Klay Thompson is a famous American basketball player and one of the best basketball players in the United States. Klay is currently performing for one of the best teams, Golden States Warriors.

During his career, Klay received numerous awards and recognitions, his talent for basketball was recognized very early, not only by his parents and friends, but also from whole the world.

Today, Klay is one of the best basketball players, his talent is recognized all over the world.

During his career, Klay had the opportunity to perform with some of the best basketball players today, among them are Stephen Curry, LeBron James and others. His career in the NBA began very early but successfully, in addition, Klay managed to make numerous records and stayed forever remembered in the world of sports and basketball.

Klay is one of the youngest NBA players who took part in NBA All Stars, this competition is known around the world, and here are participating only the best NBA players. If the basketball player is invited to this competition, that is a sign that his talent is very big, and he is immediately compared with the greatest players in the world.

He has so far participated four times at the All Stars competition, in addition he has been named twice as the best NBA shooter and has won the NBA championship three times with his team.

Klay has become an inspiration to a large number of people, with the help of his skills he managed to achieve great success and remains reminiscent of a very good game and great results.

At the beginning of his career many critics believed that Klay would be in the shadow of his father, great basketball player Mychal Thompson.

However, after several months Klay proved that he is a special player with great talent.

We will dedicate this text to this talented, successful and above all humble and ordinary basketball player. In addition to a successful career, we will also talk about his private life, family and friends. His father had a great influence on Klay, helping him to enter the world of basketball and to achieve a successful career.

Early life

Klay Thompson was born in Los Angeles, but when he was only two years old, his parents decided to move to Lake Oswego. In this city, Klay spent most of his childhood and here started his first basketball steps. Thompson has said many times that this city will always remain in his heart, and that people in this city have always been his great support.

When he was 14 years old, Klay left this city and moved to California where he attended high school. This decision was made because of his career, this High school enabled him to make progress in his basketball career.

Nevertheless, Klay repeatedly said that this was a very difficult decision for him, he did not want to leave his parents, but he was aware that this decision would help him to make a great career and improve his basketball skills.

Klay had a happy childhood, grew up in the family where the sport was the main occupation, his parents were successful athletes, and that was a great motivation for him. In many interviews, Klay was quoted as saying that the greatest inspiration and motivation in his life were his parents, he said that they grew up in very harsh conditions, but still managed to overcome all obstacles and become successful and independent athletes.

Although parents were Klay’s inspiration and support, on the other hand, they were his biggest critics.  Klay believes that many people had prejudice, they thought his parents wanted to secure a successful future for their son, and because of that they did not believe in his talent. This was one of the main reasons why Klay wanted to begin his careers in a completely different environment.

The truth is that this decision was very difficult, Klay was a teenager when he had to leave his town, but he was still aware that only in California he can build a successful career without the help of his parents.

Klay was always surrounded by successful people, his mother was a well-known volleyball player, she even played for the United States, while his father was a basketball player, Mychal Thompson. Mychal was a very successful NBA basketball player, he played for many well-known clubs, but reached the height of his career when he performed for Los Angeles Lakers, where he spent five years.

After that, he spent another year in Italy, and then decided to end his career and dedicate himself to his family. Many critics believe that Mychal is one of the best players in the NBA. During his career Mychal often faced numerous injuries, and in the end, he had to leave the basketball because of them.

Klay finished High School in Ladera Ranch, where he was a member of the basketball team. In this High School Klay has become friend with many people who had a great influence on his career. He became a big friend with Kevin Heart, who is also a NBA basketball player, along with him he played in Little League, and achieved very good results. During his stay in California, Klay received a lot of awards and recognitions, and he realized that the basketball would be his life course.

Klay quickly showed his talent and efforts and many coaches and numerous basketball organizations have noticed his talent, so Thompson received a scholarship at the prestigious Washington University. During the High School, Klay was named the country’s best basketball player.

When he finished high school, Klay was determined in achieving success in basketball, he wanted to leave a mark in basketball history. The compliments and rewards he received represented a great motivation for him, but also a desire for even better results. Klay was very persistent, stubborn and eager for new experiences. He was aware that Washington University is the right place for him and the continuation of his career.


