Denzel Curry’s full name is Denzel Rae Don Curry. He was born in the year 1995 in the month of February.

Born in Carol City, Florida, Denzel is of an American nationality and is an excellent rapper with brilliant lyrical concepts. Song writing is his passion and he has imbued himself into making a stable music career.

He was with his full length debut album which he named as “Nostalgic 64”. The raps which he has come up with are of a sparkling brilliance. His second music album named “Imperial” also got appreciation and was counted among the hit rap numbers.

Early life

Denzel Rae Don Curry is of Bahamian decent and from his dialect a tinge of Native American can be gathered too. So it can well be established that he is a descent from both the Bahamian and Native American clan. Denzel was born in Carol City, Florida on 16th February, 1995. He is considered to be a born artist with for poetry writing in his early days of infancy. But he gave his ambition for writing poetry, which was his favorite engagement during his school days.

He started off with rap when he was in the sixth standard. Like other rap singer he was also into rap battles and spent most his time in the local youth clubs where there were frequent challenges thrown to each other with several rap styles. These challenges often led to rap battles which were a much loving engagement for the generation.

He also went for a prominent institution situated in Miami for the first two years of his schooling. The institute he attended was Design and Architecture High School. But unfortunately he was soon expelled from the academic institute as he violated the institutes rules and norms. He missed out classes and was much involved into rapping songs and into creating hit numbers. He had to spend some of his days being called as a school dropout but soon managed to get admitted in Miami Carol City Senior High School. It was there where he became a little thoughtful about his academic career. Denzel was not a boy who would only sit with a book and clear his examinations but he was having something else in his mind.

His early childhood passion of becoming a successful rapper was again initiated in his mind. It was during his days in the Miami City School and he started working upon his album Nostalgia 64 which he got released in 2013. While preparing for his rap album he never made the mistake of neglecting his academic career and continued attending the important classes.


Denzel’s first mix tape was titled as King Remembered Underground Tape. This whole project which was developed by Denzel was later associated and incorporated with the SpaceGhostPurrp’s page which motivated and stimulated Denzel with his rap career. His first mixtape release made him become a core associating member of the hip hop group of the “SpaceGhostPurrp”, which commonly known to people as the “Raider Klan”.

Then he came up with his next mixtape named “King of the Mischievous South Vol 1 Underground Tape 1996”. This rap series of Denzel has captured the sight of Earl Sweatshirt, the prominent American rapper and some core associates of the Odd Future group. His third release was after the death of the Trayvon Martin who lived in the Carol City and even attended the same school which Denzel attended. He named this album with little abstract title “Strictly for My R.V.I.D.X.R.S.” The rap featured in this album was composed on being encouraged by Tupac Shakur.

Things were going well but due to a sudden rupture of the Raider Klan group, Denzel had to decide upon making his solo number to continue his rap career. So went for releasing his debut album “Nostalgia 64”. The albums include guest appearances from JK the Reaper, Mike G, Nell, Lil Ugly Mane, and Stephen A .Clark. Denzel himself was featured brilliantly in Deniro Farrar’s hit track called “Bow Down”. He also got featured in the tracks of Dillon Cooper “Eyes of the World”. He came with another release in 2016 titled “Flying Nimbus”

His second rap featured album which was too considered full length was titled as “Imperial”. It was later re-released as the supreme deluxe version on “Spotify”. His latest release was titled as “Hate Government” and it was uploaded in his Sound Cloud Account. Along with these releases he came with another set of rap series that very week and named album, “Equilizer” and “ZELTRON 6 BILLION ft”.

He started of releasing several of his demo song and finally declared that he would come up with his third album entitled as “Taboo” . Officially “Taboo” was being considered as his last rap album released till date but frequent updates and videos were uploaded by Denzel to his Instragram account. Two songs which were uploaded by Denzel were “Sky Walker” and “Sumo”. The song was accompanied by video clippings but he left it unclear that whether these songs were to be included in his album “Taboo” or not.

Personal life

No information has been shared relating to his personal life as Denzel Curry is busy with release of his rap albums.

Quick summary:

Full Name: Denzel Rae Don Curry

Date of Birth: 16 February,1995

Birth Place:  Carol City, Florida

Age: 22 years

Profession: rapper

Height: N/A

Weight: N/A

Net worth: $ 2 million