Today’s text is about sport that is not created for everyone and which is very difficult. This sport has existed for a long time and only people who have physical energy can deal with this sport. We will talk about boxing, which is one of the most popular sports in the world, but which is very difficult. This sport immediately gained great popularity and people paid expensive tickets to have a chance to watch boxing matches.

In the history of this sport there were many good boxers who left a great mark in this sport. In Boxing we have different categories in which boxers compete for a championship belt.

There are many boxers in the world who have made a successful career, and in today’s text we will talk about Larry Holmes who left a great mark in this sport. This boxer was born in USA and has achieved a lot of success in this sport. He set some records in boxing and won many titles. His career lasted for many years and during his career he had many opponents in the ring. His name is still remembered in the USA and he had many fans who followed his games.

He did not have a very controversial career, but he was in the center of attention several times and many journalists wrote about his life. Larry Holmes has participated in many tournaments in his career and has won many victories.

In the first 40 matches of his career he had a score of 40-0. That is why we can say that Larry is one of the best in the history of this sport and that’s why we will talk about him in today’s text. His name will always be remembered in boxing, and in this text we will reveal more details about his childhood, but also about his career and his private life.

Early Years

Larry Holmes was born on November 3, 1949 in Cuthbert, Georgia, USA.

His parents are John and Flossie Holmes who moved to this city before his birth.

Larry grew up in a very large family and he was born as the fourth child of his 12 brothers and sisters. His family was enormous, but they managed to function normally and their parents tried to give them a normal life. At one time his father was out of work and this period was very difficult for their family. After a couple of months, his father began working as a gardener and in this way he was trying to financially help his family. Larry had no easy childhood and had to help his family in various jobs.

His father did this job until his death in 1970. Larry went to elementary school in his city, but he was often sad because he did not have much money as his peers.

During the primary school, Larry was a quiet boy, but he was very aggressive when someone upset him. He had great physical strength during the elementary school and he was one of the most powerful in school. He did not much love to learn, and in his free time he dealt with sports. During his primary school, his favorite sport was American football, but he had no conditions to start dealing with this sport. He enrolled in high school, but after one year he had to leave school and find a job to help his family who was in poor financial conditions.

He initially worked at a car service and he earned $ 1 per an hour. This money was not great but he helped his family. In the next 2 years Larry did this job and then found another job that made him a little higher earn. Larry was not happy with his life, and he wanted to find a way to make a good financial life. His brothers also had to do various jobs, but Larry was the only one that was interested in sports.

When he was 18 years old, Larry met his colleague at work who trained boxing in local club. He was 25 years old and was involved in this sport. Larry was interested in going to training and seeing whether this sport would like him.

After one training, Larry realized that this sport was created for him and he wanted to continue to train. He was motivated every day for training and he wanted to someday become a successful boxer and win many titles. His coach recognized his talent and advised him to be persistent and that in the future he would surely show his talent. Larry was 19 years old when he began to train this sport and in a short time he made the opportunity to start professional work with this sport.

Larry actively trained this sport in the next 2 years and wanted to be physically ready to achieve success in his first battles. His coach gave him various tips to become a great boxer and Larry listened to his every advice. He spent his days in training boxing and he invested a lot of effort. His first match was when he was 22 years old but on this match Larry did not achieve success. During the fight, Larry did things that were not allowed in the box and he was disqualified. After this match he was very disappointed but did not want to give up his career. In the next two matches he won, and after that he was very motivated to continue to deal with this sport.

In a year and a half of his amateur career, Larry Holmes scored a score of 19-3 and proved that he would become one of the better American boxers in the future. At the end of 1972, Larry was about to start his professional career and during that period he trained with the big stars of American boxing, including Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier. In subsequent interviews Larry said that he was not even aware at that time that he had trained with the biggest boxing stars and that they helped him to make a successful career in the future.

His first professional match was held in 1973 and Larry Holmes managed to achieve his first win in professional boxing. After this match, many boxing fans were convinced that Larry would become one of the most successful American boxers and they gave him great support.


Larry Holmes started his professional career in 1973 when he achieved his first win in professional boxing. After this victory he got a lot of support from the fans of this sport and he was motivated to continue to deal with this sport. In this year he had 2 more matches and he managed to win both.

In his first three games, he scored 3 wins and then his coach proposed to take a short break and to hold the next match in 1974. Larry listened to his advice and the next match was held in March 1974 against a Thai boxer.

This match was held in Los Angeles and attracted a lot of attention. This match was very exciting and after 7 rounds Larry managed to win with the knockout. His next game was held in June 1974 and Larry was supposed to fight with the boxer from New York. This match was not held yet, but Larry got a new opponent who was a former semi-heavyweight champion.

This was the most difficult task for Larry and he spent a lot of time preparing for this match. This match was held in Chicago and there were also many spectators on this match. Many fans of this sport thought that Larry had a small chance in this game, but Larry managed to win after the 4th round.

After a successful start in his professional career, many newspapers wrote about his success and his excellent matches. Larry managed to draw great attention in the USA and many successful boxers at that time wanted to make a match with him. His next game was held in the fall of 1974 and his next opponent was a boxer who was already active for 6 years in this sport. He was a favorite against Larry, but Larry again proved he was an excellent boxer and won in this fight after the third round.

The match was short and he showed that no opponent would be easy to fight against him. His next three fights were held in the spring of 1975 and Larry easily defeated his oponnents and continued with victories.

In 1976 and 1977, Larry Holmes achieved another 12 victories and showed that he is one of the best boxers in the world. He has gained many fans around the world and his games have attracted a lot of attention from the audience.

In 1978 Larry was supposed to fight against Nelson for the title of the WBC heavyweight champion. This match was the heaviest in his career and the audience enjoyed in 14 rounds of this match. At the end of the fight, it was very difficult for the judges to make a decision on the winner, but Larry managed to win and become a champion in this category. This was his first boxing title and after this match Larry was very proud of himself. In an interview after the match, he stated that he devoted this title to his family and his father who told him to never gave up.

In the next half of the year, Larry took a break and then decided to accept the fight against boxers from Asia. He won this match in a match and won after 2 rounds with a knockout.

In 1980, a spectacular boxing match held between former champion Muhammad Ali, who returned from retirement in the attempt to win the fourth belt in career and Larry Holmes, who became one of the best boxers in the world. Larry dominated in this game and was much better than an opponent who was much older than him. This match lasted all 10 rounds but the referee decided to interrupt the match and Larry earned a victory and defended his championship belt.

In next years, Larry made many victories and his opponents could not find a way to match him. His excellent score lasted until his 49th match when he lost the match against Michael Spinks. In the next two games he also suffered defeat and lost his championship belt. After 2 years, Larry returned to the ring and continued with victories. After a short period he again won the championship belt.

Personal Life

Larry Holmes managed to make an excellent boxing career and he is one of the best boxers in history. When he managed to make a financial profit, Larry helped many people who needed money.

Quick Summary

Full Name: Larry Holmes

Birthplace: Cuthbert, Georgia, USA

Date of birth: November 3, 1949

Age: 70

Profession: Former Boxer

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 85 kg

Net Worth: $32 million