Lil Wyte is a rapper from America who is from Memphis Memphis, Tennessee, United States who is the core participant of the collective rap group Hypnotize Minds.

Born in October 6, 1982 in Memphis, Wyte had been interested with music since childhood and had started working upon his career at quite an early age.

He is a hard-core rapper and has been an owner of an independent segment Wyte Music. He is known to all as Lil Wyte but his real name is Patrick Laneshaw.

Early life

Patrick Laneshaw pseudonym is Lil Wyte is a talented rapper who specialises in the genre of hip-hop. He is the younger of the two children of his father Steven Laneshaw and mother Denise Laneshaw. He started off with his raping talent when he was only 12 years of age.

He grew up in Frayser and his inclination toward rap was first noted when he brilliantly worked upon Sir Mix-a-Lot’s whole song “Baby Got Back”.

Patrick was into practicing freestyle battles and he contributed in it during his high school days. He was in his ninth standard he was quite a known face in his school for being listed as brilliant freestyle battle performer. His friend “Lil Black” was his first motivation who inspired him to become a prominent rapper and get a pseudonym for stage performances. It is then he decided of the name Lil Wyte. It is Lil Black who inspired Patrick to get into writing song and rapping and get abstained from free styling.

He was a school dropout as he was into playing hookey and slipping off important classes. Almost dropping out from school three times finally he got his high school diploma from other institutions.


In his early days Wyte was a core group member of the All White Hip-hop Group. The rap group consisted of several homemade demo vedios which got circumspection from the Three 6 mafia. Eminent personalities like DJ Paul and Juicy J had come in contact with Lil Wyte and have signed up with this hip-hop rapper. They had worked with him in him in his debut albums featured with hip-hop mashups.

His debut album “Doubt me now” had been rooted strongly just after its release and got popular without any promotional schemes. Lil’s debut album “DoubtsMe Know” consists of the hit rap number like “oxycotton”, “My Smoking Song”and “Acid”.  These songs had really throbed the heart of rap lover. Lil’s brilliance with the hip-hop genre has been depicted through debut album.

He was later associated with Asylum records and came up with his second debut album “Phinally Phamous”. This album of Lil’s featured Dirtsbag, Josey Scott, Three 6 Mafia and Frayser Boy.

He is also a famous performer in the category of quick raping.  His style has been often described as “machine gun like delivery”. He has also associated himself with Juicy J and has been the creator of many tunes.

He collaborated with the rapper Frayser Boy and released an album named B.A.R. Then he came up with a solo album of his titled “No Sick Days”. A good response from the rap lovers induced him with another release just the following week which was titled “Overworked and Underpaid”.

Personal life

Lil Wyte successfully copped up with the responsibility of writing and embracing the art of making rap tunes. He has lightened up the genre of rap and hip-hop and the song have gathered enough appreciation from its listeners.

Throughout his music career only one song he almost failed to decipher is “It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp “since he couldn’t link up to the words of featuring the segment more than one woman at a time.

Lil Wyte used the unique formulation of the three straining of cannabis to recreate his individual strain of medical marijuana known to people as OG WYTE Kush. It’s currently available in abundance in around 11 states. Three original strains featured upon are White Widow Og Kush, and Grand Daddy Purp.

He has been quite outrageous and flamboyant with his approach during the campaigns legal proceedings but was unfortunately He was arrested in Clarksville a city in Tennessee for illegal dealing of drug within his custody.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Patrick Laneshaw

Date of Birth: 6 October, 1982

Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee, United States.

Age: 35 years

Profession: Prominent rapper

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Net worth: $ 700 thousand assumed.