Eric Lindros is a known ex pro ice hockey player who was named as one of „100 Greatest Players in the History of NFL“. His nickname is „The Big E“.

Early years

He was born as Eric Bryan Lindros on February 28, 1973 in London in Ontario, USA. His father’s name is Carl and his mother’s name is Bonnie.

His family descented from Sweden and his ancestors came from a small swedish village called Bredaryd. Eric is the 3rd generation of this Swedish family to be born in Canada. He thinks of himself as a true Canadian.

His father attended the University of Western Ontario and was drafted into the football league in 1970 after what he decided to quit football and became an accountant. He was very good at sports but didn’t want to pursue it as a career.

His mother Bonnie is a medical nurse and Eric  inherrated his empathy from her.

He has two siblings: a brother Brett and a sister Robin. His brother Brett later became a player for the New York Islanders. It is not known what she does for a living.

He started playing minor hockey at a very early age and became known for his physical domination over older and bigger players. He was also great at scoring points.

Career development

He attended the North Toronto Collegiate. Eric and his brother Brett both played in the Junior League in St Michael’s Buzzers.

Eric earned himself a nickname „The Next One“ there in the Buzzers.  He was drafted to Sault St. Marie Greyhounds, but he refused to sign a contract with them when he heard they drafted him.

Grey Hounds still drafted him no matter his reluctancy so they could later trade him to Oshawa Generals. He played for the Generals from 1990 to 1992. In 1990 his team won both the J.Ross Cup and the Memorial cup and he was a very great help for them.

He won a gold medal both on 1990 and 1991 World Junior Championship.

He received the Eddie Powers Memorial Trophy as the best scorer in the season and also as the most valuable player.

In 1991, he was drafted by the Quebec Nordigues. He was the member of the team which participated in the 1992 Winter Olympics. He signed to Philadelphia Flyers the same year.

He became their top player due to his physical strenght and great playmaking. In 1994, he became the captain of Philadelphia Flyers. During his time at the Flyers, the team came to the finals of 1997’s Stanley Cup.

He started a fude with Bobby Clarke, the general manager of the Flyers because Bobby started questioning Lindros’s abillities due to his many injuries.

One of his lungs collapsed in 1999. In 1999/2000 he lost his captancy and he set out all 2000/2001 season on the bench. In 2001, he was traded to New York Rangers. From 2001 to 2004 he suffered many concussions and injuries.

Lindros signed a contract with Maple Leafs in 2005/2006. He injured his wrist severely and had to go through surgery the same year.

In 2006, he signed a new contract with Dallas and he retired the next year. He made a big donation of $5 million to the London Health Centre.

He became a NHLPA ombudsman and worked as one for fifteen months. In 2011, he played for the Philadelphia Flyers in NHL Winter Classic Game.

He was inducted to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2016. It is a very big honour for all sportsmen.

He became the youngest captain of Fylers ever at the age of 21. He was very popular amongst Flyer’s fans.

Personal life

His wife is Kina Lamarche and they got married in 2012. She is a Quebec native and she worked as a president of North American branch of Travelex company.

They got married at The Ritz-Carlton luxuty hotel in Montreal. It was a simple but luxury wedding, and the bride wore an expensive but vintage dress.

She is an intelligent and beautiful businessman. They have three kids: a son Carl Pierre and twins Ryan Paul  and Sofie Rose.

Before he met Kina he was in a long relationship with Monika Schnarre from 2006 – 2010. She is a famous American supermodel.

He was also in an 8 year old relationship with Kate Hudson (1999-2008). Kate is a very known American actress who acted in a series of hit films and has significant earnings.

The Lindros family lives in Toronto. They often socialize with famous actors Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn because they live close to each other.

He chose his jersey number 88 to honor his family’s friend John McCauley who passed away and Eric thought very highly of him.

Quick summary

Full name: Eric Bryan Lindros

Date of birth: February 28, 1973

Birthplace: London, Ontario, USA

Age: 45

Profession: ice hockey player, philanthropist

Height: 1,93 m

Weight: 109 kgs

Net Worth: $25 million