confidence in him and he continued to play as a starter. In this season New England Patriots managed to enter the finals of the conference but they were eliminated.

In the next two seasons Edelman had good statistics and continued to score good results with the team. In 2013, his team played finals of the conferences and in 2014 they played the finals Super Bowl. This year they managed to win the championship title and Edelman was declared as the MVP final. This was a great motivation for him and he managed to realize his dreams.

In the next two seasons, Edelman had several injuries due to which he had to make short breaks in his career. In 2016 New England Patriots decided to renew the contract with him and he remained to play for this team. He fulfilled the expectations and in 2017 helped the team to play the Super Bowl finals again.

They won the championship again and he was among the best players. The following year they again played the fantastic season and again managed to reach the finals.

New England Patriots won the championship again and Edelman was the MVP of the final and one of the best players in the season. This was his 3 championship title and he was very proud.

During his career, he earned over $ 25 million and managed to make an excellent career. He still plays for New England Patriots and said that he would love to play in this team until the end of his career.

Personal Life

Julius Edelman did not have many controversial situations during his career, but he had relationships with several well-known personalities. During 2016, he was in a relationship with the super model Adriana Lima, and during that year the paper wrote that the Swedish model Ella Rose was suing him because he does not want to admit that he has a child with her.

In the next year after the trial, he decided to accept the daughter. In the following year, he posted pictures with her on social networks. Edelman is currently a New England Patriots player and has decided to continue his career in this club. He is also active on social networks and has about 700,000 followers on his Facebook and Instagram profile.

Quick Summary

Full name: Julian Francis Edelman

Date of birth: May 22, 1986

Age: 33

Birthplace: Redwood City, California, USA

Profession: American Football Player

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 90 kg

Net worth:  $25-30 million