Going to the Washington University has brought many advantages to this talented basketball player, first of all, Klay has had the opportunity to play with successful basketball players and develop his talent and skills.

Klay was aware that this period of his life would bring a number of changes, but he was ready to accept all criticism and advice in order to progress. The first year brought a number of changes that relate to his lifestyle, he had to change his way of playing and improve his skills and talent.

Klay had help from coach Tony Bennet, who was his support, but also a great critic of his game. Tony quickly realized that Klay was extremely talented, but warned him that if he wanted to succeed he must be persistent and listen to his advice.

During his stay at this university, Klay improved his game as well as his personality. He realized that only hard work, effort and perseverance can help if we want to realize our dreams.

In addition to the coach who had great influence on the development of his personality and in improving his game, his father had a major influence on Thompson. He was his great support, he advised him to accept his faults and improve his qualities. His father was his manager, he was in charge of his promotion and participation in the NBA. Klay said in an interview for ABC Sport that his father was the main reason why he started to practice basketball, he helped him to fell in love with this sport and discover his talent.

2011 was a turning point for Thompson, because during this year he received a call for the NBA Draft, and was selected by Golden State Warriors. The manager of the team said that he had been thinking about drafting Thompson for two years, but that he thought he should improve his skills.

In 2011, he decided on this move because he believed that Klay had improved his game and had great potential. His co-stars were also thrilled with his game, while sports critics thought that Klay would improve his defensive skills and improve his shooting skills in this team.

At that point, Mark Jackson was coach of Warriors, his opinion was that the team made a very good decision and that successful career was waiting Thompson.

During 2012, Warriors did not choose Thompson for the NBA All Stars Weekend, however, it was clear that next year Thompson would participate in this competition.

Many were surprised with this decision by Golden State Warriors, but their manager said the team was very pleased with Thompson’s progress, but also believed that he could further improve his skills and that he was certainly one of the best players in the NBA league.

After staying one year in the Golden State Warriors, Klay improved his game in all segments, his defensive moves marked many matches, so the coach was pleased with his progress.

At the conference after the game with New Orleans, Coach Mark Jackson said that Klay Thompson and Stephan Curry are the best shooters in NBA history, and that he is very happy that they are both in his team.

Golden State Warriors decided to sign a contract with Klay Thompson for three years, this was another confirmation of his efforts and the progress he made in this team. During 2013, his game was at its peak, he scored over 30 points in every game in just 30 minutes. Interestingly, along with Curry, Thompson set the NBA record in the number of points.

During 2014, Thompson entered the NBA Finals with his team, he scored 34 points in the final against Cleveland Cavaliers, but Warriors failed to win the title. During the year 2016, Thompson received an invitation for the NBA All Stars Weekend, this was a prove that Klay had very good quality for the basketball player.

In 2017, he played a major role in his career as he won the NBA title with his team, in the final against Cavaliers, Thompson won 20 points during this match.

In addition to participating in the NBA, Thompson also led his country in numerous competitions. In 2014, along with other players, he won the gold medal at the FIFA Basketball World Cup, and in 2016 he won the first Olympic Games in Rio, where his team also won gold.

In 2018, Thompson missed the NBA finals for the first time since he had a serious knee injury. His teammates at the conference declared that their game without Thompson will be completely different, and that no one can replace his shooting skills.

Personal life

In 2019, Klay Thompson signed a contract with Golden State Warriors for the next five years, becoming one of the most paid players in the NBA. Nevertheless, great success did not change his personality. During the games he is always calm, he never shows his emotions and controls the situation in the team.

When we talk about his private life, we must say that Thompson does not like to talk about his privacy. In 2019, he started a relationship with actress Eiza Gonzalez. Before this Klay was in a long relationship with Hannah Stockings, a famous influencer and blogger.

Quick Summary

Full name: Klay Alexander Thompson

Nickname: Klay

Date of birth: February 8th 1990

Age: 29

Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Profession/Occupation: Basketball player

Net worth: about $50 million

Height: 6 feet 7 inch

Weight: 98 kg